The walking dead/Smosh

The walking dead/Smosh crossover. This story follows the storyline of The Walking dead TV show, so we will meet persons from The walking dead, but we will follow Ian and Anthony from Smosh. The story will in some parts be like The walking dead show, but with Smosh in it, so there will be kind of another storyline and some other decisions and twists.

You don't have to know The walking dead or Smosh to read, but it will maybe make it easier to understand some of the parts. Enjoy~


1. The beginning

The sun was burning, it was unbelievable. Even in the shadow, it made the sweat run, and it was unbearable to stay in the sun. There was heat waves all over. This could be one of the hottest days in months. There was no humans on the streets, yet that wasn’t because of the heat.

Ian lifted a hand and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He was wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt, but he still felt like burning up. His head tilted backwards, so it was resting on the chairs back. With a frustrated sigh, he looked to the side, only to find his best friend in the same position. Although Anthony had his eyes closed.

“Hey!” The sharp shout made Anthony open his eyes, and he quickly lifted his head and looked around. When he didn’t see anything, he frowned and looked at Ian, who had lifted his head as well.

“Don’t fall asleep dude. You have to stay focused,” Ian growled more angry than he meant to. It was the heat that frustrated him, and after been sitting in the garden for 5 hours, he had no patience left. 

“I’m sorry!” Anthony snapped back, obviously just as frustrated as Ian. With a sigh, Anthony stretched and made a grimace as his back cracked.

Ian shook his head and let his gaze slide over the street. Nothing. Well, nothing moving at least. There were a lot of empty, abandoned cars parked on the street. He could see the body of the one, they had killed an hour ago. Since that, it had been silent. There was only the heat to fight with now.

Groaning frustrated, Ian moved in his chair in an attempt to get comfy. It was no use. The chair was just as hard as before, and the sun just as warm. What he wouldn’t do for a cold beer right now. 

Something moved. He was sure there was something. Ian leaned forward in the chair, squeezing his eyes. Nothing. Could it just be the heat waves?

He was just about to lean back again, when he saw it. A person walking around. It was only a second, then the person disappeared behind a car.

One hand slowly grabbed the gun next to the chair, the other reached out and pushed Anthony on the shoulder. When Ian pushed him, Anthony turned in his chair with a frown.

“What is it now? My eyes were open, just so you know....”

“Hush!” Ian sharply hissed, pointing down the street, where the person had moved out of sight. Seeing Ian’s serious face, Anthony quickly grabbed his gun, looking down the street as well.

They both sat there in silence, almost holding their breath.

“Was it a walker?” Anthony’s voice were quiet and thin. Ian frowned, unsure what to say. It had been long away, so he couldn’t see it. And now it was gone.

“I don’t know,” Ian slowly stated, lowering his gun slightly. “Maybe it was just my imagina- Oh!”

His sudden exclamation made Anthony tighten his grip on the gun and look around nervously. 

Then he saw it.

A person was walking down the street in their direction. It moved kinda like a walker with a little limping, but it was obvious from the way it looked around, focused instead of pointless, that it wasn’t a walker. This was a real living person.

“Holy shit,” Anthony whispered, following the person with the eyes. “He’s alive. Like... really alive.”

“Yeah,” Ian said, while lifting the gun again. “But he has a bandage. He might be infected.”

Anthony squeezed his eyes. It was true. The man had a bloody bandage around his naked torso. He was still long away, and he didn’t seemed to notice the two men yet.

Anthony was about to say something, when Ian suddenly stood up.

“He better not be trouble,” Ian hissed angrily, as he released the safety catch of the gun. 

The act made Anthony frown.

“Since when did you become that badass?”

“Since the day I had to,” Ian simply stated and began walking towards the road. Anthony quickly stood up and followed suit across the garden. He felt his t-shirt stick to his back, and he wished he had taken it off. But there wasn’t time for that now.

