Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


59. Hello there

Sarah's POV

I woke up with the same pair of arms wrapped around me, i turned around and saw zayn watching me. "How long have you been watching me?" "long enough to know you fidget a lot in your sleep" he smirked, i hit his arm gently as he let out a fake 'ouch' "Shut up you baby" i laughed. "I'm not the baby" he winked, i giggled and hid my face into his chest. I got my phone out and logged onto twitter.I looked on my notifications expecting to get a lot of hate but it was the opposite. 'Sarah doesn't deserve to get any hate, she hasn't done anything wrong, can't you see her and zayn are happy' i smiled at her tweet and decided to reply to it. '@SarahCook: Thank you so much sweetie, means a lot and yeah you're right, we couldn't be happier people just need to stop reading what they see in these articles x' I read few a couple more. 'everyone's apologizing to sarah now that zayn wrote a tweet, she didn't deserve the hate anyway she's a sweetie' i smiled at the tweet's and carried on reading some more, i'm so glad some people understand.

Harry's POV

I walked into starbucks with a beanie on and some sun glasses hoping to not get mobbed by fan's, hopefully they don't recognize me."How can i help you sweetie?" the women asked at the counter. "Can i have a coffee please" i smiled. "Of course" she spoke, i paid her whilst waiting for my coffee. The women behind the counter was on her phone, she looked quite disappointed. "Oh how i would love it if harry styles would just follow me already" she sighed, what she didn't know was that i'm standing right in front of her. "Excuse me, whats your name?" i asked the women. She looked at me curious. "Erm why?" "i was going to follow you on twitter" i smiled, she looked at me strangely but gave it to me anyway, i followed her and waited for her to check her followers. "OMG HARRY STYLES IS FOLLOWING ME OMG OMG, wait..what did you say your name was?" She asked. "I didn't say my name" i winked. "But if i tell you my name you're going to have to promise not to freak out" i explained. "I promise" I took my sunglasses off and her mouth opened widely in shock. "o-m-g h-harry s-styles, god i feel like a twat now" She whispered. "Don't worry about it, least you got what you wanted ay" i winked, she giggled and handed me my coffee. "Before you go i was wondering, i mean, i'll probably never meet you again and you will forget me so can i have a picture with you?" she whispered. "Of course you can and i never forget my fan's..remember that" i smiled, she grinned widely. She took a quick picture of us posing, well actually she took a few. "Thank you so much harry" "you're welcome and thanks for not screaming" i smiled, she giggled and i walked out, well that was nice. 

I walked around the town hoping to find a quite place to chill out for a bit, i didn't want to stay home today i wanted to get out the house. I looked around until i saw a book shop, that would be quiet right?..I walked into the book shop and looked around, not many people were here but it was really quiet. I looked around the shelves and saw a book that caught my attention, it was the hunger games, i loved the hunger games, i would often watch the movies if i wasn't busy. I grabbed the book and walked upstairs to the reading area. i looked around and saw a girl, i couldn't look away, she was gorgeous.. She had brown hair, average length she looked like she was really interested in the book. I walked over to her and heard that she was listening to one of our songs which made me smile, im guessing she's a fan. "H-hello" i smiled, she took her earphones out and smiled. "Erm hi, can i help you?" she asked. "No, i just couldn't take my eye's off you, you're beautiful" i smiled, a grin appeared on her face. "thank you" she blushed. "So whats your name?" i asked her. "Niamh Russell" she smiled. "Nice name" "and whats your name?" "harry styles" i smirked. "Yeah right, if you were harry styles i would of jumped on you by now" she laughed, if made me giggle slightly. "Oh would you?" i laughed, i took my glasses off and my beanie. "Hello there" i grinned. She looked at me in shock before face palming herself. "Omg, great the first time i meet harry styles and i embarrass myself, i shouldn't of said that" she spoke whilst turning a dark shade of pink. "Aren't you going to scream?" i joked. "Hell no, i love you A LOT and the rest of one direction but i wouldn't scream" she laughed. I liked her i really did, she was different to everybody else. "Can i sit by you?" i asked. "of course you can harry, but i still can't get over what i said to you, how embarrassing" she laughed. "Oh don't worry about it, i kinda liked it" i smirked, she laughed and carried on reading her book. "So what are you reading?" i asked curious. "The hunger games, it's my favorite book" she said proudly. "Omg, same" i smirked whilst showing her the book. "Well my styles all the things I've read about you, I've never read anything about you liking the hunger games" she smiled. "Well the person i am in the magazines is different to the real me, you will learn that very soon" i smiled. "Whats that supposed to mean?" "it means, i want to get to know you, you're different, i want to take you out on a date" i grinned, he mouth curled up almost like she was biting the inside of her cheek. "Harry i would love to, but first can you do me a favor?" i looked confused. "Sure?" "can you pinch me because i think im dreaming" she laughed. I caressed her cheek with my hand making her blush. "No you're not dreaming love" i smiled. "gosh harry, you really know how to make a girl blush ay?" she winked, she was really getting to me, i loved it. "of course" i winked back. "Well it was nice to meet you niamh, can i possibly have your number?" i asked cheekily. "Well i can't say no to those dimples" she smirked. We exchanged numbers and smiled. "I'll text you" i spoke whilst kissing her cheek. "Not if i text you first" she winked. I laughed and walked out, god, know one's ever had that effect on me and especially not a fan..

Sarah's POV

"Zayn, no, stop it" i laughed. He ran up to me and put me over his shoulder then dropped me onto liam's bed. We were all round liam's and laney's apartment. "Laney, help me!" i laughed. "Super laney on her way" she half shouted making everyone laugh. "Zayn you have a huge spider on your back OMG" laney shouted making zayn scream like a girl and start jumping around. Me and laney high fived each other. "Thanks laney" i smiled. "you wait" zayn smirked. I hid behind laney laughing. "Laney's my new bodyguard zayn, so watch your back" i joked zayn and liam burst out laughing. "Wheres niall?" i asked. "I'M HERE" niall shouted with a mouth full of crisps, i should of guessed he would of been eating. We all laughed and jumped on the bed. Harry then walked in smiling, I've never seen him so cheerfully. "What's happened to you haz? why so smiley?" liam asked. "Oh nothing much, just met a girl" he said with the biggest grin. "HARRY'S IN LOVE" niall screamed making us all laugh. "Shut up niall" harry blushed, gosh whoever this girl is she must of had a huge effect on him.










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