Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


13. dinner and a little more

I looked in the long stand up mirror and smirked, im finally ready..zayn will be hear any minute, he's taking me out for dinner. I looked up and down at my outfit decision and smiled, i was wearing a black tight long sleeved dress that came just above my knee's, some black high heels, a silver necklace with silver dangled earrings to match, also a black clutch . My hair was straight and puffed abit and i wore slightly more makeup than usually, including foundation,blusher, mascara, eyeliner and dark red lipstick. My phone soon enough vibrated. 'im here x' it was zayn. I walked downstairs carefully making sure not to trip in these heels as they were unexpectedly high, Lucky for me Hannah is staying at mickey's house tonight so she knows nothing about zayn, she is a big fan of one direction, she has no idea about me dating zayn back in high school, i've never really had the time to talk to her about it. I opened the door to see a gorgeous looking zayn, he was wearing black skinny's a white shirt, black vans, he looked perfect. "wow,you look b-beautiful sar" "you dont look to bad yourself malik" i smiled. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his car. this should be an interesting night.


We were sat at the dinner table in the restaurant eating our food whilst talking about high school. "Sarah, you really do look gorgeous tonight" I blushed, luckily the blusher hid the redness in my cheeks very well. "thank you zayn, you look gorgeous yourself, honestly" "Sarah, i need to tell you something"  "anything zayn" "well,erm, here it is, i still love you, i didn't think i would ever say this again but i love you even more than i did in high school and my love for you back then was incredible, i cant explain this feeling i have around you, when i speak to you, its..strange but i love it, i love you Sarah, After you left i went through so much, the only thing keeping me together was xfactor and the memories of us, i was so close to doing something stupid,but i thought about what you said, remember when you told me we will see eachother again? well that got me through, i counted every single day almost till when i would see you again, and here i am now, reunited with my true love" Tears fell from my eyes, i know he hates to see me cry but everything he just said was exactly how i felt, and how i dealt with that situation, everything he feels i do to,he really is my true love and i could date several guys and love them but non of them would even come close to the feelings i have for zayn. "Sarah, please dont cry" "i-im sorry zayn, it's just, thats exactly the same way i feel about you, that's exactly how i dealt with our distance from eachother, zayn i love you, i really do" I dont care if i sound stupid, what was i doing with my life without him? i love him. I couldn't stop staring into his eyes. I then noticed we both finished out food and drink. "zayn, wanna come back to my place? We need to catch up and im sure i have a few old photo's from high school we could dig out" i smirked. "okay, sound great" we paid for the dinner then left to go back to my place, luckily their weren't any fans anywhere but a few paps took a few pictures of us.


We sat on the couch in my apartment looking through old photo's i had stacked away in an old box. "omg, i remember that, that was my first day when i found out you had to tutor me, we never really did more tutoring did we?" i laughed. "no we never done any at all" he smirked. I looked deep into his eyes, those brown lusty eyes of his always make me go weak. He then started to lean in and i was happy about what was about to happen. I lean't it towards him too and soon enough are lips were planted together, all the sparks came rushing back, the memories, the feelings, the love i felt for him, it was all there again. He slipped his tongue in and the speed picked up but it was still so passionate. He placed his  hands on my hips whilst my hands were snaked around his neck. He then pulled me so i was on top of him then stood up leaving my legs hooked around his hips, still kissing he lead me to my bedroom and dropped me on the bed. I knew exactly what was going to happen. He slipped my dress over my head and i took his shirt off whilst he took off his trousers. He slipped his boxers off whilst i slipped off my underwear. He started kissing my neck leaving suction marks, i began to moan then i rolled over so i was now on top of him and i also kissed his neck leaving him love bites. Before i knew it he slipped inside of me and he was now on top of me, i let out a lot of moans as did he. It felt so magical, perfect even, it's not the first time i've done it with zayn but it did feel more romantic. 











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