Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


46. Dinner at Ed's

Sarah's POV

I slid my finger's through my perfectly formed curl's to make them a little less curly and straightened out my dress, Nerve's were forming inside my body, i'm never really confident around new people if im honest and dinner at ed's house tonight with a lot of celebrities is going to be nerve wracking. I'm so happy with my outfit choice, I wore a black one shoulder dress, some black and gold strapped heel's, gold tassel earring's, a black clutch with golden bit's on, some dark purple lipstick and some dark eye makeup.. I faintly penciled my eyebrow's with some light brown eye pencil and smiled, i looked good if im honest. Well, i guess it's time to leave stomach starting to get butterfly's, i need to calm down, why do i feel so nervous?I walked into the lounge to see zayn lay down watching a film, i decided to have a laugh whilst i'm here. I crept up behind him and screamed in his ear making me jump, he screamed like a girl, i burst out laughing, holding my stomach to stop myself from getting stitches but it was too late for that. "W-wow you look gorgeous babe" he muttered whilst holding my hips firmly with his hand's. "You don't look to bad yourself my zaynie boo" i laughed. "You ready to leave my love?" "Yes indeed darling" i replied in my poshest accent. I took his hand whilst walking out the apartment. 

We hopped into the limo to see the boy's and laney drinking wine and singing loudly to the music making my ear's pop. "Guys, are you drunk?already.." zayn asked whilst rolling his eye's. "No zayn, we haven't had anything yet, well only what we are drinking now but we're just excited" niall spoke. I laughed at them all whilst sitting next to zayn still hand in hand. This is going to be such a long night, i placed my head on zayn's shoulder whilst he rubbed circles onto my knee. 

When the car stopped we all piled out to be stood in front of a huge mansion, well not exactly a mansion but it was near enough. "Babe, are you cold?" Zayn whispered. "No why?" "Because you're shaking" i felt a little uneasy.."I'm just nervous that's all, i always get nervous when i meet new people, especially celebrities.." He kissed my lip's and rubbed my shoulder's reassuring me everything was going to be okay. We all took in the view then walked up to the door, just before harry was about to knock Ed opened the door. "HI GUYS" he shouted, i giggled so did everyone else. "Hey sarah, nice to see you finally and you laney, i can see we will get on well" he smiled whilst pulling me and laney in to and friendly bear hug. "Now, come in" he directed us into his dining room where we found a long table with a few celebrities, they smiled at us and we introduced ourselves. I sat in between zayn and laney, then went liam, niall, louis, harry, Ed, Ellie Goulding, Labrinth and fern cotton. We started speaking about the boy's new album they are going to be recording in a few week's,me and laney actually spoke quite a lot, they loved us and we even started to bond with Ellie Goulding which was great.


"Babe, wake up" I heard a voice whisper into my ear. "dad, 1 more minute" i slurred, i heard a few laugh's, and i decided to open my eyes but i didn't see my dad their like i said, it was zayn, laney and the boys. "Where are we zayn?" i asked suspicious. "We're still at Ed's house, you have had a few drink's and you fell asleep on the couch" zayn spoke. I rolled my eye's and stood up, my head was beginning to really heart from the alcohol and me leg's felt like jelly. "Where's everyone else?" i asked. "Oh, they went home earlier" Ed spoke. I smiled at him before zayn picked me up bridal style. "Thank's for a good night ed" i smiled. He smiled and waved us all goodbye. 


Laney's POV

I lay on the couch in my dressing gown with a huge headache, last night's little party at ed's was great but i regret having so much alcohol. "Babe, you look ill, are you alright?" Liam asked getting closer to me. "I'll be fine babe, nothing a Starbucks's couldn't fix" He smiled at my reply and kissed my forehead. I walked into the bedroom and slipped my hair up into a bun not caring about what i looked like, i slipped some jogging bottom's on with a vest top and a coat and sunglasses. I got my phone out and rang sarah. "Hey laney, whats up?" she sounded hungover too. "Want to come get a Starbucks? I'm in need of a hot drink to cure my hangover" I heard the line go dead and no answer, i looked at my phone so see sarah hung up, what the hell?.. then i heard a knock at the door, i walked over to the front door to see sarah smiling. "Did someone mention Starbucks?" She spoke, i laughed. "Liam, i'm popping to Starbucks with sarah, be back soon babe" He kissed me as we left. 

"So you got a hangover too?" Sarah asked with her half broken voice. "Yep, i'm regretting drinking all of those drink's last night" i muttered. It was hard to understand sarah as her voice was nearly gone. 

Sarah's POV

We walked into Starbucks and ordered out drink's, i felt so ill and i couldn't wait to drink my hot drink, my throat was almost gone and i just wan't to go back to bed and snuggle with zayn as he's still asleep. Once we got handed out drink's we walked back out the shop and made our way back to our apartment's. "omg i love that nose piercing" I heard laney say as we past a jewelry shop. "Wait, have you got your nose pierced?" i asked confused, she showed me her nose and i noticed her piercing. "How have i never noticed that?" "Honestly, i dont know..hah" we most giggled and walked into the building of our apartments. We got into the lift and i stared at laney, it's amazing how close we have got over these past few weeks, her and liam were in a good stage of their relationship too, they're lucky to have each other, she flicked her long blonde curly hair over her shoulder and laughed. "What's so funny?" i asked suspicious.. "You have cream on your top lip" she giggled, we both burst out laughing and i wiped my lip. "It happen's every time" i spoke. Once the lift opened we both hugged and went back to our apartment's. I walked in to see no sight of zayn, i finished the last of my drink then threw the cup in the bin. I walked back into the bedroom to see zayn asleep still. I crawled into the bed and wrapped an arm around him, he opened his eye's and smiled. "Where did you go beautiful?" He whispered. "Me and laney went to Starbucks to get a hot drink to help our hangover's" i whispered. "Is your voice going baby?" zayn asked. "Yeah" i spoke whilst doing my sad baby face. He smirked and wrapped his arm's around me making me warm.













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