Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


26. Hurt

I woke up to the sounds of silence..I jumped from mine and zayn's bunk and looked around the bus for a sign of the boys..there was no sign. I saw a note on the table. ' Sarah, we have gone to an interview, be back later, sorry we didn't wake you, you looked cute asleep, have a good day, love zayn+ the boys x'

I smiled then jumped onto the couch. What to do..I got my phone out to find a text from Amy the girls i met the other day at nando's, i smiled whilst reading the text. 'Hey Sarah, wanna meet up with me and Gee today?have a girly day or something, Amy x' I could really do with a girly day, it's nice hanging around with the boys but i seriously need a good catch up with some girls. 'I'd love to, meet me in starbucks at the city centre in 15 minutes? Sar x' Mackay wasn't a very big place so it was easy to find places, luckily i knew my way to the city centre as it's only 5 minutes away.

I ran to the small bathroom thing and brushed my teeth quickly. Once i done that i slipped on Some denim high wasted shorts, a red tartan crop top and some black vans. I brushed through my hair letting it fall into its natural waves, i then applied my face with some dark eye shadow, foundation and bronzer then i applied some red lipstick. I curled my lips for the lipstick to spread across my lips then smiled. I put my black handbag over my shoulder and put on my rounded sunglasses then i was ready to go.

I walked through the town getting a few stares but i ignored them, they know who i was and that's why they were staring..i think. I carried on walking until i saw the starbucks. I smiled then walked in. I looked around and spotted Amy and Georgia, they waved to gesture me to go to them, i gave them a 1 minutes gesture and ordered a drink. "can i have a regular hot chocolate with cream please" "yes of course, we'll send it to you in 2 minutes" "Okay thanks" I walked over to the table where amy and gee sat and smmiled. "Hey girl" "hey guys, so what's the plans for today?" i asked, it felt like i've known them forever. "Well we were thinking about doing abit of shopping then go clubbing later, sound good?" i knew i would get drunk if we were going clubbing and i knew i had rehearsals with the boys tomorrow but it's not like i'll get too drunk.."Sounds perfect" i smiled. "Is any of you girls sarah?" a women asked. "that's me" i smiled back. "here's your hot chocolate" "thank you" i smiled before taking a sip, The hot substance ran through my throat. "Gee, what are you doing?" Amy asked. "Just taking a picture of our starbucks to instagram" i laughed at her. "I always do that" i smirked, we high fived and burst out laughing. "So lets get going" we agreed and left starbucks.

We walked around the town laughing at Gee's attempts of telling us a good joke, it's safe to say she's good at telling not so funny jokes. "OMG OMG OMG, LETS GO IN THERE" Amy literally screamed, it was a shop with dresses in the window and vintage clothes. I smiled and we walked into the shop to be surrounded by gorgeous clothes. I flicked through a rail of clothes to come across a dress that really caught my eye, it was red tartan with a collar, it was gorgeous. "Omg sar, you should totally get that, it will look gorgeous on you" They both spoke. "I love it" i laughed then picked the dress up. i flung it in my clothes basket along with a few tops and trousers. When we went to pay i looked at what gee and amy bought, they bought a few dresses and mainly tops, they have great fashion sense. Once we paid we looked for a few more shops until we reached a shoe shop. "Come on, we need shoes" Amy called out, she literally dragged us in the shop. I was shocked. It was beautiful, every shoe you could imagine was in here.

I walked around and picked a few up, i bought some air max's for when i go to the gym and at rehearsals, some heel's and some flat shoes. I smiled at Amy and gee's choices and then we paid. 

"My arm's are killing" i moaned, they both agreed with me. We all had alot of shopping bags. There were a few pap's taking pictures of us but we just ignored them, i'm kind of use to it now i suppose. "Lets drop our bags off at our places then go to the club" Gee suggested, so we did.


We walked into the club, i looked around to see sweaty drunk people flirting and grinding against each other. We walked straight to the bar. "9 shots please" Amy asked, i looked at us confused then she gave us three each. "Thanks" i smiled, i chugged all 3 shots making my throat burn from the sensation. "Wow, you really can handle your drinks" the bar tender laughed. "haha, thanks, i think" Once we finished out shots i wanted to order a proper drink. "Can i please have a bottle of vodka". amy and gee looked at me shocked. "what? guys you need to loosen us, vodka will make you get drunk easier and have a good time" i explained. "can we have a bottle of vodka each as well please?" they ordered straight away making me laugh. He gave us our bottles and we started to drink them straight away. Once i felt drunk enough we went over and danced. 

We started grinding against each other causing all the guys to look at us smiling. They wern't having me though, i was happily taken, even though i was drunk i was still sensible enough to not flirt with any other guys. A group of guys walked up to us and started dancing next to us, they held of to our waists and danced behind us. I carried on dancing not think about it until i looked around, Amy was snogging the one guys face off and so was gee. I looked at them smirking. Until i got turned around by the guy i was dancing with. He started to kiss my neck, i pushed him away but he just grabbed me tighter to him. he tried to kiss me but i pushed him harder this time. "Get off me" i shouted, he ignored me like an ass. "fuck off, i have a boyfriend" "does it look like i care" he shouted, making me scared. I tried my hardest to push him away but he just grabbed my wrists and squeezed them making me moan. "FUCK OFF" i screamed. "What is your problem young girl?" he laughed. "You, i have a fucking boyfriend who i love, i may be drunk but i would never cheat on him, so get your disgusting hand off me" i shouted with all the power in my voice. "you are a slut" he whispered into m ear. That was it. I slapped him around the face, but it only made him more angry. He punched me in the face making me cry in pain. Noone even noticed. He then walked away.

I got up and ran straight outside the club only to find paps surrounding me, you have got to be kidding me.. "what happened to you Sarah?" I ignored them and pushed them out of my way. I ran as fast as i could away from everyone, i just wanted zayn, i wanted him to tell me everything's going to be alright. I looked behind to find no paps in sight. I sighed in relief and made my way back to the bus tripping over a few things. I still had the vodka bottle in my hand, i took huge gulps from it still burning through my throat. 

I finally saw the bus, i ran towards it still sipping from the vodka. I opened the door to find zayn running towards me, he looked..angry?. "Sarah, where have you been, i've been calling you and texting you" He half shouted. The other boys looked at me worried. "What happened to your face sarah?" "Oh zayn" i said whilst dropping to the floor, the tears escaped my eyes making almost a puddle. "Babe, come on, i'll make you a hot drink." "im sorry zayn" "don't, you don't need to apologize" He helped me up and i sat on the couch next To the boys who all comforted me. 

Seconds later zayn held out a cup of hot chocolate for me to drink, i drank it all quickly and suddenly felt alot better. "So, tell me what's happened sar" All the boys turned their attention to me and listened to what i had to say. "Well i decided to meet Georgia and Amy, the girl's from nando's yesterday, and we went shopping then went to a club, we had a few drinks then amy and gee were kissing boys, i just carried on dancing until this man tried kissing me, i pushed him but he held me tighter, i shouted at him and he called me a slut so when i slapped him he punched me then walked away, i panicked and ran out until paps were surrounding me, i ran from them and yeah.." I sobbed. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "If i ever see the bastard that did this i will teach him to never mess with my girl" he grunted, i just let out a small sigh. "Come on sar, lets go to bed" "alright zayn" "night guys" i half smiled then we went to our bunk. I took my clothes off as did zayn and he kissed my head. "i love you sarah, i hate seeing you hurt" "i love you too zayn, and i promise i'll never worry you again" he kissed my lips before be snuggled up together and seconds later i drifted off to sleep.












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