Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


19. im sorry

I was lay on the bed of niall's bunk as i slept top and tail with him last night, the guys have carried on to the arena leaving me in bed as i actually have a really bad hangover. But i have an hour till i have to go to the arena. I Went on to twitter to pass time and got a DM i looked through them until i spotted a familiar name, it was the girl i spoke to yesterday Annabelle price, i forgot all about that, i have to get her a ticket for tonight concert so i need to see paul. I clicked on the DM and it read ' hello Sarah, thank you for the follow back and about the ticket it means so much, i'll wait for you by the tour bus tonight an hour before the show starts, thank you so much again' i smiled then jumped from the bunk to get changed. I felt happy until i remembered about zayn, the kiss i saw with perrie broke my heart. I pushed all my feelings to the back of my head and got ready for rehearsals, I have an hour yet and im not even fully awake..i decided to go to the gym to wake myself up and maybe that will make me forget some things from yesterday. I changed into A grey crop top, some grey Hollister gym shorts, which were really short, you could nearly see my arse, some grey nike air max's and some sunglasses for on the way, i grabbed my gym bag and threw it over my shoulder with some water inside and some things to help with chill out. I put my hair up into a high pony tail and left my face natural. Once i was fine with how i looked i grabbed my phone from the small table and walked out of the bus. unluckily enough there were fans and paps everywhere, once they saw me they started screaming my name and the paps took alot of pictures of me in my revealing gym clothes, oh great. I went over to the fans for a minute. "hey guys, erm,im popping to the gym quickly then i have to go to rehearsals but i promise to take some pictures with you guys a little later, love you all" they screamed my name again, i waved at them then walked my way to the gym, luckily it was just round the corner, i know that from yesterday when i walked past it on my way to town. All i could think about was zayn, do i talk to him about it or just leave it? i just need to forget about all of this that's happened, i cant stand it anymore. I started to run to towards the gym once it was in sight and as soon as i walked in i got a few whistles from some guys, i ignored them then went upstairs to the girls part. I looked around and smiled, it was a big gym, there were people everyone working about but not many girls..I grabbed my phone and plugged my earphones into it and started listening to some music, i grabbed the water bottle from my bag and went onto the running machine, this should past some time by..

Zayn's POV

I felt so pissed off today, not just because of the kiss with perrie and everything but the fact that she stayed in niall's bunk with niall last night.."Zayn, zayn pay attention" the choreographer spoke. "Yes, okay, sorry" i apologized, me and the boys had to do a pretty hard dance routine, we don't always do dances but our one song we have to, i hate dancing with a passion. All i could think about was Sarah, not being able to call her mine just kills me inside and out, i mean yeah i still can call her mine, i guess we are just taking a small break but it's just not the same, i cant hold her at night or wake up to her little groans and snores, i miss her, its only been a day but i love her, I need to sort everything out with her before the show, i have to tell her the truth.

Sarah's POV

After a little exercise i decided to leave to go to the arena and start rehearsing. I saw a few more girls waiting by the arena so i waved at them all again, i was sweating more than anything but there's no time to Care about that i have a long day a head of me. I walked into the studio carrying my gym bad on my shoulder and saw paul. "Hey paul" "hey Sarah, they're in the stage room, follow me" I loved paul, he was like a second dad to me. I walked into the room with paul and my mouth opened straight away, It was huge, the stage was huge too, and to think i'm going to be performing as an opening act here tonight infront of thousands of people, this is crazy. I saw the boys rehearsing on stage and messing about, i laughed until i saw zayn, he looked sad, upset, pissed off as a matter of fact but he brought all of this on his self. "thanks paul" I then left paul and walked closer to the stage. "Hey sarah" they all spoke in unison apart from zayn who just stared at me, he tried to smiled at me but i ignored him and walked towards the boys on the stage. "Hiya guys, so how's everything going so far?" i asked, my head was beginning to pound, oh how i wish i didn't get drunk last night. "it's great, where have you been?" "oh, i went to the gym" "really? any good?" harry asked "yeah, it was relaxing, took my mind of things anyway" i said towards zayn who put his head down as soon as i looked at him. I have to sort things out with him, i can't just let this awkwardness strike again. "Sarah, whilst the boys have a little break we need you to rehearse" The Choreographer advised me, the boys all took a seat on the chairs in front of the stage watching me, this was going to be awkward as zayn's watching as well. "okay, great" i lied. we had a run through with a dance that i had to do, luckily we learnt the dance alot before we came to australia, it was a simple dance but was a little too 'sexy' for me. Once i ran through the dance i had to do it whilst singing. She handed me a microphone and i did it, the boys clapped and smiled at me. "That's great Sarah, you're a natural at this, you may take a quick break now" she demanded, thank god, with gym and now this i was sweating. "thank you" i went and sat by the boys whilst sipping from the water bottle. "Wow, easy tiger, you sweating already?" niall laughed. "well yeah, iv'e had gym and now this, duh" i laughed back.

