Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


41. Help me

Sarah's POV

I woke up with a huge headache, my body felt weak and every inch of my body felt dead. I felt a substance travel up my body, soon to be coming from my throat so i quickly ran to the bathroom and the vomit shot from my mouth and straight into the toilet. Tear's escaped my eyes, i hate being sick, i just really hated it. I felt someone hold my hair back and rub on m back whilst the vomit escaped my mouth. "Z-zayn" i whispered. "im here baby" "can you please get me some aspirin and water" i whispered, my voice was close to breaking. 

Once i felt all the vomit come up i brushed my teeth straight away and went back to the bedroom. I just needed to rest, i can't go out looking like this. I looked at my reflection in the long mirror and nearly choked, i look disgusting. I tied my hair up and lay back in bed, soon to be joined by zayn with aspirin in his one hand and and glass of water in the over. "thank you babe" i half smiled whilst placing the aspirin into my mouth and sipping as much water my mouth could take. "Stay in bed today baby, you need rest, that after party last night really must of made you worn out" zayn spoke whilst stroking my hair. "i love you zayn" "i love you too sarah" he kissed my forehead then went out the bedroom.

Harry's POV

"Rebecca, i don't think this is a good idea at the moment, you know me and you, i don't like you in that way, and i'm just having a hard time at the moment" "Harry, what do you mean you don't like me like that? have you been using me?" he face dropped into a frown. "no of course not..well the thing is, i thought it was just a little fun, you know? i can't be in a relationship right now and anyway we're just friend's nothing else." i said a little bluntly. "If we are just friend's then you won't mind me sending you home then?" she spat, i looked at her confused. "oh, don't give me that look harry, you used me okay? i thought you actually liked me..i'm guessing what they say in magazines about you are right, you are a playboy huh?" my face turned blank. "I never said we were going out, and neither did you..if you didn't wan't to do anything with me and not expect me to ask you out and then you shouldn't be giving yourself out to people" i half shouted really annoyed me, yes she was gorgeous and a nice girl but she was a flirt and i didn't like her in that way.."you know what harry, just get out, i don't want to hear this, why did i even go this far with you? i should of known you would of hurt me" "but you should of knew that this was nothing by now, yes it's been good but it's not a relationship rebecca, it's just sex" I sounded a little rude but i was mad at everyone. "You're pathetic harry, and after all of this i still have to work with you..consider my job over" she shouted.."what are you on about?" "i'm saying you're pathetic and i'm no longer going to work with you if you're just going to lead me on.." I rolled my eyes at her and walked out of her apartment, why should i hear that crap, we both knew it was just sex..

Niall's POV

I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling, thinking about everything, i tend to do this a lot, the award's were great last night and i loved seeing the girl's happy and the boy's, it made me happy but what was all of that with harry and ed?..My phone started to ring dragging me out of my thought's.. "Hello?".."hello..niall" i heard rebecca sob through the phone.."what's up rebecca?" "can you please come round mine niall, you know where i live,right?" "yeah..ill be there in 5" i spoke then put the phone down, what could possibly be wrong with her?..I grabbed my car key's and phone and ran down to my car. 

As soon as i got to her apartment i knocked on the door, as soon as she answered she hugged me, so tight i got worried.."come in" she whispered then rubbed her eyes. she looked..a mess. "what's wrong rebecca?" "i don't think i can say, it will hurt you.." how could it possibly hurt me? is it something to do with "please just tell me rebecca" "okay.." she sighed as she began to tell me. "well me and harry started..sleeping together, and erm we lead each other on i guess..well i began to get feeling's for him and now he just tell's me it was nothing.." she sobbed. i began to tense, how could harry do this to me, i know he stopped it all, and im glad he did because he would of broke her heart, by the looks of thing's he already has.. but she got feeling's for him..I pulled her in for a hug and rubbed her back. "it will be have me now, harry's going through a hard time right now and he doesn't really do relationships..not at the moment anyway" she pushed me away slightly and looked at me confused. "Niall..what have i done" she slurred whilst drying the tear's from her eyes. "what do you mean?" "well, i've been selfish..i thought having fun with harry would be a laugh but it wasn't, look how it ended? i know you like me niall..and the thing is, it annoyed me at first, all the text's from you but now, now i see you care, you care for me and all i saw was you being annoying but really you just like me..i'm just being a stupid ass whore for ignoring the guy who actually likes me and having it on with another boy who doesn't give a shit about me.."Rebecca,look at me" i spoke, and she did, she looked me right in the eyes. "don't feel guilty or selfish because you aren't, i was being clingy but that's me, i'm that type of guy..yes i like you, i like you a lot but i wan't to take you out..cheer you up..okay?" she smiled. "i'd like that" and with that i kissed her forehead and wen't to sit over on the couch.

Laney's POV

"Hi El, whatsup?" i asked curious. "have you seen Sarah? she isn't answering any text's or call's" i looked confused, she's normally always on her phone. "what about zayn's apartment?" "i'll check now, i just got worried" she half smiled. "i'll come with you, liam i'll be back in a minute" "alright babe" i smiled then we walked over to zayn's and sarah's apartment. After we knocked on the door twice zayn finally answered. "hello ladies" he smiled. "hey, erm zayn, is sarah about, she isn't answering any call's or texts?" we asked worried. "she's in her room, she's a little ill, come in" he explained and we walked into the apartment. We knocked quietly on the bedroom door and walked in. There was Sarah on the bed, sweat dripping off he body, she looked as pale as snow. "are you okay sarah?" we asked. "n-n-no" she sobbed, tiers burst from her eye's, i felt so sorry for her, all those drink's last night must of caused this.."P-lease h-elp" she moaned. She started to shake, and sweat dripped from her head, he eye's flickered shut then completely closed, I started to get scared and start to shake her, she wouldn't wake up.."SARAH,SARAH" me and El both shouted. "ZAYN, CALL AN AMBULANCE" El shouted. I got scared, what has happened to did this happen. Zayn rushed in the room as quick as possible. "What's wrong?" he looked straight at sarah then began to tear up. "What's happened to her?" he said in between sobs, "zayn please just call an ambulance, she's ill, really ill by the looks of thing's" El spoke. He got his phone and called the ambulance straight away..

Zayn's POV

We walked through the hospital door's behind the bed which sarah lay on, the doctors rushed her to a room, i had only just stopped crying, she seemed fine this morning, well she was sick but not that bad..I sat on a chair outside the hospital with my head in my hands. "she will be alright zayn, just believe" El whispered whilst tapping my shoulder, i looked up and half smiled, i wish i could believe her..



Sorry it's quite short, i would of made it longer but i'm really tired and i know you guy's really wanted me to update, so hope you like it, i'll be updating again tomorrow x
















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