that's not love....or maybe it is? (Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)


3. chapter 3

I woke up in a bed beside someone I gasp sitting up. "What the hell happened last night?" I whisper to myself and look at the mop of curls beside me. I slowly get out of the bed and make my way down the stairs. I smell the smell of food and I gasp stepping over the mess I wander into the kitchen and see a guy making food at the stove. I look over and see bacon. He suddenly turns around. "Hey Lola." He chuckles. Wait . How does he know my name?

"Hi..." I whisper.

"So how's you sleep?" He asks

"Alright. I guess." I say more of a question.

He chuckles "you don't have any idea what happened do you?" I shake my head. "You done it with THE Harry styles last night" when he sees my face he laughs even more.

Sooner or later I see Harry coming down the stairs. "Hey love , hey Lou." He mumbles yawning and goes sitting down after taking the bacon out of the pan.

After having breakfast I swap numbers with the boys before making my way out in the and making my way to the hotel only when I got back in safely into my room I started fan hurling and noticed Harry had texted me .


Hey love. Would like to meet up with you again and get to know you x bye love x

-Harry x

I giggle at his cuteness and reply

To Harry:

Sure would love to when and where?

I giggle and and get ready into a pair of light coloured jeans and a white belly top and a fluffy white cardigan finishing it off with a pair of white converse.


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