Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


12. Feelings

I sat in my office at work thinking about the other day with zayn, how all my feelings came flooding back, why did i have to see him that day in town?why? I put together some articles for our new magazine before i got interupted. "Sarah" "steve, dont you ever knock?" "oh sorry" "its fine" i sighed "so, what did you want?" "well you have to interview another band today for our latest magazine, Laurens not here so you have to do it" "okay, thats fine, what band is it?" "erm..i think there name was one direction..yes it was one direction" FUCK i have to interview them?with zayn?this is going to be a nightmare. "okay, what time is it?" "its in 10 minutes,so be prepared, the boys are really childish" "oh great" could this day get any worse?. "oh and sarah, this interview will last abit longer than the rest as they are a huge boyband" "okay" obviously it can get worse..I grabbed my notes and walked out of my office. "so, sarah, where are you going?" "in interview one direction, unfortunatly" "OMG REALLY?THEYRE HERE, IN THIS BUILDING, OMG! you're so lucky" she screeched "im not,and stop fangirling over them" i laughed I walked towards the recording booth and got prepared for my nightmare that would start any minute. I honestly don't think i can do this. Just as i was about to walk out the boys entered, fuck, it's too late. They all sat down without even looking at me. I got my cards ready and my heart started to beat abit faster than usual. I coughed and they all looked up at me, surprised,but why? I looked at zayn and he stared straight at me with joy in his eyes. "hey sarah" he sent me a cheaky smile "hey zayn" i blushed, great, this feels so awkward right now. "do you guys know eachother?" harry asked. "yeah,a little too well" zayn winked towards me. oh god, i felt my cheeks burn up, was he seriously flirting with me?. what do i say?..i'll just go with the flow i guess. "and what's that supposed to mean mr malik?" "you know what i mean" The boys all looked confused whilst me and zayn wouldn't stop making eyecontact.."wait,zayn, isn't she the girl you told us all about? the one you wouldn't stop talking about and crying over when we first met?" zayn blushed. "yeah, that's her" he smirked. "wow" they all said in unison "wait, your also the girl in the pictures onn twitter of you and zayn crying, is that why you cried, because it was the first time you saw eachother or something?" louis asked "yes, yes and yes" i laughed. these boys seemed alright i guess. "aw well love blossoms" louis smirked, how cheesy. "so guys, anyway, here's the plan, we go on air soon, there will be a variety of questions, just answer them, then they'll get recorded and put into our magazine, sound good?" "sounds perfectly fine" liam smiled, he was defiantly the mature one. then we go on air.."so one direction, what's life like being the biggest boy band alive?" "well,it still hasn't sunk in, but its amazing but we wouldn't be here without our amazing fans"liam spoke, the boys just agreed. "So zayn, this ones for you" oh great i know whats coming up.."how's your relationship with perrie edwards?" He looked awkward to say the least. The boys must of found it awkward too as they looked abit annoyed..they could see how much me and zayn still felt for eachother. "well actually, we split up" he finally spoke. what? they split up? since when? why didn't he tell me.."and why's that?sources say you two were a perfect match" how cringy "well, i met an old friend from back in high school, and i guess perrie didn't like that, i know why she didn't but things wern't exactly going right between us, i guess" And i knew that person he was meeting was its my fault the broke up..fuck. "okay, well guys i dont think there's any more questions to ask, so it was nice to meet you all" i smiled whilst they all walked out but zayn stay sat down. "you were the girl i was on about in that interview sarah, the one i met and perrie didn't like it" i smirked "yeah, i..erm kind of figured that out" "another reason why i split up with her was because i didn't really have strong enough feelings for her..not like i do with you sarah, i can't stand here and watch you live without me,when i saw you again i knew i wanted to be with you, i still love you sarah" tears flung from my eyes but were soon wiped away with zayn's thumb. "zayn, i-i love you too,but i didn't want to be the reason that you and perrie split up" "don't cry sarah, it's not your fault, i hate seeing you cry" it just feels so unreal what i feel for zayn. "sarah, let me take you out for dinner tonight" "that would be great" "okay, i need to go but i'll text you later, be ready for round about 7, and sarah, i've missed you" I smiled and wiped the rest of the tears that fell onto my cheek, "i've missed you too zayn, too much" We hugged eachother so tight, i nearly lost my breath at one point. He kissed my head softly then walked out. I burst into tears once he left, feeling those soft lips caress on my head like he use to, brought back so many memories, love and friendship, i love him so much it hurts.








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