The walking dead/Smosh

The walking dead/Smosh crossover. This story follows the storyline of The Walking dead TV show, so we will meet persons from The walking dead, but we will follow Ian and Anthony from Smosh. The story will in some parts be like The walking dead show, but with Smosh in it, so there will be kind of another storyline and some other decisions and twists.

You don't have to know The walking dead or Smosh to read, but it will maybe make it easier to understand some of the parts. Enjoy~


2. A new journey

"Where are we going again?" Anthony asked, as they walked out of the house. The zombies from the night was already gone. Only a single zombie walked pointlessly around, until it noticed the 5 humans and walked towards them, snarling and growling. 

Rick stepped forward and swung the bat. It hit the zombies head and got it out of balance. As soon as it landed on the ground, Rick was over it with the bat, hitting it multiple times in the head, until he, with a groan in pain, let go of the bat and stepped back with a hand on his side.

"Whoa. Be careful. You just got out of the hospital," Ian mumbled and stepped over the zombie.

Rick bended down and picked the bat up.

"We're going to King County Sheriff's Departement," Rick said as an answer to Anthony's question. "I worked there. Unless someone else already took everything, we can get a lot of guns and ammunition. There's also showers."

"The water stopped running a while ago," Ian sighed.

"The department have it's own water tanks, so it works to the tank's empty"

The sounded a happy cheer from Anthony, who pushed to Ian in excitement. 

"You hear that dude? Now you don't have to smell like shit anymore!"

"Sadly it won't help on your smell," Ian joked, earning a laugh from the others besides Anthony, who gave him a death stare. 

As they arrived at the department, they were pleased to find it unrobed. The guns was still on their places. Rick used a key to let them in.

"Lucky this place is locked or else it would already be empty," Ian pointed out, as they headed to the showers.   

The shower was the most wonderful thing they had done the last couple of weeks. It felt like a dream when the hot water started running. 

"Oh, I've missed this!" Ian laughed as he stood under the streaming water. The others agreed and soon they were all standing under the showers, which was placed in a line with a thin wall between each shower.

Feeling fresh and filled with new energy, they took cloth on and began looking at the weapons. Rick had taken a sheriff uniform on along with the sheriff hat.

Ian grabbed something that looked like a sniper (he wasn't a weapon expert and had no idea what each gun's name was) and tried to aim with it.

"Whoa dude!" Anthony exclaimed as he realized he was the one being aimed at.

Ian broke into a grin as he hung the sniper back on it's place. 

"Don't fool around guys. This isn't toys. If you aim at someone, you have to mean it," Rick said seriously as he handed a gun to Duane. Ian lowered his head, but didn't try to snap back or excuse himself. 

When they walked out of the department again and into the burning sun, Duane had a pistol, Ian and Rick had Colt's and Morgan and Anthony had rifles. They all went over to the parking lot, where the duty cars was parked. Rick gave Morgan a walkie-talkie.

"Check in daily at dawn. That way, we can meet up later," Rick said and handed Morgan keys to a car.

"You're going to Atlanta then?" Ian asked. 

"Yeah. Morgan told me there should be a refugee center and the CDC should be working on a cure there. My family might be there." 

"That's at least what they promised us in tv. Hopefully it's true," Anthony sighed and wiped his forehead.

Rick nodded and walked over to a car. He turned around and looked at them.

"Return the car when all this is over," Rick said, then added after a while: "Be careful."

"You too Rick," Ian smiled. "Hopefully you will find your family in Atlanta. This must stop soon." 

But as the two cars drove each ways, both Ian and Anthony had a weird feeling that the apocalypse had just begun. 


"So when are you two going to follow Rick?"

Ian quickly looked up from the old newspaper and Anthony turned away from the window to look at Morgan, who was sitting on one of the mattresses with Duane. The question came as a kick, in the middle of the story Morgan had been reading for Duane. The sun was still shining bright, and it was only a few hours since they broke up with Rick. 

Morgan looked at them with a serious impression.

"What do you mean?" Ian slowly laid the newspaper aside. "We aren't gonn-"

"Oh, c'mon Ian," Morgan laughed. "You two have been tripping around in silence since we left Rick. And you take turns to look out of the window. You've never done that before. You want to go help him, won't you?"

Ian looked at Anthony to get help, but he looked just as helpless. No help to get there. After all, it was true what Morgan said. They kept looking out of the window, just in case Rick suddenly showed up. Ian and Anthony had been living with Morgan and Duane in 2 weeks, without much excitement. But the meeting with Rick had suddenly brought something up in them, a lust to go out and see what happened outside.

"We like to stay here, but..." 

"It's just not you," Morgan stated when Ian went silent.

Anthony nodded in agreement.

"We owe you our lives, but we wanna see what's out there. In Atlanta. If it's safe..."

"I understand," Morgan agreed and laid a hand on Duane's head. "I've wanted to do the same. But I stay here for Duane. I think he will be more safe here."

"And I don't wanna leave our house," Duane added, looking curiously at Ian and Anthony. 

