Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


50. he's trouble

Sarah's POV

I looked at zayn's face as he slept peacefully, i held my suitcase in one hand and a carry on bag in the other. He doesn't understand how much i love him and management making us split up is pathetic, it's broke not only my heart but his heart but if he really loved me he would of put a stop to this. I took one last look at his peaceful face before silently closing the door. I saw my phone vibrating on the kitchen table, i picked it up to see Amy was ringing me. "hey sar, you alright?".."I'm good thanks amy" i spoke. "I'm outside the apartment babe, you coming down?".."yeah be 2 mins" i put the phone down and placed it into the back pocket of my jean's. Amy's letting me stay with her and gee for as long as i want. El, laney and the boys don' t even know about the management's idea yet, and i'm guessing they will find out later.

I walked down to the door's and saw Amy smiling at me but feeling sorry for me. She embraced me with a tight hug before i got into her car. "Where's gee then?" i asked. "She's gone to meet her boyfriend" I looked stunned. "She has a boyfriend?" "yeah, she's been going out with him for a couple of week's now" i smiled and the rest of the journey was a silence.

Zayn's POV

I woke up but couldn't feel anyone next to me, i got up and looked around the apartment, no sight of sarah, it's our last day together today and i want to talk to her, i don't want to end it like this, how can i? we're in love with each other, i can't believe management are even making us do this..I walked back to the bedroom and looked through the closet, all her clothes have gone, everything of her's have gone, shit, she must of already gone. Tears left my eye leaving my vision blurry, what if i don't see her again, i mean, i don't even know where she is or who she's with? but i'll soon find out if the paps are about. I walked towards the closet and threw on a top, some jogging bottoms, some vans and a beanie. I heard a knock on the door so i walked toward's it to see a very confused Louis, El, liam and laney standing there looking at me. "Hey guys" i smiled. They ignored me and walked in. "What the hell is this?" louis half shouted, he gave me his phone, it was a picture of Sarah walking with a suitcase, she was getting into someone's car with puffy red eye's, obviously from crying. "What about it louis?" i asked bluntly. "Where the hell is she?" he asked annoyed. "She's gone, she doesn't live here anymore" i spoke whilst trying to hold my tiers in. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, SHE'S LEFT?" El half shouted. "We broke up" i stuttered, a tear left my eye but i quickly wiped it away, i need to be strong. "Why?" "Management made me, they said i need to concentrate on music and everything that's happened lately has made me be a bit behind schedule" i spoke. They looked at me worried. "Man, that's fucking pathetic, management shouldn't do that" liam complained. I couldn't help but leave the tiers fall from my face, they all embraced me with a hug and El and laney cried too.

Sarah's POV

I sat in my new bedroom, it was quite big, i don't know how Amy and gee can afford this place but i don't really care, it's great. But i need to stop thinking of zayn. The door knocked and soon walked in Amy. "You need to take your mind off him, come on we're going clubbing" she spoke. "But it's only 3pm?" "who cares, you need to get out" "But last time we went clubbing it ended badly, zayn got stabbed remember?" I shaked at the thought of zayn in pain. "We're go to another club, a safer one, PLEASEEE SARAH" she shouted. "fine, give me some times to get ready, okay?" "love ya" she spoke whilst walking out. I sighed and rolled my eyes whilst walking to the wardrobe. I picked out a Grey jersey dress which came above my knees, some black high heel's and a black clutch with a gold tassel on the front. I put in some dangled earring's and applied a various amount of foundation, mascara, eye shadow and some dark red lipstick. I left my hair wavy but added some moose and spray adding more volume. "Are yo- WOW you look gorgeous" Amy spoke whilst forming her lips into an 'o' shape. I rolled my eye's at her and grabbed her arm. "Let's just get this over with" i spoke. She wore a tight black dress showing her cleavage, it came above her knee's and she wore some black heels with her hair straight. She looked beautiful. we got into her car and made our way to the club.

