The walking dead/Smosh

The walking dead/Smosh crossover. This story follows the storyline of The Walking dead TV show, so we will meet persons from The walking dead, but we will follow Ian and Anthony from Smosh. The story will in some parts be like The walking dead show, but with Smosh in it, so there will be kind of another storyline and some other decisions and twists.

You don't have to know The walking dead or Smosh to read, but it will maybe make it easier to understand some of the parts. Enjoy~


3. Atlanta

"Ahh look!"


The sudden exclamation made Ian look up in a snap. Nothing. The road was just as empty as before. When he looked at Anthony to ask what it was, he noticed that he had something in his hand.


Anthony tried hard to drive and show Ian the thing at the same time. He waved eagerly with it.


"You see this? One of the cops must've left a disc in the car! We can hear music!"


Ian giggled at Anthony's happiness.


"I've missed hearing music, since they stopped sending on the radio,"  Anthony said as he awkwardly took the disc out with one hand, since the other one was on the steering wheel. When he finally got it out, he frowned.


"It's a selfmade disc. There can be all kind of music on it."


"Maybe there's secret agent-stuff on it!" Ian joked, earning a laugh from Anthony, who pushed the disc in the radio.


Silence. Then they heard the disc spin inside the radio.




>>Seven a.m., waking up in the morning...<<


"Noo!" Anthony yelled and tried in panic to turn it off. Despite his desperate attempt to stop it, Rebecca Black refused to stop singing.


>>Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushin'<<


The look on Anthony's face and the whole stupid situation  made Ian crack up. He fell back in the seat and laughed hysterically, while the car was swinging dangerously close to the side.


>>It's Friday, Friday

Gotta get down on Friday!<<


When Anthony finally managed to turn it off and get the car back on trade, was Ian laughing so hard that tears was streaming down his cheeks.


Anthony frowned at Ian with a serious expression.


"That wasn't funny! What kind of cop would have that crap on their cd? Damn, I almost drove off the road!"


"Oh... my... God... Yo-your face was... priceless..." Ian choked out, before he cracked up again.


Anthony rolled his eyes, before he turned on the music again, but quickly skipping Rebecca Black.


The disc spinned shortly, then a new song came on. Neither of them knew the song, but they weirdly felt that the song was meant for their situation, so they didn't skip it. Ian slowly wiped the tears away, then leaned back with a little smile.


>>I don't feel

No pain no more<<


They just drove further in silence and listened to the song’s lyrics.


>>I've left this cruel world behind

And found my peace of mind<<


None of them recognized the King County Sheriff car they drove past on the road.


>>Time and tide are flowing over me<<


Instead they just drove around it and continued drive towards Atlanta where, hopefully, it would be safe to stay.


>>Memories are only about the past

The present time will never last<<


The highway they drove on was empty. But on the other side, the road that leaded away from Atlanta was crowded with abandoned cars. It looked like hundred of persons had decided to leave at once, and when they couldn't get through, they left the cars, to walk or run instead.


>>I don't mind if the sun don't shine

Or if it's pouring down with rain

There will be a smile on my face<<


Anthony didn't comment it, but just kept driving towards Atlanta, which was showing further ahead. Anyway, Ian knew that Anthony was also feeling a thrill like himself with the sight of the cars.


>>When I reach the end

I know I'll find a friend

Because I know

I'm going home<<




When they entered Atlanta some hours later, they couldn't see any walkers.


But by the way, they couldn't see any humans either.


They frowned and looked at each other. Anthony slowly drove down another street. The same. Empty streets, with only a few abandoned  cars. Like were they just came from. Although there was giant buildings instead of houses. Ian couldn't help, but feel kinda trapped between those high buildings.


They kept driving, down one street after another. All that met them was empty cars. None of them dared to say what they were both thinking; that Atlanta was lost.


The tiny hope they had, that they would find humans, kept them searching.


Ian rolled the window down, in the hope to hear something. But there was no sound besides their own car driving.


Finally, Ian sighed.


"It's no use Ant. There is no one here. The place must've been overrunned."


Even though Anthony knew Ian was right, he still shook his head.


"Ther-there's gotta be something! Someone. It can't be... Where are all the zombies then?"


"I don't know. Maybe something drove them away. Some noise maybe."


Anthony felt himself get more and more desperate. He glanced to every side, looked down every road.


"We must be missing something. We can't have checked all roads yet."


Ian reached down to close the window with a unsure impression.


"Maybe we should just-"


Ian quickly interrupted himself.


As Anthony looked at Ian, he found him staring out of the window with a concentrated look.


When Anthony opened his mouth to comment on Ian's sudden silence, Ian looked at him with a frown.


"Did you hear that?"




"Shh!" Ian suddenly looked extremely serious.


Concerned about Ian's mood, Anthony stopped the car and turned the motor off. He knew the risk for a sudden walker attack was there, but yet he didn't care.


They had only been listening in a few seconds, when Anthony heard it too.


As soon as he understood what it was, his eyes widened and he stared at Ian.


"Holy shit. That's a human yelling!"


Ian nodded with a thoughtful impression.


"Yeah it sounds like it," he agreed. "But it doesn't sound like someone in pain. More like someone in anger.... Maybe desperation."


Anthony rolled his own window down and looked out. Then he heard another yell. With a frown, he looked up.


"It sounds like it comes from above! How?"


They turned their heads to each other in sync.


"The roofs!"


Neither of them hesitated as they opened the doors and jumped out.


They looked desperate around. The thought if being close to humans filled them, and they was scared they might lose them again.


"Which way?" Ian asked without worrying about the desperation in his voice.  


"I don't know!" Anthony listened intense, until a new, yet more silent, yell appeared. Then he pointed down the other street.




They ran down the street without thinking of walkers. After all they hadn't seen any walkers, since they entered Atlanta.


If they had just known, that on the street, just around the corner, was a empty military tank. The military man was laying dead on it. Around it was 40 zombies walking around, just waiting for the next meat to appear.


Suddenly Anthony stopped.




"Yeah?" Ian stopped too and turned around. And frowned.


A few meters from them was a shop. The two big glass doors in the front was broken and there was glass everywhere.


It could have been survivors breaking in to get stuff, but it was obvious,'cause of the mess, that it was walkers.


Anthony stepped closer and pointed at the doors.


"Look. The doors are still closed and blocked. It seems like a group of walkers have been pressing against the glass, 'till it broke."


"Walkers just walk around pointless. They doesn't just try to break in somewhere unless they have a reason," Ian added with a thoughtful look.


The two friends stared at each other.


"Survivors," Anthony stated and looked at the shop. "Some survivors must've tried to get supplies from there, but accidentally got some walkers's attention."


Ian nodded in agreement.


"There are no walkers now. It must've happened a while ago, and the walkers maybe lost interest in the place, when there was no food, and walked off again. The question is," Ian said and closed his eyes shortly. "Did the survivors escape, are they hiding in there or did they get eaten?"


"It could be one of the survivors we heard. Maybe they're stuck in there," Anthony added.


Ian breathed out slowly.


"Only one way to find out"


"You first"


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