Without hesitation, Ian stride over a dead body from earlier and stopped in the middle of the road with legs far apart and the gun raised. His blue eyes stared directly at the man in front of him a few meters away. His glance was cold, but Anthony knew his best friend well enough to see, that Ian was playing it. His hands was shaking slightly. Ian wasn’t that cold or brave at all, but he did his best not to show any weakness. To be honest, they both knew Ian wasn’t able to kill another person. He had problems enough killing the walkers.

As Anthony stopped next to Ian, the man finally turned his head and noticed them. He stopped hesitatingly, then walked towards them again.


“Stop there!” Anthony shouted, pointed the gun at the man, who stopped abruptly. The man’s eyes flickered nervously as he looked at the two men. 

Ian frowned. Why did he look at them like that? It was like it surprised him, that they had guns. That couldn’t surprise anyone anymore. Maybe he really was infected and the symptoms was already showing.

“Were you bit?” Anthony asked, frowning as well. The man tilted his head questionable, like he didn’t understand. He looked tired and lost. 

“L-listen. Lay the guns down. W-we can talk about thi-”

“Why are you wearing that bandage? Were you bit? Answer me dammit!” Anthony yelled nervously, trying to get his acts together. 

“Wh-what? I don’t understand what you...” The man choked out his words, but was interrupted again.


“What?” Anthony quickly turned his head to Ian, who looked disappointed at him. 

“Your gun...”

“What is it?”

“Your gun’s safety catch is still on.”


Ian rolled his eyes. “What a killer you are.”

“Hey! Like you’re better than me. You can’t even hit a walker!”

“Well, at least I know how to take the safety off.”

“Oh shut up.”

“No I won-”


Both Ian and Anthony turned their heads in sync. The man was laying a few meters away on his stomach with closed eyes. A young black boy was standing behind him with a shovel in his hands and a victorious smile on his face. 

“You saw that? I got that sumbitch. It was gonna bite you, but I got it.”

“Duane!” Anthony shouted in shock. “That man was alive!”

“H-He was?” The boy’s eyes widened, as he stared from the man on the ground to Anthony.

Ian quickly tossed his gun aside on the ground and ran over to Duane. He kneeled in front of the man and laid two fingers on his wrist.

“He’s still alive, but you knocked him out,” Ian said relieved. He looked up at Anthony.

“Come help me. Get his legs, we’ll carry him inside.”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Anthony asked and frowned. “It’s not our house after all. It belongs to Morgan and Duane. We should ask Morgan first.”

“My dad will be fine with it,” Duane stated and looked down at the unconscious man. Ian nodded.

“I’m sure he will. So get your ass over here, Ant, and help me lift him.”

Anthony sighed and ran a hand through his hair, before he walked over and grabbed the man’s legs.

“Fine. But if Morgan gets angry, it was your fault.”


The last sun rays made a beautiful red horizontal and made long shadows on the street. There was silent, as two men walked down the road with a baseball bat each. The bowl haired man swung his bat back and forth pointless, while he looked around with ocean blue eyes. The black haired boy with the emo haircut tried hard to concentrate, but kept being distracted by his friend’s movements with the bat. 

“Will you please stop that, Ian? Like I don’t have enough nerves on, you don’t have to swing your bat like that. It make me nuts.”

Ian turned to look into Anthony’s deep brown eyes.

“Sorry dude. I just have to do something, to get the thoughts away from all this, y’know?”

Anthony sighed and ran a hand through his dark emo hair.

“I know. It’s just make me nervous.”

“Ok, I’ll stop. By the way, sorry for yelling at you earlier. I was just so frustrated.”

“I know, me too. It was stupid to forget the safety catch. I mean, if that man had attacked, I wouldn’t even be able to shoot him!”

“I forget it sometimes too. Hell, even though it have been 3 weeks now.”

Anthony tilted his head back slightly and looked up at the dark sky. 



“Do you think we will change? You know, like the people in all the apocalypse movies? Do you think we will become... cold and heartless?”

Ian closed his eyes for a second. 

“No. We will stay the same. We won’t become someone else. I think we will keep our humanity.”

