Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


4. A day with zayn

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled,Today im meeting zayn for lunch,im looking forward to it,he is a nice boy,deep down,he's just hiding his true personality away from everyone which is sad really. I looked at myself up and down in the mirror once more, i decided to wear some dark blue high wasted skinny jeans, a white sleeveless, tight crop top with some Grey nike blazers, I also wore a long chain necklace and some golden hooped earrings. I applied my face with the normal majority of makeup and left my hair to fall to its natural waves,how i liked it. I smiled to myself in the mirror then walked out of my bedroom. "Where are you going?" i heard a voice coming from downstairs,i looked to find my dad. "woah,you scared me,i thought you had work?" "well i do in 30 minutes,but answer my question" "oh,sorry, im going to lunch with a friend" "oh,have a nice time,have breakfast before you leave though" "yes,fine" he was so controlling over my health,and that's why im a healthy person,mainly because of my dad,if it weren't for him i would probably live on McDonald's. I Poured myself some fresh orange juice and grabbed a cereal bar from the cupboard,i can't be bothered to make breakfast. As i ate and drunk my drink my dad kept staring at me weirdly.."so,how has school been darling?" "same old,bitchy girls,annoying boys and just weird teachers" he smirked at me,how i missed talking to my dad properly. I then felt my phone vibrate,it was zayn. 'Im outside' I smiled then put my phone into my pocket. "dad,i have to go now,i'll see you,erm later tonight when you get home?" "yes darling, have a nice day" i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then walked out. As soon as i shut the front dorr i saw zayn staring at me in his car. I walked up to it and got straight in. "hey gorgeous" i blushed a bit "hey hansom" Then he started to drive.


We were sat in the restaurant waiting for our food. "zayn,can i ask you something?" "yeah anything" "why are you this nice person outside of school,then an arsehole at school?" "because i have to fit in,its for my own good,trust me" he laughed "i like you better when you're yourself" "i wish it was just that simple" he smirked,i felt a huge amount of concern for zayn,there was something he was hiding,something big,something he's afraid to tell me. Just as i opened my mouth to speak the waitress came with out food. "thank you" i spoke. "cheers" zayn muttered. We both ate our food and stayed quiet until we finished.

"well that was nice" i smiled "sure was" "so zayn, i had an idea" "and whats that?" "well you love singing right?you have wanted to be a singer but you are afraid of it because of the bullying you got for singing?" "yeah..and,whats the idea?" "you should audition for xfactor next year" i smirked,he was truly an amazing singer and he would go far. "noway" he laughed. "zayn,just listen to me,you will go far,i know it, you will do your family proud,me proud, zayn trust me,you cant hide a talent that big,yes people call you a girl if you sing but they are just complete, there are hundreds of male singers, they dont care what people think,you need to believe in yourself zayn" "i'll think about it" he looked confused. "great" i smiled whilst sipping my cola. "Want to come back to my place?watch a few movies or something" he suggested "yeah,sounds good" i smiled as we both stood up and walked out the restaurant and towards his car. 

Zayn's POV

As i was driving i couldn't stop thinking about what Sarah said about xfactor, it was a good idea but im not sure,i know something bad will happen,if i dont get through i will be the laughing stock of the school, but if i do,i could go far. I shook my head and snapped out of my thoughts when i realized we were at my house. We both got out of the car and walked to the front door,once i unlocked it we went straight inside. "so what movies you got?" I heard Sarah ask. "erm, the notebook?i dont know" "i am not watching the note book zayn,its to sad" i just smirked at her. "okay okay i know what we can watch" I got out a few movies from the tray in the lounge and picked out 'mean girls' "zayn, really?" "well i like it" i laughed "okay,okay put it on" she smirked. 

As we watch the film she rested her head onto my shoulder. "this kind of reminds me of me at school" she laughed. "haha,and im the boy you start to fancy" i winked at her "yeah totally" she said sarcastically. 

Sarah's POV

"Sarah,can i tell you something?" he asked me,i felt a little confused but went along with it anyway. "yeah of course you can" "what do you do, if you have felt feelings for someone but haven't know them long,but you know you have strong feelings for the girl because you dont really get feelings for anyone else as easily as you have for that girl" I got quite confused. "well you tell her before its too late, yeah you have known her for a little while but does that matter?if you have feelings for her and they really are true feelings you show it to her" "thank you Sarah" he said "so who's the girl then zayn?" i winked. "Its erm..its..its you" he blushed. i stopped for a moment,i cant believe he likes me..I know i like him, "zayn,i dont know what to say, i like you too" i smiled "but im scared Sarah,im scared because im falling for you but i dont want to get hurt again" "zayn,you won't get hurt i promise you" He then placed his hands on my waist whilst i snaked my arms around his neck, we both leaned in closer and closer,then suddenly our lips planted together. Butterflies were running through my stomach powerfully,i felt like i was going to explode. after a few seconds of kissing we departed and stared into eachothers eyes for what seemed like ages. "i have never felt like this before zayn" i smiled, yes i have fell for zayn. "Sarah,i-i love you" he whispered,i loved him too,honestly i've known him for a couple of days and already i've fallen for him, was it really love at first sight? "zayn i love you too" i hugged him then rested my head on his chest whilst watching the rest of the film. 










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