Nothing should be too hard to achieve in life, right? Just think about the many possibilities that could happen. I never knew that just me being me would get me somewhere.


1. Prologue

Well one day I'm smiling, then the next I'm crying. I never know what will happen to me, although it's my body and I have the controls. At least that's the way it should be. I live in a small town near Georgia, yes, that's right. I live in America. Don't even try and think about judging my Welsh accent. As soon as I was legally allowed to move out on my own, I grabbed the opportunity. I moved from Wales and its terrible memories for the better. I had gathered just enough money from working after school to fly to America and rent an apartment. I had always dreamed of going to Australia, though. I know, most people dream of going to Paris blah, blah, blah. I've always been weird, though. As a little kid I would play with the radio instead of toys. I blasted it up to full volume and I would always annoy the other kids. But now I'm free, free as a bird and no-one can stop me now. As, back at the care home whenever I tried something new the carers would always shout at me. I'd just sit there pretending to not care, while inside I was hurting so much I felt my heart break and droop. Whereas, I've had my days where luck has been on my side. Like once at a Christmas party I decided that I would wander off and explore the huge house. Instead, I found the kitchen and I knew I was home. My mouth drooled over all of the exotic foods and my heart skipped a beat. Obviously, stuffing my mouth full of cake and barbeque sauce crisps. At that point in my life, I knew a lot of the rules like, 'Don't cross the road without holding mummy's hand!' and 'Always stop at the red light!' but I also knew how to fend for myself. Stealing and begging isn't a good start to any child's life but it was mine. Now look where I am! I've moved from Wales to America, I'm nineteen years old, and I'm Kelsey Fenderson.

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