Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


27. believe

I ran to the gym trying to get rid of my hangover, it was the worst hangover i have had in months..every time i thought about the events of last night it made me want to be sick. I haven't seen the boys yet, they went straight to rehearsals when i was sleeping. Im dreading seeing them really, i mean, i acted like such an ass last night, if they are annoyed me then i'll let them be, it's my own fault, but remembering them comfort me last night when i told them what happened with that jerk at the club they were understanding so hopefully they are all fine with me.I didn't care what i looked like today, i had my hair down natural waves, no makeup, a black beanie, some short gym shorts, a grey hipster crop tops and my new white air max's which i bought yesterday shopping with amy and gee. I finally made it to the gym, it was a little different to the one i went to back in townsville but it was..better. I walked around and found the running machines, i went on them for atleast 20 minutes before having a cool down, my excercies wern't very long but they were worth it. I drank the water from my bottle, i took some aspirin as the pounding came back in my head. "Wow" I heard a shippish croaky voice from behind me, defiantly a male voice. I turned to find a tall guy, really muscly, he was attractive but i wasn't interested, i was in love with the most perfect guy alive. "Um, hi?" i spoke. "you" "is that a compliment? because im sweating right now which is really not attractive" he laughed at that then cupped my face with his hands..oh no. "Erm, i have a boyfriend" "yes, i know, zayn malik, iv'e seen you both in magazines" i looked at him laughing. "so erm, what do you want?" i spoke trying not to sound offensive. He came towards my ear and whispered. "Believe in yourself okay, this may sound weird coming from a stranger but i know a scared girl when i see one" those words meant everything, i looked at him strangly, i began to daydream but when i stopped he was gone, the mystery man who might of solved my problems. Believe in myself?..


I stood on the stage, right in the center, practicing my dance routine, i loved to dance and sing which was good. I still haven't seen the boys yet which is beginning to annoy me, where the hell are they?..

"Sarah, pay attention..sarah are you okay?" The choreographer asked. I just looked up and smiled. "Sorry, can i take a break?" "Yeah, quickly" I ran straight to my dressing room, i need aspirin, that's all, and a break. I opened the door to my changing room and straight away saw some aspirin on the shelf, i grabbed some and swallowed them straight away with some water. I looked around the room and fell straight to the floor not think about anything, why do i feel like this?i have the best boyfriend ever, the best friends ever, i'm living a dream but i still feel sad..something's missing..

"SARAH, SARAH" i heard shouting around me, i opened my eyes to see zayn there. "what zayn?" "i thought you collapsed" "i'm sorry, i just needed to just take a break from everything" "what's the ,matter sarah? i really worry about you" he looked upset like he wanted to cry but why? "zayn have you ever been so crowded with people you love but still feel all alone?" "Yes and it's been horrible, but i don't feel like that anymore" "what helped you get through it zayn?" "I took a break, i wen't on holiday with the boys for atleast a week and we got close again, why babe?" tears began to slip from my eyes, why do i always have to cry? "i was at the gym today, a man told me to always believe in myself, i want to but i can't i feel so lonely but why? im in love with the best boy i've met, i have the best friends, yet i still feel alone?" "Babe, i really want to help you, please leave this with me okay? i promise i'll help you,but promise me one thing" "yes zayn?" "promise me, whatever happens in the future, even if everything gets too much, promise me you wont ever leave me" "Zayn, i would never leave you, ever" "good" I kissed him, it lasted longer than expected but it felt nice being with him, me and zayn haven't spent enough time together since the tour started which i think is the main reason for my sadness. "Now lets go to rehearsals, smile baby" I smiled at zayn and took his hand. 


I opened my eyes after a long night at the concert. it was amazing like every other concert. I heard whispering, it's not like the boy's to whisper..I jumped from the bunk and saw them all look at me. "Guys, im scared, what's going on?" They smirked at me. what the hell.."someone tell me" "Go get changed babe, i put you some clothes at the bottom of the bunk to change into, hurry though, we got a suprise" I hate suprises. I walked to the bunk to see what zayn left, He left a grey top that said ' i <3 zayn' which made me laugh, some dark blue jeans and some grey vans, i quickly got changed then brushed my teeth quickly, i tied my hair into a high pony tail, not bothering about anything. "So what's the rush? and zayn, what's with the top?" i giggled. "I thought it was cute babe, and it suits you, and we got a suprise for you.." "what is it now?" "well..our little talk yesterday about you feeling abit lonely made me think, and we have booked a holiday for a week, we're going to paris" I stood shocked, i have always wanted to go there and now im going with my boyfriend and bestfriends.."zayn, i-i don't know what to say" i slurred. "please say you are happy about it" "i-im relieved, i love you" i jumped onto him making him laugh. "i love you too but come on our plane leaves in 30 minutes. "zayn,what about the tour?" "don't worry we had a week off anyway, it was meant to go back home see our families but they are on vacation.." I kissed him before we went to meet up with the rest of the boys.. paris with zayn and the other guys, how amazing is this gonna be.

Zayn's POV

I'm so glad she likes the idea, i mean i couldn't let her feel alone, i know what it's like, it's horrible, torturing and i didn't want her to feel like that, i loved her and she loved me and i have a little surprise up my sleeve for her in paris, let's just hope she like's it..



Hey guys, im sorry if this chapter is a little shit, but i have writer's block and this is just a little filler but i now know exactly what i want to happen in the next chapter, so hope you like this, i'll be updating again tomorrow, love you guys, and if any of you want to be in this movella just comment x











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