Without a word, Anthony nodded. They walked further in silence, until they reached the house. Ian took a last glance around, before he knocked the door 5 times in a rhythm, like they had agreed.

It took a few seconds before they heard the sound of the lock, and the door opened a bit. Both men slipped inside, and quickly closed and locked the door behind them.

Anthony looked up at the dark skinned man in front of them.

“There was no walkers, Morgan. Totally silent,” Ian stated as he walked over and sat his gun down next to a table. 

“That’s good. Hopefully it will stay like that over the night,” Morgan smiled and watched as Anthony sat his gun next to Ian’s.

“We were just about to eat, so you came at the right time.”

“Is he awake?” Anthony asked and looked up at Morgan, who nodded.

“Yes. It turned out, that he have that bandage, because he have been shot. He told us, that he have been in the hospital in coma, and he woke up just today.”

“For real?” Ian looked at Morgan with huge eyes. “So he didn’t know anything about what happened?”

Morgan shook his head.

“No. I just told him about it. It’s a shock to him.”

“Then his reaction to us makes sense,” Anthony said, closing his eyes. “Poor guy. He had any family?”

“I don’t know yet. C’mon in, the dinner is already at the table. You can ask him yourself,” Morgan answered, before he walked into the kitchen. Ian and Anthony glanced at each other and followed him. 

The kitchen was dark. All the lights in the house was off, and there was only some candles to light up. There was a round table in the middle.

Morgan sat down between his son, Duane, and the other man. As Ian and Anthony entered the kitchen, the man looked up at them. He still had his bandage on and no shirt. His pants seemed extremely dirty, and he had dirt on his arms. He had ice blue eyes and short dark hair with small curls. From his expression, they could see, he was really shocked about all this.

Ian sat down next to Duane, and Anthony hesitantly sat down between Ian and the man. There was a short silence, before Ian held out his hand to the man.

“I’m Ian. This is my friend Anthony.”

The man slowly took Ian’s hand. Anthony noticed that the man’s hand was shaking.

“I’m Rick. Thanks for letting me stay.”

“Don’t thank us,” Ian said as he let go of Rick’s hand again. “Thank Morgan. He let us stay in this house as well.”

Rick frowned a little.

“So you don’t live here really?”

“No,” Anthony answered. “Ian and I was lucky that Morgan let us stay. We owe him our lives.”

“No, you don’t,” Morgan interrupted, frowning. “In this situation, we all have to help each other.”

Rick slowly nodded, before he looked at Ian again.

“But why do you stay here? Don’t you have family?” Rick immediately regretted his question. Ian’s impression turned dark and sad in a second, and he looked down at the table without an answer. 

Rick opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Anthony, who laid a hand on Ian’s arm.

“Neither of us have a family anymore,” Anthony slowly choked out with suddenly watering eyes. “We... We never made it to s-save my family. We saved Ian’s, but... we lost them after a few days.”

“Tried to hide in a school. Turned out to be a fucking slaughterhouse,” Ian added and looked up at Rick. His eyes was wet, and Rick could feel his pain.

“Poor kids all over... Or what was left of them. There was no way we could defend ourselves against them. Only Anthony and I made it out.” Ian felt Anthony’s grab on his arm tighten. He took a deep breath before continuing.

“We found Morgan and Duane later the same day. If they hadn’t found us, we would had died,” Ian stated and looked at Morgan with thankful eyes. Morgan smiled and nodded, as to say that he understood Ian and Anthony’s feelings.

Anthony sighed and let go of Ian’s arm. Rick stared at them with wide eyes.

“I- I’m so sorry....”

“It’s fine,” Anthony said and wiped the tears away. “I hope you find your family, Rick. You gotta have hope. That is what we need in this world now. Hope.”

Rick slowly nodded. 

"I have a family. My wife and son. They was gone when I returned to the house. I don't know where they are now."

The silence descended over them as they began to eat. Everyone avoided eye contact, in fear for it being awkward. Morgan was the first one to speak.

