Nothing should be too hard to achieve in life, right? Just think about the many possibilities that could happen. I never knew that just me being me would get me somewhere.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One

I know about zero

Magda was my best friend for almost ever! We met at preschool and from then on lived together in the home. We were both stuck there for eighteen years. Magda was Irish and when we decided to go our separate ways I cried for so long. She went to Ireland, of course, she wanted to breathe in the scent of Mullingar once again, as she hadn't done it for eighteen years. She's so pretty I'm jealous of it. Her perfectly bleached hair with brunette roots hanging way past her shoulders, the flowery scent you'd sniff every time she came close. I just giggled at the way she would spend hours arguing to herself about what to wear for the day and how much effort she put into her appearance. Her funny laugh always sent me laughing with her, and how cute she looked, all the time. Guys were always looking her up and down, I'm not sure if that was a good thing but she did get a lot of attention. She's always liked that. I know I sound like I'm in love with her but she's my idol. You should always look at your best friend in that special way that means something between you. It meant a lot for me to have her giggling there every time I got up, for no reason really. Probably the funniest wake up call you could get. But now she's gone. When you have an opportunity, grab it. Always keep those little treasures with you. As you never know when it will go. Me? Now you're asking for my appearance? Pft. In your dreams. Really? Really wanna know? You're too foolish to think that I would be pretty like Magda, but here goes. I'm five foot six, I have light brown hair, the kind of shade like my favorite chocolate, milk chocolate, and hazel eyes that I've never liked. I have a parade of freckles across my nose and cheeks, which look ugly as hell, and a slight tan because of the lovely weather here in America. There. There's your ugly witch. I'm from Wales, born and raised, and I have a thick Welsh accent that people often giggle at. Magda, on the other hand, has a slight Irish accent that sounds adorable. All I know about Magda is that she has a twin brother and that she had a mum and dad, but they are now both missing. I don't know much about her brother but what I do know is that he looks exactly like Magda, blonde hair, blue eyes, and an Irish accent, except his is a thick one. That's basically all I know about Magda's family. As a fact, I know more about my friend's family than I do about mine. And about mine I know zero. Just scary memories of being thrown on the floor not being wanted. Magda's parents were just doing the right thing as they were only teenagers themselves at the time. I don't know Magda's last name or her brother's first name, but all I know is that they have a very special bond.


I live in a small flat, rented of course, I have just gotten a job recently, at Victoria's Secret. It's not the best place to work because all the special items just make my mind burst but it's all I could find. Plus, it pays pretty well for just working a cash machine. I have just enough money to pay the rent and keep food in my fridge each month, but I have no extras, as I always save a quarter of the money for emergency money. I'm a pretty sensible teen, for now. I know I should be out partying but to be honest, I couldn't afford it. I'm hoping for a promotion or what not because I do need a little extra cash and I could use the emergency money but it would just be wrong. So I work extra hard for now. It really doesn't help being surrounded by sexy underwear while trying to wrap up some of it, but you know, in life you can't always get what you want. So I have decided that I want to find a different job, I've been searching online for about two and a half hours now but I still find nothing. Maybe I should just try another day? But a big purple heading catches my eye as I scroll down the job-infested page. I click on it and up comes a manager job because some new band called One Direction need one. I thought for a moment, considering if I had the skills to manage a band. Eh, why not? I applied for the job while humming a tune in my head. I clicked send and chuckled to myself.

"Oh you're already making up tunes for them!" I spoke to myself while continuing humming.

I walked around my apartment not sure what to do, suddenly my mouth opens and words come out to the beat of my new song.

"Maybe it's the way she walked WOW straight into my heart and stole it.
Through the doors and past the guards WOW, just like she already owned it.

I said, "Can you give it back to me?" She said, "Never in your wildest dreams."

And we danced all night to the best song ever.
We knew every line. Now I can't remember
How it goes but I know that I won't forget her
'Cause we danced all night to the best song ever.

I think it went oh, oh, oh
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah
I think it goes oh... Those guys are gonna be lucky to have me as their manager!" I chuckled.

"If I get the job..." I stopped laughing.

"Plus I'm only nineteen, what will happen if they're older than me? Oops." I spoke to myself.

I drank some soup and then decided to just go to bed to get my mind off things.

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