that's not love....or maybe it is? (Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)


2. chapter 2

"come on Lola! Get your ass up!" My worst enemy Cecilia screamed in my face. "I cant believe I invited you!" i said and stood up kicking her in the ankle by 'accident' we made outside as we waited on our 10 taxies! I obviously. Got the first one with my best friends Amber and Jade. We acted crazy and done stupid dances as we listened to the music. When we got there people were standing outside. Don't know who they were , and I didn't really care , was nothing to do with me! I ran inside and got the keys for me and the girls room. We went up the kool elevator that twist and turned and stopped at our floor. I walked into the room and rubbed my hands together! "time for some magic!" i shouted and ran to the. Biggest room before anyone else could! #2 hours later# In two (long) hours I was finally ready! I had curled my hair and put on a blue cocktail dress and had to do my makeup over 4 times . For once I actually looked beautiful , i put on my sashay saying birthday girl. I made my way down with Amber and Jade also looking beautiful (like always) And met my mum and the rest of the gang! It was cold outside nothing like America here was cold bit you could see the London Bridge and the big ben. 2 limo's. Appeared and we scrambled into them. Soon we were at the place where I would have my party , there was millions of people here . It was lovely it had pure white walls with pink flooring purple stools and black tables. The dance floor was all different. #3 hours later# I was totally drunk by now ! "drink, drink, drink!" the room chanted as I threw my 20th shot down. I was enjoying today, but I probably won't even remember anything about it! I finshed and made my way to the toilet when I bumped into someone . "Oh sorry!" i giggled. "No its alright love!" a manly voice said. It sounded familiar just couldn't put my finger on it! I must have been falling over because he grabbed my arm and sat me down. He laughed " was gonna ask you if you wanted a drink, but emm... i think you've already had alot. I laughed with him
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