Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


54. Busy day

I ran my fingers through my hair and put my sunglasses on. I looked in the mirror and half smiled..I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out to my car. I've decided to drive down to my brothers house, i need to check on him, since i found out he has been seeing perrie i've been worried sick. The premier is tonight so i need to be back by at least 3pm, it was only 9am, i didn't bother telling anyone where i was going because they would of stopped me, and if perrie's there i swear to god.

I turned the radio and rihanna 'rude boy' came on, i turned it up the highest it could possibly go and opened my car window, i loved this song. I started singing and could see a few girls on the side walk look at me and once they figured out it was me they started chasing my car, i felt pretty bad that i couldn't get out and talk to them for a bit, i was in a hurry, i have a lot to do today.

After a 40 minute drive i finally arrived, i locked the car up and knocked straight on the door, it was more of a bang, i knew Lewis was a heavy sleeper. I waited 2 minutes until the door opened. "s-sarah, what are you doing here?" he looked shocked, worried even, "Wow im surprised you remember my name Lew" i said coldly, i barged past him entering his house. I looked around quickly, nothing's changed, last time i came here was about a year ago and that's the last time i saw lew, if i wasn't mad at him i would of embraced him with a hug by now but i can't, he's annoyed me too much. "So sis, what brought you here?" "Lewis, cut the crap, you know why i'm here" "wow, you haven't changed, still feisty i see" he smirked. "Lewis shut the fuck up, why did you hang up on me yesterday?" "because i didn't like the way you were talking about perrie, i love her and she loves me" "Lewis, didn't you hear anything i said, she tried killing me" "yes, but she didn't and that's in the past now anyway, we're working on a future together" I laughed. "Oh please, you know nothing about her" "i know more than i should" I rolled my eye's whilst taking a seat on his couch. "I think you should leave Sarah" he choked. I looked at him in anger. "NO, i came all the way here to see you and talk some sense into you, we use to be so close lew now look at us, she's going to wreck you" "And what would you know about her, she hates, yeah, but she loves me, she wouldn't hurt me and why didn't you just fucking phone me?" "Why would i phone you, you would only hang up on me again"  

I sighed and looked into his eye's, something about him has changed, he is not the brother i use to be close to. Then the one person walked in, the one person i didn't want to see.."What are you doing here?" she asked. "Lew's my fucking brother, and i wan't you to get out of his life, you got that perrie, you don't love him, you love zayn still, you're just trying to get me back, well news flash darling, me and zayn are engaged, you're going to have to live with it" i half shouted. "YOU'RE ENGAGED? why didn't you tell me, i'm your brother" lew spoke disappointed "So you're acting like my brother now, because 2 minutes ago you were acting like a twat i would come across in the street's" i laughed. "I didn't know he was your brother sarah" perrie spoke acting innocent. "Don't play innocent perrie" i rolled my eye's. "Babe, i didn't know sarah was your sister, please believe that, and anyway even if you were still would of loved you like i do now" she said whilst kissing him, but it ended up in a full make out session.."LEWIS" i  shouted. "Yeah sarah?" "you know what, i'm gonna go, let you two be happy families, but if you get hurt lew, don't come running back to me, and i came all the way here to see you, the brother i knew would of been joking around with me, making the most of it, but you, i don't even know who you are anymore" i spat making him swallow hard. Maybe it was a bit harsh but he deserved it. "See you two love bird's around" i choked. I opened the door and walked out to be grabbed by the arm. "Sarah, wait" "no Lewis, save it, you're not the same person you were when i was on the phone to yesterday, you have changed, and its because of her, have a nice life" i spat, i was about to push him back but i whispered something into his ear. "She will mess with your head, don't cry to me when she does, i use to adore you, look up to you, you were my hero, but now? i don't recognize my hero, all i see is a coward. I muttered before jumping into my car and driving off.

Zayn's POV

I woke up alone, where's sarah? i looked around the house to find it was just me here. There was no note or anything telling me where she was which was strange, she has probably gone to get her nail's done with the girls for the premier tonight, which i am buzzing for. I turned the kettle on as someone knocked on the door. "WHO IS IT?" i shouted. "HARRY" the voice shouted back. "COME IN" i spoke, the door was unlocked so he could easily come in, and he did. "What's up dude?" i asked. "I need your advise, what bow tie shall i wear tonight, black or white?" he asked making me smirk. "Well what color shirt are you wearing?" i asked whilst raising an eyebrow. "Black" "Then wear a white bow tie" i smiled,. "Love you zayn" he smirked then walked back out. 

