Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


39. Good news

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled, my outfit looked fine, i wore a purple flared swing dress which was just above my knee's, some black combat boot's and some circular sunglasses. I wore my burgundy hand bag with white at the side, over my shoulder. My hair was in loose curl's and i added extra volume to it, just how i liked it, with the casual amount of makeup. I grabbed my phone then walked into the kitchen. There was a note on the fridge from zayn. ' hey beautiful, im at an interview with the boy's, have an amazing day with the girl's, can't wait to see you later, love zayn x' I smiled then walked out of the apartment door. There i saw Eleanor and Laney, they both looked gorgeous as usual and they both smiled at me, i hugged both of them and we all smiled to each other. "So what are the plans?" i asked. "a bit of lunch together then some shopping" Laney announced. "sounds great" and with that we all walked into the elevator to go to the bottom floor.

Eleanor's POV

We arrived in town and soon saw a starbucks. "come on, let's get a drink" i smiled. "good idea Eleanor" the girl's both smiled. "call me El" i chuckled as did they. "and you can call me Sar" sarah pronounced, i smiled then we walked into the shop. "Can i have a choco latte with cream please" i smiled. "and were have the same please" i grinned at their choices. "take a seat and we will bring them to you when they're done" we took a seat next to the window.  And all of our phone's wen't off, it was kinda weird, we all looked at our phones and read a text, mine was from louis. 'babe, good new's it was supposed to be a surprise, that's why i'm telling you now, the Teen choice awards are tomorrow night and well, i wan't to take you as my +1, so get a nice dress, see you later babe, i love you x' I smiled then looked up at the other girl's, did you girl's get a text about the award's too?" i asked suspicious.."YES,OMG" we all jumped up in excitement and hugged each other.

Shortly after out drink's were brought to us. "Thank you" we all spoke in unison before walking out the door. "come on, let's go dress shopping" I shouted, we all squealed like little teenagers seeing their favorite celeb's. 

Zayn's POV

I can't wait to show Sarah off tomorrow at the award's, i knew she would love the surprise. "So we will be on air in 3...3...1.." the man shouted and soon we were on the radio being interviewed. "So today we have the all so famous ONE DIRECTION with us today" the man shouted into the microphone making me close to going tone deaf. "so boys, we have some question's for you from some of your fan's off twitter" "sound's good" harry spoke, we all just smiled to show that we were listening..personally interviews bore me, they always ask the same questions.."So first question is for harry, are you really going out with Taylor swift again?" I rolled my eyes, harry wouldn't do that.."Yes,yes i am" he smiled, what the hell? since when, why didn't he tell us, what the hell is going on?..we all looked at his in disbelief. "aw, you two were a great couple" the man smiled. "second question is for zayn, i shook my head to be brought back to reality. "yo" i smiled. "zayn, how is everything with sarah?we heard she threatened a fan" i tensed up a little, is that still going round, fuck sake.."everything's going awesome at the moment, and no she didn't actually the fan threatened her, and she twisted the story" i said in annoyance. 

Sarah's POV

We were in a dress shop searching for some dress's for tomorrow's awards, i can't explain how excited i am right now. "hi girl's how can i help you?" the oldish women asked. "oh hello El, how are you?" im guessing El shop's here a lot. "I'm good thank you Annie, we are actually looking for red carpet dresses, we are going to the teen awards tomorrow night" she said proudly. Me and laney smiled. "aren't you girl's lucky, gosh El, you use to come in here for dress's for family wedding's now look at you shopping for the award's" the women said sweetly. El chuckled. "So follow me girl's" the women led us to another part of the shop, it contained beautiful long and short dress's. "wow" we all spoke, we were in shock,literally. "I'll leave you girl's to it, call me if you need anything" she smiled then left the room. "this is amazing" Laney smiled. "i know right" i spoke. We started looking through the dresses, it took a while but we each finally found a dress we loved. Laney picked out a long purple dress with a strap on one shoulder, it was gorgeous, and to go with it some black heel's, a purple clutch and some sparkly purple earrings. El picked out a black strapless dress with some black heels, black clutch and black earring's to go with it, it was gorgeous. And lastly I picked out a white cut out shirt dress, with white high heel's, white sparkly clutch and some icy earrings, it was beautiful, and i can't wait to wear it.

Once we paid for the dresses we walked out of the shop with huge grin's on our face's. "I am even more excited now that we have our dress's" El spoke out. "is it your first time?" i asked her. "yeah, i've never been, even though me and louis have been going out for 3 year's I've never really had the time since, college and everything" she said in a high pitched voice, i was really interested and by the looks of thing's so was laney. "So girl's, how about tomorrow we book a hair appointment to get our hair and makeup done and our nails" El suggested, i got a little excited. "yeah, great idea" me and laney spoke in unison. 

