Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


55. It's official

"IT'S EVERYWHERE MAN" I heard a shout from the lounge, it sounded like liam. "STOP WORRYING LIAM, LOOSEN UP A BIT, JUST WATCH THEIR FACES WHEN THEY SEE" i heard a very loud niall shout, what were they up to?..I realized zayn wasn't in bed, he must be with them. Then i heard singing in the shower. "rock me, rock me, rock me, yeahhhhhh" it was zayn, i could tell by his high note at the end of each solo part, his voice sounded like an angel. "NIALL, THIS IS A BAD IDEA" "SHHH, YOU'LL WAKE THEM UP" i heard more shouting, that's it. I jumped from bed and walked toward's the bedroom door, i twisted the handle and saw harry and niall chucking pillows at each other and liam trying to stop them, laney was sat on the chair on her phone. "OI, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, YOU WOKE ME UP YOU PILGRIMS!" I shouted unimpressed. "Well..erm.." niall stuttered. "Just tell me what you're planning" "Nothing, well, you'll soon see, come sit down and watch the show" niall laughed silently. I looked suspiciously at them all until zayn came out in just a towel wrapped around his waist. He picked the hair dryer up from the table stand and plugged it in whilst we all watched him, as he turned it on and started to dry his hair it turned white, we all burst out laughing. "WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS..NIALL" zayn shouted, he adored his hair and he's very protective over it. "Niall, was this your plan huh?" i asked. "I put flour in the hairdryer" he laughed, harry was laughing and liam stopped when he saw zayn was shooting death glares at them all, but as for laney, she was quiet in the corner. "Now i need ANOTHER shower" zayn moaned before walking out. "I wish i recorded it now" niall laughed, him and harry gave each other a high five. "Hey laney, why do quiet?" i asked suspicious. "nothing really, just a bit annoyed that's all" "Why, whats wrong?" "Me and liam kinda had a little argument" "How come?" "to be honest, i don't know, it's stupid but i feel to hung over to even sort this out, i'll speak to him later, let him cool down, he's not in a great mood today" i nodded and walked back into the bedroom to get changed.

Zayn's POV

Once i washed my hair AGAIN, thanks to niall and harry playing pranks i used sarah's hair dryer to dry it. I changed into some grey joggers and a white vest. i felt comfortable wearing joggers. I looked over to see sarah all changed in some skinny jean's and a crop top. i walked over to her and pinched her cheek making her smile. "Zayn, what's the plan's for today?" "I don't really know, we can go out for coffee or shopping?" she smiled at my answer, im guessing i gave her the right answer.

Sarah's POV

We all sat down on the couch and watched the t.v "So wheres El and louis?" I asked. "They have gone out to spend the day together" liam explained. We switched the channel's to see what was on and something drew my attention. "Zayn malik and girlfriend Sarah cook engaged? reporters show photo's of the two looking happily in love at the 'this is us' premier last night, pictures of sarah and close up's of her hand show she's wearing a ring on her wedding finger, could they of really tied the knot?" we all looked shocked, i knew they would find out. Zayn's phone started to ring. "Hello Simon, what's up?..yeah..okay..we'll be there..when?..10 it..ha ha..bye" i looked at his suspiciously. "Sarah, we have got an interview to go to" i looked confused. "shouldn't you be going with one direction?" i asked, it sounded weird calling them 'one direction' but i just shrugged it off. "It's about us two, it's probably about the engagement story too" he smirked. "i'm just going to change into some jean's, i can't go in joggers" he spoke before walking into the bedroom. He came out 5 minutes after and grabbed my hand."Guys, if you want you can stay here, but niall and harry, don't trash the place, liam, i'm trusting you to be the responsible one" zayn ordered. "You can count on me man" "you got any food and good movies?" niall asked zayn. "Yeah, look in the kitchen, help yourselves and erm look on Netflix" He smiled then we walked out of the apartment.

We hopped into the car and the driver greeted us. Zayn's phone started to ring. "Hello there already?..yeah be there in 2 minutes..see ya" and he hung up after that. "Sarah, we will be doing a lot of interviews this week about our engagement" he smirked. "oh great" i laughed. He went on twitter and was shocked. I leaned over him to see a lot of tweets about our engagement. I went on my phone and went straight on twitter. most of the tweets were asking about me and zayn's engagement, and some news paper articles. I ignored  the hate, I've learned to only read the positive comment's, El taught me that, that's how she get's threw it all. 

We entered the studio and went into a booth, we were soon on air. "guess who we have with us right now? zayn malik and sarah cook" the women spoke. We both smiled and said hey into the microphones. "So, you might know why you have be asked to come here, and it's on everyone's minds, are you two really engaged?" she asked. "Yes we are" zayn spoke. the women looked shocked but happy. "Well congratulations" we were grinning, i felt uncomfortable around this women, i think she fancied zayn..She began to ask more questions about our relationship .


We walked into our apartment and saw everyone here including louis and El, they were watching wrong turn, they all looked scared. They didn't notice we came in so i had a plan. "Let's sneak up on them" i whispered to zayn. He nodded his head agreeing with my plan. We sneaked behind them and began to laugh silently. "BOO" we both shouted, they all screamed and we burst out laughing. "OMG DON'T DO THAT" Niall squealed. "guys, you two are the talk on twitter, Facebook and all over the news" El smirked. "i know, i'm famous" i joked. "Well you technically are" zayn smirked. i grinned and we sat next to everyone.  

I went on twitter and decided to write a tweet. "zayn, shall i write a tweet and confirm our engagement?" i asked. "Let me do it so all the fan's see" he spoke, i smiled in response. I scrolled down my notification's and saw a new one from zayn. '@zaynmalik: yes, me and @sarahcook are happily engaged :) x' I re-tweeted it and smiled, I got a lot of tweet's with people congratulating us. '@sarahcook: thank you for all the congratulations, love ya all x' i tweeted. I read some horrible tweet's that i shouldn't have but they didn't get to me because i loved zayn and he loved me and i'm not going to let haters get in the way of that. 








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