Once we got out there were pap's everywhere, they must of knew i was coming here or something, but how?..They asked me questions and took pictures of me but one question they asked was "have you and zayn malik split up" i had to answer it, i'm mad at him for this, it's not his fault but he let it happen.."Yes we have split up" i half shouted whilst walking into the club with amy. It was full of people, a lot of cute boy's were around but i wasn't interested in dating or kissing anyone, i wanted zayn but i guess i can't have him. I went straight to the bar and we ordered some shot's, we drank them all before feeling dizzy, I felt happier now i had alcohol inside of me..We walked to the dance floor and started to dance. "Sar, grind against me" Amy spoke, i gave her a weird look. "Amy, are you a lesbian?" i asked suspicious. "NO!, guys get attracted to girl's that grind against each other" i sighed in relief whilst we grind-ed against each other. She was right, boys were staring at us and whistling. i smirked and so did Amy. I stopped dancing for a while and rubbed my head, a headache was definitely coming along. I turned back to amy to see her grinding against a boy about to kiss him..I walked back over to the bar to get another drink. "Can i h-" i started before a man finished my sentence. "She'll have a vodka tonic and i'll have the same please" i looked over at him and smiled, he was gorgeous, but nothing compared to zayn.."Thank you" i smiled. "But how did you know i like vodka tonic?" i asked "well you are a beautiful women, i know what beautiful women like to drink" he smirked. He reminded me a lot like zayn which hurt me even more, i couldn't get him out of my mind.

"Wanna come back to my place?" He asked. "Erm, i'm sorry but i don't know you" i spoke kind of bluntly. "Well we could get to know each other a little more" i smirked. "I have just come out of a huge relationship, i don't think dating you will be a good idea right now" "Did i say i was going to date you?" he asked. I laughed a little. "Okay, i'll come with you" i looked over at amy to see she was gone, probably with that man..I linked arm's with the man and we walked outside the club, i felt so dizzy from the alcohol but i ignored how i felt. When we walked outside the club pap's were everywhere taking pictures of us. I put my hand over my face trying to cover my eye's from the bright light's. We got into a black car and he drove us to his house, it will be nice to get to know him, i need friend's right now and he seem's like a great guy.


I woke up in an unfamiliar bed, i rolled over to see the guy from last night, his light brown hair all in his messy quiff. I hit my head regretting what i did last night, i can't even remember what happened with him last night, i don't even know his name.. I'm in love with zayn and im in bed with another man? tear's escaped my eye's but i wiped them away quickly. "Morning gorgeous" he spoke. i rolled my eyes. "Whats up sarah?" at least he knows my name. "This was a huge mistake, i'm in love with someone else, i shouldn't be here. "Yes i know, zayn malik, everyone knows you both broke up" i swallowed hard. "By the way, my names Joe" he smiled. "Well i have to go, this was a huge mistake" i was about to get out of the bed but joe grabbed onto my wrist tightly making me let out a moan of pain. "Get off me Joe" i half shouted. "No, you're mine now" "No i'm not" i shaked myself off him and tried to run to the bedroom door but he was too fast he locked the door and pushed me hardly onto the bed. I gulped loudly, i got scared. "You can't escape sarah, you're mine now" "Please let me go" "No, and if you try to escape you will regret it, because i've recently been in prison and you don't want to know why" he smirked. A tear escaped my eye, i just wanted zayn so badly now. "And i don't want you anywhere near that zayn guy, don't talk to him or meet up with him, or any of his friends, you got that?" "YOU'RE A SICK BASTARD, YOU KNOW THAT?" I shouted. He smirked at me before punching me hard in the stomach making me scream out in pain. "NOW, STAY AWAY FROM HIM AND HIS FRIENDS, YOU GOT THAT?" he shouted. He raised his fist again but i shouted. "OKAY, I'LL STAY AWAY FROM THEM" i shouted. He smiled And forced his lips onto mine, i pushed him away but he punched me in the stomach again making me choke. "Right, you listen here, when i kiss you, you kiss me back, when i do anything to you, you obey me, now, we're going to have a great day and go shopping, smile at all times and be lovey dovey with me, okay? or you know what will happen"  He spat. I cried but agreed anyway. What have i gotten myself into?.."Now, get dressed, were leaving in 10 minutes" he spoke before walking out. I cried before looking through his wardrobe for something to wear, i found a sweatshirt, a bit big on me and some black skinny jean's i folded up. 


We walked through town hand in hand all lovey dovey like he asked, pap's crowded us asking questions. "Answer the question's, tell them you love me or else" he whispered inside my ear making me shake. "Sarah, have you and zayn split up?" the one guys asked. "yes, we have" "sarah, do you love this man?" "yes, i do" i faked a smiled before he kissed me. We departed from the pap's whilst some of them took pictures of us holding hand's. I can't do this, zayn is going to see those pictures. "Come on sar, let's go back home, this is too much for me" he laughed. I rolled my eyes before faking a smile. A tear escaped my eye but i wiped it away, i need zayn here with me right now. 














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