if i die young

BURB it's about a 18 year old girl named Taylor and her bffs named Lia,Sam,Destiney,and Abby.and Taylor goes through some tough times.


1. why did u do that?

"Taylor !Taylor!!!! Lia said "WHAT do u want lia"taylor said "we have to go to collage taylor" "um lia liam is rate behind u"Taylor said "LIAM !!"lia says suprized.Come on lia and tay get in the car.                                            IN LIAM'S CAR                                                                                                         "ok lia get in the frount and tay u in the back"liam said "ok liam-bear"lia said."whatever liam and what is in that huge package it  looks like it can fit u,louis,zayn,harry,or niall?!?"taylor said."oh tay it's nothing"liam says stupidly. "oh yeah tay look under the blanket"liam said."ok liam"taylor said."aww nialler's here" 

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