Sid and Lizzie travel to the moon

(For kids) A big green lizard and a mental seagull travel to the moon on an adventure,btw they are brother and sister how weird


2. Building a rocket

So Sid and Lizzie go to the neighbours doors asking if they have any cardboard boxes to use to make a rocket and there neighbours give them loads of boxes then they go to the mall to buy tape they buy duck tape,double sided tape,masking tape and parcel tape.They took them home  to start building the rocket and dropped in to B&Q to buy red paint and silver and plastic that they use for the windows in airplanes but for there rocket.They head home with all there tape,paint and cardboard to begin to build the red rocket with the silver stripe down the side of it.They take all the stuff into their garden and Lizzie goes to get the ladders from the shed while side starts to tape the boxes together.Lizzie gets the ladders and begins to leave the shed while leaving the shed she hears sid screaming and runs out to see Sid taped him self all up so Lizzie laughes and Sid groans she help him out the tape tangle......(2 hours later) the rocket was drying it was perfect it was red with a silver stripe down the side and sids window was a square and Lizzie's window was a heart shape......

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