Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


5. Fast forward

So its been 3 months since That night when i kissed zayn,it felt so right, we have been dating ever since,we had a few complications at the beginning but everything just feels perfect when im around him,i never in a million years would of though about dating zayn if i never had tuition with him. Everythings been great these past few months, he's ditched being the bad boy of the school now,he's concentrating more on his work now, and also music again, its took a while but im helping zayn train at the moment, i finally persuaded him to audition for xfactor, he has 2 months until his actual audition,i cant wait.

"Hey Sarah" i looked up to find Jess smiling at me, i smiled at her and gestured for her to sit down, we all sat in the canteen eating and talking about zayn's audition, he was trying not to let the nerves get to him but looking at him he looked scared. "zayn,everything's going to be fine,look at me" He lifted his eye contact from his food to me. "I promise you i will be there for you every step of the way,you will be fine" "i love you" "i love you too zayn" he leaned down and we let our lips caress. "ew gross, get a room" i heard a girl shriek from behind us, I turned to find the barbies. great. "go away" i ordered "we would be happy too" she smirked, she looked at me like i was a piece of dirt which i hated about her, looking down on people and making them self-conscious about themselves. We then heard the bell ring for our next lesson,great science..


I was sat on the couch at zayn's place reading through some magazines whilst zayn got changed. I looked through a few fashion articles, how i would love to have my own clothing range, that would be my dream. "babe, does this look alright?" i turned to witness zayn, he looked perfec, he was wearing a white shirt with black skinny jeans and some black vans. "you look perfect babe" I smiled, we decided to go out to dinner to pass some time by, i was wearing a black skater dress with plain black heels with a black clutch. Zayn's hair was in his quiff and mine was tied back into a high pony tail. "Lets get going" i smiled. To think in a few months zayn could be huge, he doesn't believe it but i do,with all my heart i know he will make it. We sat in his car singing along to 'its raining me' such a classical old song. Even when zayn doesn't try to sing his best his voice sounds gorgeous, then when i sing it sounds like a bunch of cats being strangled. Zayn placed his hand on my thigh rubbing it up and down with the back of his hand. I looked at his lusty, darkened eyes and admired his perfect shaped face. 

Once we arrived at the restaurant a women led us to a table for two and handed us a menu. "hello guys,i will be your waitress for today,have you chosen what you want yet?"  We both looked towards the women with he dark blonde locks of hair hanging over her shoulders and smiled, "can i have the steak and salad please?" I smiled. "and i'll have the same please" zayn ordered. "and what drinks would you guys like?" "erm, a coke please" we both spoke in unison then laughed. "okay guys your food and drinks will be along shortly. "so, are you looking forward to your audition zayn?" "i suppose,im just scared, what if im not good enough?what if i forget the lyrics" "babe, just think positive,you will be brilliant" "thank you Sarah" Shortly after our conversation our food arrived,i looked at it then started to eat. 


"Sarah, wake up or you will be late for school" i heard my dads voice trail off from the other side of my bedroom door. urgh "okay dad,im awake" I grabbed my phone from the nightstand to check the time, 8 am, why do we possibly have to go to school so early. I dragged my feet from my bed and walked to the bathroom, i washed my face and brushed my teeth as fast as possible but not breaking my record this time, i felt like a zombie,like i was hunting for a human to bite. Once i freshened up i grabbed a pair of Acid washed skinny jeans, a over sized blakc boy londer sweater and some grey vans. I was too lazy to bother with my appearance so i pushed my hair up into a high pony tail and left my face natural, makeup free. Urgh today's going to drag by. I walked downstairs to smell pancakes. I literally ran to the kitchen. "dad, i smell pancakes" i shouted. "yes,i have made you some pancakes as you never eat breakfast so i knew you wouldn't be able to resist my lovely pancakes with syrup" he smiled "he was correct, i could never say no to his pancakes they were sensational. I sat on the chair around the kitchen table whilst he placed the plate full of pancakes on. I was literally gasping for air from the gorgeous smell. I sipped my orange juice and dug straight into my pancakes, they tasted perfect as ever. 


I walked through the corridors hand in hand with zayn, our hands fitted together perfectly. "yo zayn, want to come to a party this weekend, its going to be blazing dude" Zayn's friend adam spoke, he was also one of the bad guys in school, he treated girls like absolute shit,like they were dogs and thats one of the main reasons why i dont like him but he was a school hotty, the girls cant resist him. "nah dude, im busy this weekend, training" "training?what kind?boxing or something?" "erm, something like that" zayn laughed, then shortly after, they both fist pumped eachother other whilst i laughed at zayn. "whats so funny?" "well, aren't you going to tell anyone about the audition at all?" "not really, they will just call me a girl and everything,the only people that know are you, Jess and my family, and noone will find out till the audition and by time its showed on t.v we would of left school anyway" "well,i cant wait" i released out. "anyway, i need to get to lesson, see you later?" i smiled then kissed zayn. "yeah see you later babe" I loved zayn so much it felt so nice to be around him, he was my angel,my rock. He was my first true love and if he ever leaves i dont know what i would do without him. "SARAH" i heard a faint shout from behind me as i was walking through the corridor, i turned to see Jess "yeah?..whats happened? you look..over the moon" "well you know Derick?well he asked me to go to a party this saturday" she started to bounce up and down. "that sounds great, just dont get hurt,promise me?" "i promise, i wont" I felt concern for her, she was starting to really fit in but Derick was the leader of the bad boys of the school, he was the one most likely to hurt girls, Jess has always had a thing for him so i guess he knows he can get something from her easier, if he hurts her i will literally hurt him so much. We walked to our lesson together which was art, i loved art i just didn't like many of the people in the class,especially zac and his friend. Zayn ended up hitting both of them and they both apologized, i didn't accept the apologizes though, they hurt my feelings, they made me feel like my world was crashing down. Zayn told them that my mum was dead and they felt so bad for me, i have ignored them and avoided them ever since. "So everyone, today we are starting a new project, you will go in partners for this, you will need to go to 3 classrooms and draw an object from each class then come back here and i will then explain why after, you only have an hour so make sure not to take to long" the teacher explained. Me and Jess decided to go together. We grabbed some paper and pencils and walked out the class to choose 3 classes. 

We went to the first two classes and only had 1 class left. We walked in and everyone looked at us confused as they did in the other 2 classrooms, i saw zayn smiling at the back of the class, so i decided to wink at him. "girls, can we help you?" "can we come in here for about 5 minutes, we have to go round a class and draw an object for each class for art" Jess explained "yeah sure,take a seat at the back" We sat down at the table next to zayn who was winking and blowing kisses to me trying to distract me. He was such a tease.



Hey guys, i know this chapter might suck but it's just a filler, i know where i want this story to lead so im trying to make it as interesting as possible, thankyou x








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