Before Ian or Anthony could say anything, Morgan nodded and took the word again.

"We'll pack some food to you. You can take the car and go tomorrow, if you want."

Anthony slowly shook his head. "Morgan, it's too much..."

"Listen, I don't want you to stay here if you don't want. Besides, it would make me happy to know, that Rick get help finding his family." 

Ian smiled. "Thank you Morgan."

"Don't mention it. We'll pack your things after I read the story for Duane. Well, where was we...?"


The first thing Ian saw when he opened his eyes was his best friend. Anthony was standing by the window and looking out. Ian glanced at the clock and cursed for himself. 05:47. How could Anthony be up that early?

Ian quickly found out why. As he tried to fall asleep again, thoughts about what would happen today came up. He felt a thrill down his spine. They didn't knew how it was out there. It could be better or worse. But the fact that the situation out there was unknown scared him.

He quickly came to the conclusion that he couldn't sleep anymore. 

Anthony quickly turned his head, when he heard steps behind him. But he was pleased to see it was just Ian. When Ian stood next to him, he looked out of the window again.

"Are you sure you wanna leave?" The question surprised Ian. He looked examining at Anthony, but couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Yes I am. I'm a bit scared, but I wanna go anyway. Aren't you sure?"

Anthony quickly nodded, as if he was scared that Ian would leave if he didn't answered fast.

"I wanna go! But I feel bad about leaving them..."

They both looked over at Morgan and Duane, who was sleeping on the mattresses. 

Suddenly Anthony felt a warm relaxing hand on his arm. When he turned his head, he was met by Ian's blue eyes and comforting smile. 

"They will be fine. Morgan is tough. Nothing is gonna face him. With him as guardian, Duane has nothing to fear."

"You're right," Anthony agreed, now smiling. Then he looked out of the window again. 
"I kinda wish I had a job like Rick before all this. It would be easier to survive, if we had learned how to shoot"

Ian let go of his arm with a laugh.

"What do you mean? Tough youtubers like us can easily survive!"

Anthony laughed at Ian's excitement. Ian had a ability to make Anthony laugh at the stupiditets things. He had always been able to make him laugh and that was one of the reasons they had been best friends in a lot of years.

"True. What are we even gonna do if we find Rick?" 

Ian sighed and leaned back against the boards.

"I don't know. Just follow I guess. I don't even really understand why I wanna find him. It's just, you know, the feeling of being out there helping others, instead of just thinking of being safe myself."

"I follow you." 

There was a short silence, before Anthony spoke again.

"You know Ian, it actually doesn't surprise me that you wanna help him. You're such a kind and helpful person. And," Anthony quickly added, when Ian began to protest, "I know your badass-attitude towards Rick was a role. If he had attacked that day we met him, you wouldn't had shot him."

Ian seemed like he wanted to protest, but gave up.

"It's.... it's true ok. I'm no killer. Not like you."

"Like me?" Anthony tilted his head back and laughed incredulously. "I'm not more killer than you. I'm just better to hide my kind side than you. C'mon, you know me, Ian!" 

Ian joined his laughing.

"Yeah I do. Do you remember that day 5 years ago, when we was 20 and still lived together? The day with the bird?"

"Haha, yeah... I thought it was -haha- dead, because it hit th-the window," Anthony stuttered in between laughs. 

"Yeah. You sat with it in a half hour and kept shouting to me to call Falck," Ian laughed and wiped away tears.

"And it showed up, that the bird was alive after all."

"And when it woke up, it bit you, haha!"

That was how Morgan found them, when he woke up. Two men laughing hysterically over such a little stupid story. But yet, it gave them the power and excitement to begin their journey an hour later, when they stepped out of the house with each their package. 

That was the kind of friendship they had. In one moment they could be snapping at each other and the next they could be laughing their asses off because of some stupid things. Anthony was the type of guy, who was good at hiding his shy and nervous personality behind an easy and funny attitude. 

His nervous side caused that he would like to stay out if any discussion. Ian, though, was the funny and extremely kind person, that wouldn't harm a fly. Yet he had an ability to turn angry in a second if someone offended any of his friends. 

But his angry side was mostly a mask, 'cause Ian was all too kind to hurt anyone. 

The two friends shared a weird sense of humor and it was that, that had made them best friends since 6. grade. They had stayed together ever since. They had lived together, started a youtube carrier together and understood each other in a way very few people understood. In an age of 23 Anthony had moved out though. That had putted a distance between Ian and Anthony, even though that when they met, it felt like they had never been separated. They kept their friendship, even though it wasn't as strong as before. The irony was, that it was a zombie apocalypse that brought them together again.

As they now walked towards the car, Ian waved to Morgan and Duane.

"Goodbye!" Anthony shouted. "We will see you again, when it's all over, ok? The military might do something against it soon"

Morgan nodded, but didn't answer. He watched as Ian and Anthony entered the car and began driving away.

It was first when they were out of sight, that he walked inside with a sigh and locked the door. 


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