Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


33. crazy fans

"Come on Laney" i shouted in the lobby. The boys were spending a day today so me and laney are too!. "im coming" she spoke whilst doing her shoe lace up on the couch of the lobby. We jumped into the couch and went straight to the town of paris.

When we arrived we thanked the driver and paid."keep the change" i muttered, he smiled and drove away. "wow, this town is huge" Laney smiled. "omg i know" we both walked around for abit and went to different shops. "omg look" laney pointed at a shop full of sweet's. "omg come on" she dragged me into it and it was amazing, everything had sweet's on it. We picked up a bag and filled them full of sweet's. "Come here laney" i spoke, i got my phone out and took a picture of us both with the sweets in our hands smiling. "twitter" i chimed. '@SarahCook: SWEETS with ma babe' She smiled then we paid for the sweet's. "where to now?" "I have a plan" Laney smirked. "what?" "we should go and buy silly costumes from that shop" she said whilst pointing to the fancy dress shop. "then walk around in them" i laughed. "that's a pretty good idea" We walked to the shop and saw a lot of costumes. "omg laney look" i said pointing to the one direction masks. "We should get some,i'll get liam, you get zayn?" she smiled. "great idea" i smiled back, we brought the masks and put them straight on. Everyone in the town started laughing at us and staring. "I LOVE ONE DIRECTION ESPECIALLY LIAM" laney shouted making everyone face us. "AND  I LOVE ZAYN MALIK MORE THAN ANYTHING" they laughed at us thinking we were crazy fans, what they don't know is we are actually going out with them and we're not really crazy fans. "Lets meet up with the boys wearing these? we can pretend to be crazy fan's in masks" laney spoke. "great idea i'll call zayn. " I got my phone out and phoned zayn. "hey babe" "hey sar, what's up?" "meet me and laney by the Eiffel tower?" "okay we're here now" "Okay were be 2 mins" i smiled then hung the phone up. "Let's do this" i shouted making laney laugh. 

We walked and saw the boys by the Eiffel tower sitting on a bench with shopping bags. My arm's were aching from our shopping bags. "Right, we run over to them and act like a crazy fan, don't give away our identities" i spoke. "lets go" laney shouted, we ran to the boys with our bags, they wouldn't know it's us as we had the masks on. "OMG OMG, ITS ONE DIRECTION, JESSY, ITS ONE DIRECTION" i screamed in a fake american accent. Jessy was the fake name i gave to laney. "OMG I KNOW BECCA, ITS REALLY THEM" she spoke in italian as she was already had an american accent. 

Zayn's POV

Oh great.crazy fans. They were really crazy, the one had a mask on of me and the other had one of liam, i found it quite creepy the way they didn't stop screaming and jumping around. "Hi girls, want a picture of anything?" Louis asked. "We don't like you louis, or niall or harry only liam and zayn" the one girl spoke, which annoyed us all..what the fuck?

Sarah's POV

"We don't want stupid photo's or stupid autographs, we wan't you to sing us a song" we shouted. They still didn't know it was us. "Erm okay, what song?" zayn asked. The boys looked annoyed, i couldn't stop smirking and i saw laney smirk behind her mask. "SING LITTLE THINGS" i shouted. they started to sing, then after i decided to annoy them even more."that was..omg..that was shit" they looked at us really pissed off like the were going to explode. this is the time to show our identities, i nodded at laney and we both took our masks off making the boys look shocked. "that singing was amazing really guys" we both laughed, they all hugged us and sighed in relief. "I actually thought you were fans" they spoke making laney and i burst out laughing. 


We were all in louis's room watching toy story..liam picked the film as usual, and it's always the same thing..toy story. I cuddled up with Zayn and liam and laney were cuddled up together, louis, niall and harry all cuddled up together joking around making us all laugh, oh how i loved there jokes. I closed my eyes and lay my head of zayn's chest







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