Harry's POV

We were all chilling out in my apartment talking about the interview. "anyway hazza, how come you didn't tell us about you and Taylor? are you going to take her as your date to the teen awards?" Shall i just tell them the truth? "i thought you hated her?" louis asked, i tensed up and my mind was going crazy, i stood up and punched the wall, they all looked at me in shock. "What's up haz?" zayn asked whilst walking over to calm me down. "i do hate Taylor, with all of my fucking heart, you don't understand" i spat. "well tell us then" liam spoke. "she phoned me whilst we were in Aussie and threatened me, she said if i don't go out with her then she will spread rumors about me, and we all know they'll believe her over me" i felt myself calm down a bit whilst telling them all. "does anyone else know about this?, is this why you were angry the other day in the tour bus?" niall asked. "yeah that's why.. and yes one person knows, and that's sarah, she told me she would sort it out, but i don't know what she's planning" i rolled my eyes. "we will sort something out, ring her now and tell her it's over, don't take her shit, let her spread thing's but she has no proof" liam half shouted, i knew he was right, he was right about almost everything, and so i did, i called her and waited for her to answer. "hey harry, whats up?" "Taylor, it's over, all of this is over, you can threaten me all you wan't, i don't care, i'm not going to risk my friendship with ed over you either" i spat down the phone. "bad choice harry, maybe i should tell the press you cheated on me, hm, or something bigger" i tensed up even more. "you can tell them what you wan't, tell them i cheated on you, i'll just tell them you threatened me into all of this" i spoke, "yeah and you have no proof" one thing she didn't know is that i did have proof, liam was recording our conversation, i didn't realise until he showed me, a huge grin was placed on my face. "but i do have proof, our conversation is being recorded" i smirked. "urgh" she whined down the phone making me smile. "whatever styles" she spat then put the phone down. i hugged liam then the rest of the lad's. "wait about a a week or two and she'll write a song about me" i joked to the guys, they all burst out laughing, why didn't i just tell them this in the beginning, then it wouldn't of wen't this far..

Laney's POV

I walked in to mine and liam's apartment and saw liam on the couch watching toy story. "had a good day babe?" he asked me, i couldn't help but grin. "amazing babe, and i can't wait for tomorrow, thank you so much for inviting me" i said whilst jumping on him. "it's no problem babe" i kissed him lightly on the lip's and decided to watch toy story with him..

Sarah's POV

"i love you so so so much, omg i can't wait until tomorrow" i screamed in zayn's ear making him laugh. "i can't wait to show off my gorgeous girlfriend" he pulled me on top of him and i kissed him passionately on the lips. "Let's see your dress then babe" "nope, not until tomorrow you cant" i teased and kissed the tip of his nose. "you're such a tease" he smirked, i stuck my tongue out at him then wen't into the bedroom. I took my clothes off and replaced them with one of zayn's long shirts. I walked back to the lounge and jumped on zayn, wrapping my leg's around his hips. "you look so sexy in my shirts" He bit his lip which drives my insane! "you look good in just your boxers" i winked, and he took his top and trousers off leaving him in just his boxers. I licked my lips, i knew that always turned him on. "Do you know how bad i want you right now?"he smirked. "as bad as i wan't you" i winked. And before i knew it he placed his lips on mine and slid his tongue inside, I started tug on his hair making small moans escape his lips. He picked me up over his shoulder making me squeal. "zayn, put me down" and he did, he placed me on the bed. I bit my lip harder as he unbuttoned the shirt of his i was wearing. He took my bra and pant's off leaving me completely naked on the bed. He kissed my inner thighs then kissed my clit, he licked my clit then made circles around it making me moan in pleasure, i gripped onto the sheet's and as he hit my climax he inserted himself inside on me making me scream. "z-zayn" i shouted. "shhh" i gripped onto his hair harder as he thrust'ed inside of me faster. "Zayn, im so close" i whispered making him smile against my neck whilst he was giving me hickeys. "i know baby, i know" And shortly after i did, i hit my climax. We both lay side by side on the bed naked trying to catch our breath's. "that was..amazing" i smiled. "i know" zayn chuckled. I climbed on top of him unexpected and kissed his neck, i sucked on it making him moan and when he did i smiled against hit sweaty skin. "" i said between kissed. "" he spoke back. We both got under the cover's and snuggled up together. "Goodnight zayn" "goodnight baby".







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