Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


38. Back home

I just came off the stage from performing as the opening act for the last time for a while, it's the last day of the tour tonight and we fly back to the UK tomorrow, i actually can't wait. Everyone was cheering once i finished the song and i ran straight into zayn's arm's. "you were amazing as always" he whispered into my ear. I kissed his lips. "good luck guys" i said whilst hugging them all and walking away, i ran straight into the crowd next to where laney was standing. "you did great babe" she shouted whilst hugging me. "thank you laney" i smiled whilst we waited for the boy's to come on stage, the crowd was going wild. i must say, i'm going to miss this, all these performances but i can't wait to get back home. We don't go on tour again in about 5 month's so the boy's get quite a long break, but they still have to go to studio's and interviews and stuff. "What are the plan's tomorrow?" i asked Laney, she lived in america so i'm not sure what she will be doing, i don't want her to leave. "well i don't actually know, i guess i'm going back to america, i haven't really spoken to liam about it, i guess we'll talk about it later" she half smiled. "well i hope you don't leave" I'm moving in with zayn when we go back to the UK, i can't wait.

The boy's came on stage and everyone screamed including me and laney, we were like crazy fan's, and we had front row seat's too. All way through the song zayn looked at me, when he sang his solo's he looked into my eyes, i cried like through every song..and so did laney, liam would look at her whilst doing solo's too, we were like two big babies.


"That was amazing" me and laney hugged the boy's once the show finished. i kissed zayn whilst snaking my arm's around his neck. I smiled then we let go off each other. "we need to go back to the bus now and pack" harry spoke. We all left the arena and ran straight to the tour bus making sure no fan's could see us. 

Me and zayn wen't straight to our stuff and packed everything as did everyone else. "one way or another im gonna find ya, im gonna get-cha get-cha get-cha" harry sang out making everyone sing along with him. 

Laney's POV

Once we all packed, we sat down on the couches discussing about tomorrow. "What's up laney, you don't seem too happy about tomorrow?" louis asked, making me look up. "i'm not, im going back to america, i won't see you guys" a tear escaped my eyes. "who said you were going back to america?" liam asked. I looked at him confused. "well i have no where to stay in the UK" "i wan't you to come live with me laney" he said whilst placing his hand on top of mine" a huge grin appeared on my face. "really?" "yes, how can i left you leave me, i love you" i hugged him really tight, "i love you too" i kissed his cheek and hugged him again. "thank you so much" everyone smiled and sarah came up to me and gave me a huge hug. Now i can't wait until tomorrow.

Sarah's POV

Im so happy laney's coming back to England with us, now im more excited about going back home than i was before, i have gotten so close to her, we're like sisters. "right, let's go to bed, need to wake up early for the flight tomorrow zayn spoke. everyone agreed and we all wen't to our bunks. "i love you sarah" zayn whispered whilst cuddling up to me. "and i love you too zayn" i kissed his cheek then closed my eyes.


"FLIGHT'S IN AN HOUR GUYS, EVERYONE GET UP" i heard liam and laney shout, "urgh" i moaned before getting up. "get up baby" i shaked zayn until his eyes fluttered open. "urgh" he moaned then pulled me down on top of him." zayn come on, the flight's in an hour" i said before pulling him off the bunk. "alright alright" he rubbed his half asleep eyes before going to brush his teeth. I wen't into the other part of the bus to brush my teeth. 

Once i was done brushing my teeth i slipped on some dark blue high wasted jeans, a grey wooley sweater and some sunglasses. I tired my hair into a high pony tail and didn't bother to put any makeup on. I slipped my black van's on and i was ready. "right, is everyone ready?" paul shouted from outside the bus. "yeah" we all shouted, we grabbed our suitcases and walked out the bus, there were a few fan's outside. We didn't have time to stop and talk though so we waved at them and jumped into the car. Paul took our suitcases and put them in the back of the car, it was luckily a big car. 

