Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


2. First day

"sarah,get up,its your first day of school" I heard my dad shout from the other side of my bedroom door. I used all the power inside of me to clench my eyes open, Once my eyes were wide open i was nearly blinded by the sun beaming through the gaps of my window blinds,woah it seemed bright. "sarah,you will be late at this rate" i heard my dad shout again. So todays the first day of my new school,normal people would be scared,well not me,this is the 3rd time iv'e moved school's in 2 years,im pretty use to it now. I grabbed my phone from the night stand to check the time to find i have 30 minutes until school starts,shit. I jumped from my bed dragging my half dead feet along and ran straight to the bathroom. I Brushed my teeth as fast as possible,honestly i think i broke my record. Once i brushed my teeth i ran straight back to my bedroom and slammed the door shut. So i need to find something to wear..I grabbed from my wardrobe a dark grey tight crop top,some denim high wasted shorts and slipped on my black vans. Once i brushed through my hair leaving it to fall into its natural waves i applied my face with some foundation,blusher,mascara and a small amount of eyeliner. I ran down stairs and grabbed my black handbag making sure i haven't forget anything,god today is going to be a long day.."dad,i have to go now,i dont want to be late on my first day,loveyou" i muttered whilst sipping my orange juice,my dad hated it if i didn't drink or even eat before going out,he was protective like that. "atleast have some breakfast,you know its not healthy to skip breakfast" "dad,ill have something at school" "okay darling,love you,have a good day" "oh dad,dont worry i will" i shouted sarcastically on my way through the front door. 10 minutes to get to school,shouldn't be hard really,i'll pretend i'm in a video game,actually maybe not,last time i did that it ended in a car crash,noway thats happening again. I jumped into my car and drove straight to school, i past quite alot of people actually,this neighbor hood was full of strange people,gangs and crying babies,it annoyed me really,not because of the babies but the gangs,i hate gangs so much,they're just people thinking they own the streets. I parked my car in what looked like a car park and grabbed my bag then jumped straight out whilst locking up my car afterwards. I walked towards the arched way doors to find alot of screaming girls ganged around a group of boys,how stupid girls can be over boys,they were taking photo's and calling their names, god im surprised their not famous. I walked through the corridors to see boys staring at me whilst leaning up against the lockers,they started whistling at me,oh how i love being greeted by a few whistles..i would much prefer just someone actually saying hey..i hate all the attention,i really do. "noone told us the new girl was going to be so hot" a boy shouted towards me,i looked towards to see him in a group with other boys looking me up and down. "oh please" i laughed in annoyance. "hello,you must be new here,my names jessica and i'm supposed to be showing you around" i heard a faint squeaky voice call from infront of me. "oh hello,yes im sarah and can you help me find my locker please?its number 200" "yes,this way" well,she seemed alright. I followed the girl to what seemed to be my new locker,once we reached our destination i through my books in there and shut it back up. I looked up the corridor to see 4 girls walking towards me, they had short mini skirts on and very revealing tops and heels,they were so fake,so i guess they're the school sluts around here then. "so you're the new girl,i don't see why people are making a big fuss about you" the one girl laughed,there was now a crowd of people around us,the girls looked scared of these sluts that were infront of me,or should i now call them the barbies.."excuse me?" i muttered "you heard" they laughed "who do you think you are,i've been here for less than 10 minutes and i've already found out the girls look scared of you all" i laughed out loud. "yes thats because they are,they know what we are capable of" the blonde girl spoke "well,i dont see why they are so scared,and what are you going to do?hit them with your handbag,oh please" i laughed whilst walking straight past them,everyone burst out laughing,normally i wasn't the type of girl to shout my mouth off at people,but girls like them i really cant stand. I found the class that was supposed to be my first lesson and walked straight in. "hello,im new here,this is supposed to be my first lesson" i stated,well it was more of a question actually.."oh yes,sarah,can you sit at the back please" "yeah sure" i walked to the back of the class and felt someone grab my arse. "excuse me,do you mind?" i muttered "not really,i just couldn't resist" "well,next time you 'cant resist' maybe you should keep your hands to yourself" i laughed. Then carried on walking to my seat at the back of the class.


The day went pretty fast,a few jerks in my classes felt the nerve to keep trying to chat me up but i just ignored them,i hate boys like that. I walked into the canteen and grabbed some food,i needed some so badly,i promised my dad i would eat straight away but with all the lessons i never really had a chance. I sat down on a small table and started to eat my food until i was interrupted.."are you new here?" a boy asked "yes i am, so who are you?" i asked "oh my names jack,i just wanted to ask if you were new,i mean how could i of not seen such a pretty girl around" he seemed so sweet,but defiantly wasn't my type. "aw well thank you" i smiled.

Zayn's POV

I was sat by the guys discussing about the party next week until mr cooper came up to me,what have i done now,honestly cant a guy have abit of privacy. "Zayn malik" "yes sir?" "since you walked out of class last week i need you to do me a favor" was he serious,him?do him a favor.."and what would that be?" " since you're one of the only people in the class who have high grades in math,i need you to give this girl some tuition, she's new around here,it will only be for about 2 weeks" "sir,i would rather not,is there another choice i could choose?" "well yes actually there is,you either do this or you clean the boys toilets every day for 2 weeks" "ok,ok i'll tutor her" i was so annoyed now,imagine if the girl was really annoying,oh god,this is going to be the worst 2 weeks of my life.

Sarah's POV

I walked into mr coopers room with him to see what he wanted,he was my new maths teacher. "okay sarah,since you're new we have found someone to tutor you and help you catch up on everything" oh god, a tutor? was he serious,i dont even like maths,at all. "okay sir,sounds great" i lied. Then a boy walked through the classroom doors,he was gorgeous, he had black hair into a quiff with dark eyes and tanned skin. "so sir,who's this girl im tutoring?" "this is her,her names sarah cook,she's just joined today,each of you will need to meet after school to do the tutoring" My heart actually stopped.

Zayn's POV

I looked at the new girl who i was tutoring to see she was absolutely gorgeous,she's not the normal slutty type of girl i would sleep with then not talk to again but she's..different. "sarah,this is zayn,zayn malik" mr cooper muttered "okay,hi zayn" "hey" she sounded so sweet. So maybe these two weeks won't be so bad after all. "so sarah,i'll pick you up after school tomorrow,we will start then" i demanded "ok,sounds great" even her voice gave me chills, its weird,something about her makes me nervous.

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