that's not love....or maybe it is? (Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)


4. chapter 4

"I'm sooooooo excited . I cant wait!" I jump about in front of my best friend Amber. she just laughed shaking her head. I was getting ready for me and Harry's date ,well technically it wasn't a date we're just meeting as friends/ oh well.  I sigh as I look through the clothes I brought. I finally choose a black cocktail dress with black wedgies and apply little make up and curl my hair before putting it into a pony with a quiff . I grab my white clutch and smile looking over at Amber.

"Perfect!" she giggles and we hug, "you darling. You need to tell me EVERYTHING!" We laugh until the there's a knock at the hotel room door.

"There's my ride!" I laugh nervously before making my way to the door and after waving to Amber. I open the door. "Hello." I say smiling while looking at the boy in front of me. although it wasn't harry. i look up and see the long hair and a boy with a dashing smile. He chuckles.

"Harry is where you're supposed to meet him. I'm your escort for tonight." He says still smiling. he holds out his arm and i slide my arm in between his.

"You're Niall Horan..." I mumble while i look at him as i walk down the hall towards the elevator.

"Yes. Yes I am." He chuckles as he pressing the button.

1st floor.... 2nd floor.... 3rd floor.... 4th floor.... 5th floor.... 6th floor... DING.

We walk inside in silence.

"Where are we going?" I ask looking at him.

"Ah. That. That I cannot tell you. Harry said it must stay a surprise." He says smiling.

"Is this a date?" I ask hoping that the blush that i felt creeping up on my cheeks isn't that bad.

"Hmm. I would say yes. But that's not for me to say. Why don't you ask him." He rolls his eyes as we make our way down to the ground floor.

Once down at the ground floor we make our way outside and he opens the door of his Black BMW and i step inside he closes the door after me.  he runs around and gets in starting the car up putting the heating on low. we buckle up and off we go.


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