Sarah's POV

I walked into the apartment and saw zayn drinking a cuppa whilst on his iPhone, probably on twitter. "Babe, where have you been?" he asked. "i went to my brother's, he was with perrie and he's acting like a heartless twat" i spat. "That's what perrie does to people babe, she done it to me and she will do it to him" I rolled my eyes whilst sitting on his lap. "Zayn, what do you think the fan's will say when they find out were getting married soon?" "Well if they are real fan's then they will support us but if not then i don't care what they think, everyone has an opinion but if that includes being insulting then their opinions are valid. I love you sarah and that's all that matters" i smiled and kissed him. "I love you too, now i need to get changed not long now" i smiled. I got off his lap and as i did he slapped my arse. "Cheeky bad boy" i winked making him smirk. 

I straightened my hair and pinned some back and curled the two front bit's, i puffed it up slightly adding some volume. I applied some makeup and some earring's. Once i finished applying makeup and jewelry i grabbed the beautiful dress i was going to wear and slipped it on. It was silvery/grey silk at the top then went a lighter whitey color at the bottom, it reached down to the floor, it was beautiful. I wore some white strapped heel's with it and a sequin grey and black clutch to match. I looked in the long body mirror in front of me and smiled, i was beginning to get really excited, my engagement ring also went perfect with the outfit.I grabbed my phone and placed it inside my clutch before walking out in the lounge, zayn was all ready in a black suit with a long jacket that reached to his knee's. "How do i looked?" i chimed. ", you look gorgeous, god sarah" he grinned widely and came up to me. "You look gorgeous and i feel so much better looking at you, you make me feel calmer" i smiled at his answer. "You're so sweet" i giggled, he kissed me and took my hand. "We're meeting the rest of them down there, they have left already. "Okay, well we better go, there's no one direction without zayn malik" we both laughed. We walked out toward's the limo and the driver drove us there as fast as possible making sure they didn't start without us, that would be terrible. "I'm so scared" i stuttered. "You will be amazing babe" "but what if they ask me about my ring?do i tell them we're engaged?" "yeah, just tell them, i want the world to know you're mine" he smiled. i kissed his cheek and the limo came to a halt. "Now, calm down babe" i breathed in and out then smiled. "Right, let's go" He opened the door and slid out, the screams got louder and louder. He helped me out and everyone started to call our name's. We walked across the red carpet and started speaking to a few people. "Babe, i need to go with the boy's, answer a few question's, are you going to be alright?the girl's should be around" "yeah, i'll be fine, see you in soon baby" i smiled whilst kissing him, everyone screamed when we kissed making us smile. When he went off i found the girl's both having their picture took together, i walked over to them with a grin on my face. "OMG SARAH" they screamed, i went over to them and hugged them both. "Wow, you both look amazing" i spoke. "So do you" "Can we have a picture of all 3 of you beautiful girls?" the pap's asked. We stood together in a line and smiled, as i was on the end i put my right hand on my hip showing my engagement ring. We had a few more questions asked and a lot of photo's before we went in, i was already exhausted.


"That was amazing" Laney spoke, we all agreed whilst drinking some champagne in the limo. "I'm so glad it went well" harry spoke, they guys agreed whilst i started to laugh. "Sarah, what's so funny?" louis asked. i was in tear's at that point, i couldn't stop laughing. "Oh it's nothing really, i just though of how weird it is to have toes, i mean, why are they even there its pointless" They all burst out laughing. I admit I've had a little too much drink for one night. "Well she's drunk" niall laughed. "Guy's im kinda hungry" he moaned. "Nialler whiller you are such a smiller stop complaining and eat your tie huh" i sang making everyone laugh. "Babe, you have had way too much to drink" he laughed. I grabbed his collar and kissed him hard. "Well i love you more zaynieBoo" He smirked at me and i lay my head on his shoulder, i closed my eye's and fell straight into a deep sleep.










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