that's not love....or maybe it is? (Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)


1. chapter 1

oh hey! I'm Lola Rock! The craziest gal on the earth! Eh well. Not today, today is my birthday... Yeah I know what you're thinking! I should be super crazy today! Well no! My father lost his life today....Gone forever! I miss him dearly! But I don't cry over it! I hardly saw him anyway! Oh and I forgot to tell you I'm 19 well today yesterday I was 18 lol ! But I love One Direction had to take my posters off my walls, my Mum thinks they can't sing and she thinks the tattoos they have are disgusting! And she knows what I'm going to say next! "Mum but they are sexy! and hot and brilliant singers! PLus Niall doesn't have any!" Every time I say that! Anyway some birthdays were alright through the last 4 years like my 18th birthday that was great! I passed my drivers licence! that's all really... Now you know a little about me I'm guessing the author should continue writing! #a year later# "UGH!" I groaned as I got out of bed.... It's my birthday today worst day of the year! Well it might actually be alright.... My mother has hired a bar out for me in London, I'm American btw. So I am taking a couple of friends and some of my class, they had to pay for half of my ticket!!!!!! Weren't gonna let them get there for free! I quickly grabbed my phone and laptop since my stuff was already packed. #2 hours later# We laughed and joked about as we waited on our plane arriving. "People going from America to London please boared there plane!" The woman announced over the tannoy. We went to our plane and took our seats, as I went into a deep sleep.....
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