I went straight onto twitter and wrote a tweet. '@SarahCook: Goodbye Aussie x' the rest of the boys and laney all wrote a tweet as well. "Okay, we're here" the driver spoke. We all got out of the car and grabbed out suitcases from the back of the car. Paul was one side of us and Andy the other side. Alot of pap's were around us snapping pictures and fan's calling our names, im glad i wore sunglasses, the bright light's were everywhere. We wen't straight onto the plane, we were in the VIP section as were a lot of other people. I sat by zayn, then in front of us were liam and laney and behind us were niall and louis, harry was sitting beside louis and niall. "smile zayn" i spoke as i took a picture of me and zayn smiling. I went straight on twitter and uploaded the picture. '@SarahCook: England here we come @zaynmalik x' Zayn smiled and re-tweeted the tweet. Zayn was sat near the window this time.

I looked around the plane to see everyone asleep, well mostly everyone, the only person away was me, some old women at the other end of the plane and niall. zayn had his head against the window snoring..I got out of my seat and went to the luggage and got my laptop bag with my laptop inside. When i found the laptop i wen't straight back to my seat to be joined by niall who sat on the spare seat next to me. "what are you doing sar?" he whispered. "i was thinking, we could do a twitcam or something, im bored and i'm really not that tired enough to sleep" i whispered back. "sound's good to me" once the laptop was turned on the WiFi connected straight away which was a relief. I went straight onto twitter and posted a tweet. '@SarahCook: me and @niallhoran are doing a twitcam, come join us' i also posted a link to the twitcam. Once we were on the screen load's of people joined us, thousand's of people were watching. "Hi everyone, this is sarah and niall chilling on the plane, we will soon we back in the UK" i spoke whilst niall was pulling funny faces, i started laughing at him, then people were asking questions. "some of you are asking where the rest of the guy's are, well actually they are asleep" niall laughed. I pointed the camera to zayn then behind me to louis and harry then in front of me to liam and laney. loads of comments appeared so me and niall read through them and answered a few questions. "Lucy1997: are you and zayn still going out, you're both perfect for eachother', yeah we are still together, and aw thank you lucy" i smiled then niall answered a few such as. " zoey3475: asks, niall why are you so gorgeous' aw thank you zoey, why are you so sweet?" he winked to the camera making me smirk. After a few question's some people suggested that we draw on the boy's face's whilst the are asleep, so we did. we drew and mustache on all of their face's, luckily they didn't wake up.

We turned the laptop off and put it back into the bag and back with the rest of the luggage. "i best be getting back to my seat, i'm going to get some rest" "alright niall" i smiled whilst resting back in my seat. I can't wait to get back to the UK and can't wait to see the paps and fan's reaction's when they see the boy's mustache's on their faces.

I plugged my earphones in and one direction, best song ever started to play, i closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


I took my earphones out to see zayn smiling at me. "we're you baby" he said, i laughed at the mustache i drew on his face and he looked at me strangely. "what's funny?" he asked, oh shit.."erm, nothing im just glad we're here" i smiled  trying to contain my laughter. We all got up and grabbed our suitcases and got off the plane, me and niall were laughing at the boy's and laney's faces, they still didn't realize we drew mustache's on them. I put my sunglasses back over my eyes as did the rest of the boy's and laney. We walked into the airport to hear so many scream's, some fan's were laughing, probably at the boy's face's..Me and niall laughed with them. "seriously what is so funny?" zayn and the other boy's moaned. "erm, your hairs messy that's all" i lied, zayn and the other boys styled their hairs making me and niall smirk. "guys, take a few pictures with the fan's" Andy and Paul ordered. So we did, we wen't over to the fan's and took pictures. I heard the boy's moan. im guessing they saw their mustache's we drew on them, as if they didn't even notice each other's faces.. When laney took pictures with some fan's she also saw her mustache. "omg who drew this on me?" she moaned, the fan's were laughing at them all as did me and niall. "You all look gorgeous" me and niall laughed at the same time. "you two are going to pay for this" they all joked and we quickly ran out to the car to take us to our apartment's. we waved at the fan's on the way. The boys and laney chased us into the car and when we got in we burst out laughing. Zayn hugged me and messed up my hair. "zaynie" i moaned, whilst the laney and the boy's just said they were gonna get their revenge, im not looking forward to this..

