Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


60. Date

Sarah's POV

"Zayn, fetch me some water, my throats dry..HURRY" i spoke in my sassy voice, i was in a sassy mood today and zayn loved it. "Okay miss cook" he spoke whilst running to fetch me some water. "Hold the water..go..hurry zaynie" i pretended to choke. "There you go miss, soon to be mrs" he smiled. I giggled and kissed his lips, he snaked his arms around my waist and lifted me up and started to spin me around. "Omg this is so cheesy" i laughed. "So are my feet" "ew zayn" "im joking baby" we both laughed. "So i need to record my bit of our new song today 'story of my life' with my sister, you can come along if you want?" he asked. "I'd love to" "Good, now hurry up and get dressed, you have 10 minutes before i come and get you" he joked. I laughed and ran to the bedroom, it will be nice to spend some time with zayn's sister, i haven't met zayn's family since i was little, maybe we should visit them soon, zayn visits them some times when he can but I've always been busy when he has but now im never busy we can go see them together. 

Harry's POV

"Hey" i spoke, she smiled showing her dimples, she was beautiful. "Hello harry" she muttered. "So i was thinking we can go to the movies then get some dinner?" i suggested. "I'd love to harry" she smiled. "good, now take my arm niamh and we shall leave" i joked, she giggled and hooked her arm into mine. 

Once we got to the cinema we looked through the films. "So many good films to choose from but i have to say the hunger games" she smiled "i agree" i smirked, she smiled and took my arm in hers again, we walked in got popcorn, drinks then went to buy our ticket, we walked into the room to see hardly anyone here, just a middle aged couple right at the front, we decided to sit right at the back in the corner, i always sat at the back. "It's weird how i use to dream about going on dates with harry styles and now i'm actually here on a date with you" she laughed, i loved it when she laughed, it was so cute. "Well you're one of the lucky ones" I smirked. Her face dropped, shit that can't be good.."What do you mean 'one of the lucky ones' are you trying to say i'm just a fling?" "No, that's not what i meant at all, me and my big gob" i sighed. "Yeah" she spoke and got up and walked out just as the film was about to start. "no niamh i never mean't it like that" i half shouted whilst chasing after her. "SHH" the couple said who were watching the film, i ignored them and ran out of the room. 

I saw her running toward's a building i ran towards her and up a block of stairs,i was about to follow her into the apartment she walked into but she slammed the door shut. I guess this is her apartment..I knocked on her door loudly earning a few stares from the old couple who arrived in the block  on apartments. "NIAMH I'M SORRY" I shouted through the letter box. I sat against the door with my head in my hand's regretting what i said. "Why do i always mess things up, just when a girl cmes along that actually makes me feel happy i have to mess it up" i spoke whilst hitting my head on the door. I fell backwards onto the ground and looked up to see niamh standing over me, i realized she opened the door. I quickly got up and looked into her eye's. "I'm s-" she pressed her lips hard against mine taking me by surprise, i snaked my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me tighter, she smiled against my lips making it tickle. Once we pulled away she smiled. "Im sorry" i spoke. "Don't apoligize, i was overreacting, i'm not sorry one harry" "you had the right to react it came out totally wrong" i laughed. "Lets just forget it happened okay?" "okay" she embraced me with a hug before inviting me into her apartment, it was a nice place, really warm. I heard a noise and looked around me once i looked on the couch i saw a small cat, it was so cute. "Aw your cat's adorable, im a cat lover" i smirked. "We have so much in common harry" she blushed. "Do you always blush so easily?" "well when it's you then yeah, i mean look at you, you're perfect" she smirked. "You're perfect too" i smiled, she blushed yet again making me smirk. "So whats you cat called?" i asked curious. "Bella" "nice name" i smiled. "Wan't a drink?" she asked. well i would like something else right now" i joked. "Harry you're so cheeky" "I know" i blushed. wait why would i blush? i never blush because of a girl, oh no. "So haz, i was thinking maybe you could give me an autograph of yourself then leave" she spoke, i looked at her and felt my heart break. "What?you mean you-" "haz, i'm joking! i would never do that you idiot" she laugh, i walked over to her and picked her up. "Harry put me down,NOW" she squeaked. I ignored her and took her to her bedroom where i dropped her onto the bed. "Now go to sleep you baby" i joked, she smirked and licked her lips. She grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of her. "Only if you join me" i raised my eyebrows making her smirk. "Hm" i hummed. I started kissing her neck whilst she massaged my back releasing moans as i left suction marks on her neck. She rolled over so she was now on top of me, wow i wasn't expecting that..She started to kiss my neck hard touching my soft spots making me weak. She placed her hands on the belt of my jeans, she licked her lips but before taking my belt off she came near my ear and began to whisper. "Nu-uh, you really think i would have sex with you on our first date" she looked at me and winked then bent down and kissed my lips biting my bottom lip before jumping off me. "You're such a tease niamh" i muttered, she made me so weak.."i bet you love it really harry" she giggled. "Well yeah" i smirked. "Now let's watch a movie" she spoke, sounded good to me.

Sarah's POV

Zayn finished recording his part of the video with his sister then came up to me. "Did we do alright?" "You both did great!" i smiled. "Now waliyha you remember sarah right?from when i was back in high school" zayn smiled. "Yeah i do, hey sarah, i'm glad you and zayn are back together, he always use to talk about you, it was sweet but annoying when he sang your name in his sleep" she smirked, i laughed and zayn just blushed. "Yeah okay, that was when i was little "zayn you were 18" waliyha laughed. "Shh" zayn spoke, we all started laughing at zayn. 


sorry its short guys, im writing for later x











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