Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


22. Eventful

"Babe, hurry up, we're leaving in a minute" zayn called me from the other side of the bus, we were all going out to dinner soon, well when im ready of course. I looked at my reflection and smiled. I wore a white engman dress with a black collar, some white heels a black clutch and some black dangled earrings. I wore my usual amount of makeup and my hair was wavy and puffed up slightly. "Sarah, come on,we're leaving" I heard liam shout this time. "yes, im coming now" i shouted back. I walked out to find all the boys eyes on me. "WOW" they all said in unison. "do i look alright?" i asked them, they nodded their heads up and down making me laugh. I grabbed onto zayn's hand and we all walked out to the black car and left for dinner. I tightened my grip on zayn's hand in the car making him smirk. "You look so sexy, i just want to rip that dress off you" he whispered into me ear making me giggle. "As much as i'd love that, you cant, i love this dress" i smirked making him do his puppy face. I always loved that puppy look he gives me.

Shortly after our journey we finally arrived, it looked like a very nice restaurant, the boys were all dressed in suits and let me point out zayn looks hot in a suit.I held zayn's hand as we all walked in to the restaurant. "Have you got a reservation?" the blonde girl asked. "yes, one direction" Liam spoke. the girl raised her eyebrows in disbelief before showing us to our table. I sat in between zayn and niall then sat liam by niall then harry then louis. I looked around the restaurant and saw a boy staring at me which made me very uncomfortable, he looks like the kind of boy you wouldn't like to mess with. I ignored his stares and turned my focus back onto our table. "So have you decided what to order yet?" the blonde girl asked. We went all around then table giving out orders until she got to me. "erm, i'll have.." I then got interrupted by harry. "she will have the aussie creamy fish please" i looked at him strangely whilst the women walked away with the orders. "harry, i dont know what that is" i moaned. "well it's really nice, trust me" i just smiled then focused around the room again, and yet again that same boy was staring at me. I shuffled in my seat abit. "babe, what's wrong?" zayn asked. "oh just the seats not very comfortable, i'll be fine" i lied. 

Moments after out food came, she placed mine down and it looked..nice. I tasted abit and smiled. "this is so nice" i spoke. "told you it would be" harry muttered "yeah thanks smart ass" we all laughed. "Im hungry" niall moaned. "niall, you're eating food, how are you still hungry?" i asked confused, that boy always confuses me but i love him for it. "well when im eating food im still hungry" "Oh" we all burst out laughing. i rolled by eyes as i noticed the boy staring at me smirking, he was totally checking me out..perv. "Fuck" i heard, i looked to see harry spilt some wine on his shirt. "oh god smart ass, what you done?" i laughed, he gave me a deadly look an then laughed. he wiped himself with a towl only making it worse.  "erm, niall you have a littl-you know what, it doesn't matter" i laughed. "okay sar" "smile niall" i laughed and so did the rest of the boys, not realizing he has food around his mouth bless him. "why's everyone staring at me?" niall asked. "you have food around your gob niall" harry burst out laughing followed by the rest of us. I was loving this dinner so far with the guys but that boy wouldn't stop staring at me, i need to go and see what his problem is. I stood up without thinking. "Where are you going?" "i'll be back in a minute zayn," i smiled then walked over to the boy, i knew zayn would be watching me. "well hello gorgeous" the boy spoke, his voice was very low. "why do you keep staring at me? its disturbing and it's uncomfortable so please stop" "well someone's feisty but please, you're sexy how can i not stare?" "whatever" i spat. "wait" he said whilst grabbing my wrist tightly. "get off of me" i half shouted. He grabbed me tighter nearly stopping my circulation. "I can make you laugh more than you are over with those jerks doll, i can make you laugh in bed" i laughed. "fuck off you creep" "he pulled me closer to him and whispered. "you'll regret saying that you slut" who the fuck does he think he is. "who do you think you are you bastard" i shouted whilst slapping him round the face making him wince in pain. Zayn and the boys came running towards me worried. "vas sapnin?" zayn said in his jokey voice but i wasn't in the mood for those jokes, not now. "it doesn't matter zayn, he's not worth it" i choked. "what did he say?" "he called me a slut" Before i could even turn around to look at the boy again zayn was on top of him throwing punches. "Zayn, stop..get off him, he's not worth it..please" i ordered, i hate seeing zayn fight, it hurts me inside. He got up off the boy and cupped my face in his big manly hands which i love. "im sorry, i hate people talking about you like that" i kissed his cheek before we all left the restaurant. What an eventful night.







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