When we arrived we all got out the car to see a big tall building, they were the london apartment's. "do you guys live in the same building then?" i asked. "yeah, we live on the same floor, we own the very top floor so fan's can't go up" louis said proudly. We took our suitcases and wen't straight into the building and into the lift.

When we reached the top floor there were 5 doors, im guessing they each had different apartment's. Louis's was the first door, he waved at us before entering his apartment, the next was harry's, we waved at him and said goodbye, then niall's then liam's and lastly was zayn's. He opened the door and i was amazed, it was quite big for a flat, and it was beautiful. "omg this is beautiful" i muttered. "not as beautiful as you" he grinned whilst kissing me neck, i blushed then he lead me to his bedroom well, our bedroom now. the bed was huge. "so let's get unpacking" i said excitedly. 

Laney's POV

Liam's flat was beautiful. We were in the middle of unpacking when he gave me something. "what is it liam?" i asked curiously. it was a long box. "open it" I opened it slowly and my eyes got bigger, it was a sliver bracelet with a sentence on it, it said 'i will never stop loving you' i put it on my wrist and a tear escaped my eye. I jumped on liam and hugged him tightly. "it's perfect liam, just like you" i kissed him gently and we carried on unpacking. I'm such a lucky girl, im glad i met liam, i really am. 

Louis's POV

"I had missed you so much" i said whilst hugging Eleanor. "I've missed you too lou, how was the tour?" she spoke whilst kissing me. "it was great, liam's met a girl, who's actually living with him now, they're perfect together, and so happy and zayn and sarah are still happily in love, which remind's me, you need to meet her still, well and laney" i smiled. "i can't wait to meet them, i could do with some girly time, you know" "yeah babe, well tonight is our night together, yes?" "yeah babe" she smiled whilst kissing me, i have missed being in her arm's. "babe, i'm going to quickly introduce myself to sarah and laney" she smiled. "okay babe, hurry thought i want you all to my self" i winked making her laugh. "alright babe" 

Eleanor's POV

I have missed lou so much, i don't know how i cope without him sometime's. I knocked on liam's door first. I heard a few whispers but then the door opened. "hi Eleanor, it's great to see you" liam smiled whilst hugging me. "and you, but i came to introduce myself to laney" i spoke making him smile. "of course, come in" he stepped to the side letting me through, i saw a girl with blonde hair, she was beautiful. She smiled at me and i soon enough smiled back. "hello you must be laney, im Eleanor, louis girlfriend" i said proudly. "it's nice to meet you Eleanor" she smiled, i hugged her straight away. "so how can i help you?" she smirked. "well i was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with me tomorrow, me you and sarah, get to know each other as we will be spending a lot of time together soon" she grinned widely and nodded. "i'd love to, erm, is 11 okay? we'll meet in the corridor?" she suggested. "sound's great, see ya laney" i smiled then left. Well she was lovely.

Sarah's POV

Me and zayn sat on the couch watching mean girl's, my favorite film. "this remind's me of when i first met you in school" i laughed, zayn giggled and we carried on watching the film. That's when someone knocked on the door. "i'll get it, it's probably one of the guys" i spoke. I walked to the door and opened it to see a girl about my age with long wavy hair, she was beautiful. "hello, can i help you?" i asked sweetly. "I'm Eleanor, louis girlfriend" she smiled. "oh, come on in" i moved to one side letting her in and zayn came over and gave her a hug. "how have you been El?" "i've been good thanks zayn, and you?" she asked, her voice was really sweet. "good thanks, so how can we help?" he asked. "well actually i came to speak to sarah" i looked confused but listened anyway. "I would like to get to know you better, so i  was wondering if you would like to spend the say together tomorrow, a girly day? i've asked laney too, she said she would like to" i smiled at the idea, i looked at zayn and he nodded to say it was fine. "We have a interview tomorrow anyway" zayn spoke. "i would love to Eleanor" i hugged her tightly, i would love to get to know her she seem's really nice infact. "Okay, meet us outside in the corridor at 11?" "that would be great" i smiled then we said our goodbye's. 

"i cant wait" i spoke to zayn. "good, El is really nice" he muttered. "she seem's nice" i smiled then we carried on watching the film.
























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