Zayn's POV

I need to talk to her now, but what do i say?She looks so hot in her gym clothes and the sweat dripping from her body just makes me want her even more, i cant resist her much longer, i need to talk to her, i can't be happy at the show tonight if i can't call Sarah mine. I wan't to be able to sing my solo's to her. "Sarah, can i talk to you for 5 minutes?" i asked her not thinking about what i was going to say. She rolled her eyes before replying. "sure"

Sarah's POV

I'm glad he's going to finally tell me the truth, well i hope he is, or i will be even more mad with him. He took me to a room backstage, it was his dressing room. I walked in and sat on the couch that was in the middle of the room. "So Sarah, you didn't give me a chance to explain what happened, so can i explain?" "Go ahead, it better be worth it zayn" He started to hesitate abit. "Well yesterday perrie text me saying she was in aussie and she wanted to talk urgently, i told her no and she wouldn't stop texting me until she got what she wanted" I gave him a look to carry on and so he did. "well, Then i told you guys i was meeting an old friend because if i said it was perrie i knew you would of got upset and i didn't want to upset you, it kills me knowing you're upset, and then when i met her she was saying she missed me and things, i just told her i didn't love her, i loved you and she needed to move on when, she looked behind me then she said she wanted one last kiss and she will leave both of us alone and let us be happy, i refused then she begged, i wanted her to leave us alone so bad so i just gave her a quick kiss but when i tried to pull away she tried to deepen the kiss but when i did eventually pull away i turned and saw you i guess, it hurt me so much seeing you cry then" When he finished explaining tears left my eyes, i couldn't help but feel guilt, i dont know why but i did, "Zayn, when perrie looked behind you before the kiss it was because she saw me there" it finally made sense, she kissed him because she knew it would upset me and break us apart. "so she did that to make us break up zayn, don't you see" i carried on. "i see now, but nothing will break us apart Sarah, please, im so sorry" He wiped the tears away. "Zayn, i should be saying sorry not you, i looked at it a whole different way, i love you so much zayn and i guess i just thought you were hurting me but you weren't it was just perrie ruining things" I felt like such a jerk, how could i possibly think zayn would hurt me, he would never cheat. I dug my head into his chest and let the tears come out, "why am i such an idiot?" "you're not an idiot" "well i am because i thought you were cheating on me, zayn i really thought you were" "it was just a mistake, everyone makes mistakes" He lifted my head up and we both leaned in until are lips were joined together, it felt so right kissing him again. "Zayn, i want you" i whispered into his ear making him laugh a little. He let go of me and i looked at him confused, He walked walked over to the door and locked it. "And your wish is my command my love" 

He walked over to me and lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist, he pushed me up again the wall and started to kiss me neck, once he hit my soft spot i let out a small moan. I moved m hands from his neck so they were now tangles in his hair pulling on some strands making him moan slightly. I pulled his top over his head and he done the same to me, We were now on the couch in the middle of his dressing room, he slipped his trousers off whilst i pulled my shorts off. He started kissing down my stomach until he reached the top of my pants. He looked at me and i smiled telling him to carry on. He slipped my pants off then slipped his off. "Zayn, i want you so bad" i moaned making him laugh. He lifted his head back up to me whilst kissing my lips again, roughly but so passionate. He slipped a finger inside me and then another. "you're such a tease zayn" i moaned, once he nearly hit my climax he slipped his fingers out of me. "Please zayn, dont tease me" i gasped whilst pulling him on top of me. He started leaving suction marks on my neck whilst he thrust himself inside of me making me moan even louder. It felt so good being back with zayn and making love to him. He started to pick up the speed and my moans got even louder. "Guys, are you two alright in there?" We heard a voice from the other side of the door and we heard a few laughs, oh god. "you have got to be kidding me" zayn whispered making me giggle. We climbed off eachother and started to quickly dress ourselves. "yeah everything's fine, Sarah just hurt her leg" Zayn shouted back. "Ouch" i faked. Once we were dress again we opened the door to see all 4 boys join us. "Guys, we are not stupid, nobody moans like that when they hurt themselves" louis speaks whilst making the other guys laugh, How embarrassing. Me and zayn turned bright pink. "well at least you two have made up now, we came to get you both as we need to rehearse again" "Okay, lets go" i spoke up. "well you two sure did have a break in here having fun didn't you?" Niall laughed. "shutup nialler" And then we all went back to the stage, i'm over the moon that everything's fine with zayn, now it's just tonight's concert we need to be thinking about.











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