“The reason we were afraid of you being bit, was because, it’s how you turn. Turn into those.... things. Driven to eat human flesh. If you get bit or even scratched, you get a fever. The fever burn you up. You die. But after a while, you come back again.”

Rick looked at him with wide eyes, before he moaned silent and rubbed his eyes. 

“It’s so unrealistic.”

“I know. But that’s how it is. You only die, if your brain gets destroyed.”

Duane suddenly looked at Rick.

"We've seen it happen."

"What?" Rick asked with a confused look.

"The turn."

Before Rick could say anything, Morgan laid a hand on Duane's shoulder.

"So. Let's eat now"

Duane nodded. The three other men quickly took the chance to avoid more talk about the past weeks.

After the dinner, Morgan cleaned up the service, while Duane walked upstairs. Rick walked over to the window to the streets, which was blocked with wood boards. There was thin cracks between the boards. Rick looked out of one of the cracks.

"There are more of them now," Rick mumbled.

Ian looked up from the gun he had been loading in the chair.

"There are always more of them, when it gets dark. Maybe they're some kind of night animals."

Anthony suddenly walked into the room, stepped over the mattresses and blankets on the floor (since none of them felt safe enough to sleep long away from the door, in case zombies suddenly broke in) and glanced at Rick.

"If a zombie tries to open the door, just ignore it. It's locked, they can't get in."

Rick frowned questionable. 

"Why would they do that? I thought they were... yeah, you know.... stupid. Are they clever enough to open doors?"

Ian and Anthony quickly glanced at each other. After a dead silence, where only Duane's steps upstairs was hearable, took Ian the word.

"We think some zombies kinda remember something from before they died. Something familiar," Ian explained with a low voice, so neither Duane or Morgan could hear him. 
"Morgan's wife- Duane's mom- died in this house. Her name was Jenny. She got bit. Died and returned. Morgan couldn't kill her. She's out there. But unlike the other zombies, she doesn't walk of. She....."

Ian stopped. He seemed to think how to explain it. Rick fought the urge to tell Ian to continue. 

Finally, after way too long for Rick, Ian continued.

"She keeps returning to the house. Tries to get in. She grabs the doorknob, unlike any other zombies. It's like she remember she used to get into this house like that. If that happens.... just ignore it. Duane is very sensitive about her."

"He isn't the only one"

All three men turned their heads. Morgan was standing in the kitchen door and looking at them. His eyes was shining with tears, but he didn't look angry. 

Ian quickly looked down at the gun on his lap. His cheeks blushed darkly red in embarrassment.  

"I'm so sorry Morgan..."

"It's fine Ian. Rick needs to know," Morgan said, looking over at Rick who let go of the curtain.
"I just wished, I had the strenght to kill her. Put her out of whatever she's in. I know that thing isn't my Jenny, but I just can't..."

Morgan cut himself off. With a sigh, he shook his head.

"I'm gonna look to Duane." Morgan turned around and walked away. They soon heard his steps on the stairs.

To avoid an awkward silence, Ian looked up at Rick. He still had a slightly blush on his cheeks. 

"How did you even get shot?"

"I was robbing a bank"

Ian's eyes widened at Rick's statement. He heard Anthony take a short sharp breath, at the thought of being in a house with a maybe dangerous man.

Rick looked seriously at them. Ian opened his mouth to say something, when he noticed the smile on Rick's face. 

"You're making fun of us!" Ian shouted, pointing reproachfully at Rick, who cracked up in a laugh. 

Anthony sighed relieved. Still laughing softly, Rick shook his head.

"I'm a policeman. I was shot in the line of duty."

"Oh," Anthony exclaimed, suddenly feeling embarrassed for reacting like that. 

A new, but not quite as awkward silence appeared. Ian laid the gun aside and stretched in the chair. 

"Well, I think that must be enough for today, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow. We better find a mattress to you Rick, unless you insist on sleeping with one of us. In that case, I think you should sleep outside. That solution would be more comfy for us, eh?"


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