Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


9. 2 years later


So, it's been 2 years since i moved to london with my dad, im now 20 years old, i live with my friend hannah from work and we still live in london. I lost contact with zayn and Jess 2 months after i left, i dont know how, i dont want to, i guess it was bad connection for us all. we were fine at the beginning but zayn's been super busy with the xfactor that he forgot about me..yes he has forgot about me. Jess on the other hand, i dont know, i guess she's doing fine but im not sure, i hope she's doing fine. Zayn made it, i said he would be huge and he is, He made it too the finals of xfactor, he's now in a boyband called one direction, they are now the biggest boy band on earth, its crazy, but i guess zayn deserved it, its hard to believe i knew him, he's a whole new person now, i promised him i would meet him again in the future but what's the point?he seems fine without me,come to think of it, he's dating perrie from little mix. Im doing fine aswell i guess, i work for a magazine company, i help create and interview people for the magazines, i enjoy it alot i guess.

"Sarah,You have a new interview coming up today, its at 3pm" I heard Steve call from the door of my office. "okay steve, that's fine, so who am i interviewing?" "little mix" "okay great" Well isn't this going to be great.. i have to interview a bad with zayn's girlfriend in.. there's bound to be questions about zayn. I threw all my notes inside my draw and grabbed my hand bag. "today is going to be a long day. "where are you going sar?" I turned around to find hannah giving me puppy eyes. "quit with the eyes, im going to starbucks,want anything?" "hot chocolate please sar, love ya" "okay okay, love ya too" I smirked at her then walked out of the building. The wind brushed through my hair as i walked. Luckily starbucks was just over the road so its not a long journey. I waiting a while for the cars to go past before i crossed the road. I find it so awkward crossing the road on my own. Once i was clear of cars close enough to hit me i entered the starbucks coffee shop. It smelt so delicious and of strong coffee basically. "may i help you madam?" "can i have 2 regular hot chocolates please" "yes,what's your name?" "sarah" "okay, should be ready in about 2 minutes" "okay thank you" I enjoyed looking at the view from the starbucks window, people walking past..the cars, the birds and then..teenage kids running about, i dont really like children, they annoy me but that's only because of my family. "Sarah, your drinks are ready" i heard the faint voice call. "oh, thankyou" i grabbed my two drinks from the counter and handed the women my money, I walked back out the the noisy streets and walked straight back to the building. "Thanks chick" Han muttered whilst i handed her a hot chocolate. "its fine" I smiled at her then walked back into my office to to greeted by steve again. "yes steve?" "cha nge of plan, you will be interviewing in 5 minutes, get down to the main recording booth in 5" he demanded whilst walking away. was he serious, 5 minutes? i have been working for ages and i can't even have a proper break, gosh. I grabbed my hot chocolate and my notes from the draw in my desk and made my way down to the recording booth. as soon as the interviews over with, the better. I sat straight down on the seats behind the recording desk to be greeted by the little mix girls, i looked straight at perrie. So zayn was dating her, she was actually beautiful, she doesn't know how lucky she is. "so girls, this is the plan, we will go on air in 2 minutes, and ill ask you a variety of questions, you answer them and the computer will record it all to be written in our latest magazines, sound great?" i explained, trying to keep everything intact "sounds good to us" they all spoke in unison. "And we go on air in 3..2..1.." I spoke. I grabbed the cards from the desk and started to read from them. "so little mix, there are a variety of questions from your fans here, lets start" "great" perrie spoke" her voice sending me shivers, i dont hate her i just cant believe im so close to zayn's lover.. my first love of my life's girlfriend. "so, do you girls have any rules in the fashion industry?" "yes, actually, never wear black with orange" "Jesy spoke. "and why's that?" i asked "because, it reminds me of halloween and i hate halloween" i giggled. "next question, this is for you perrie, So what's the most romantic thing zayn has ever done for you?" oh god, great, "well, we went of a picnic at the top of the london eye, that was cute" Wow, i didn't know zayn was so romantic, he really has changed alot. "that's cute, so next questions, how far do you guys want to go in life?" "well, we would like to be as big as one direction, have sold out concerts all the time,that would be amazing!" jade giggled, "that would be incredible" leigh-anne spoke, "so im sorry girls but that leads us to the end, it was great having you guys here, and good luck in the future" i muttered, giving the most fakest smile ever invented. "thank you for having us" Jade muttered. As the walked out of the studio doors i signed loudly of relief, thank god that's over with.

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