Kraken of the Reef

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3. Decisions

         As the trail of blood began to dissipate, Kaito emerged from his hiding place. Yasuhiko and Nami followed closely behind in the silence. The sun was gone now, below the shores, so only the glow of the bobtail squid and the bioluminescent coral kept them company.
         “Hello?” Kaito called, grasping his sister’s arms much like a young child trying to not lose track of their siblings. He looked at Yasuhiko, a worried expression in his eyes.
         Nami pointed toward the cave where three of their siblings emerged, clinging to each other just like Kaito was to his sisters.
         “Hello?” came a reply.
         “Remain there,” Kaito said, pulling Yasuhiko and Nami along. “We will come to you.”
         Soon the six young octopus were gathered in the cave their mother once protected them in. They wrapped their arms together in a tangle of security. The three introduced themselves as Izumi, Katsu, and Takeshi, names that suited their survival.
         “So this is all that remains of our once big family?” Izumi asked, her voice cracking.
         “How were they able to locate our hidden home?” Katsu asked.
         Nami averted her eyes, too ashamed to speak. When their eyes began to rest on her, she began to sob. But finally, she choked out a few words.
         “It is I to blame,” she said between her tears. “I lead them to this place because they said they were good.”
         A gasp rolled through those present. Izumi had to back away and cover her eyes from the shock, tears rolling down her cheeks.
         “So, it is all your fault!” Takeshi blurted out, pulling away from the group. He pointed an arm at his sister, anger filling his eyes. “It is you that has taken everything from us! We should feed you to the sharks and otters!”
         Katsu, too, was too devastated to speak, but Yasuhiko stepped in when the silence became too rough.
         “Now is not the time to pass blame,” she explained. “What has happened is the past, and while we must mourn those lost, it is for us to survive. Mother protected us so we may do so, and if we do not do our best, her efforts will have been in vain.”
         Takeshi was not convinced. His face was red with anger and his eyes began to mist over. Izumi and Katsu clung to each other, wracked with sobs.
         “We must stay together,” Kaito said quietly, pulling Nami, Katsu, and Izumi to him. He held them close, making a soft purring sound to assure them they were safe. Takeshi just glared at him.
         “I am sorry beyond anything I can every say,” Nami choked, unable to look at her siblings. Yasuhiko attached herself to Nami in an effort to comfort her, but the smallest of them - Nami - would not be consoled.
         “We must push on,” Kaito said, finally letting his tears flow. “There is nothing more to do.”
         “Then what do you suggest that we do, fearless leader?” Takeshi said sarcastically.
Ignoring the sarcasm and anger in his brother’s voice, he continued. “We must rest. Tomorrow we begin a new life, and we must depend on each other if we are to live as Mother wanted.”

         The six of them slept that night, tangled together. Even Takeshi recognized the need to stay close, despite his anger toward Nami. As the sun began to shine through the reef’s waters, they began to stir.
         Kaito shook his head, jarring the others awake. Yasuhiko yawned and drifted about the cave for a bit to wake herself up. As the others slowly became aware of their surroundings, the events of yesterday rushed back to them. Nami found herself weeping all over again, and Izumi came over to console her. Takeshi just watched, an angry look in his eyes.
         “Come. Let us find sustenance,” Kaito said, taking the lead. Izumi, Katsu, and Takeshi followed his suggestion and went out to collect minnows from the reef. Kaito watched them go, but turned to see Nami and Yasuhiko clinging to each other, the smaller of the two sobbing.
         “Sisters,” Kaito said gently, approaching them. “I know what has happened is hard, but it is not your fault.”
         Nami looked up, tears filling her eyes. “How is it not my fault? I led them here!”
         “You did not know they would do harm to us,” he explained, putting an arm on her head. “Mother sacrificed herself so that we may live on.”
         “Kaito is right, Nami,” Yasuhiko said with a nod. “We must live on. If we do not, what Mother has done is for nothing.”
         Nami looked at her sister, her eyes begging for forgiveness, and Yasuhiko understood.
         “You are my sister,” she said. “I love you, and I forgive you.”
         Kaito smiled and patted both of his sister’s heads. “We must eat so that we can be strong. I will become the strongest and protect you, my sisters, so that no sea otters will ever hurt you again.”
         “Do you promise?” Yasuhiko said with a smile.
         “Yes, I promise. I will become a great octopus like the Kraken and protect the reef.”
         “But the Kraken is not real,” Nami protested.
         “Then I will become one and make it real!” Kaito declared. The two girls giggled, which made Kaito smile. “Now let us eat, so we can all become the Kraken and protect the reef and each other.”
         Now feeling much better, the three siblings left the cave to join the other three. They chased minnows around and ate their fill. When their bellies were full, the gathered in the clearing in front of the cave.
         “Now,” Kaito said, as they drew closer. “We must decide what we are to do now. I do not think it is safe to remain here.”
         “Yes, I agree. We must seek better shelter,” Izumi said with a nod.
         “But we do not know of any other place,” Yasuhiko pointed out.
         “I would not like to stay here,” Takeshi said, crossing his arms. Though he would not say, they could all tell he didn’t want to be around Nami anymore.
         “I agree,” Katsu said. “I think we should travel to another place to live.”
         “But where will we go?” Nami asked.
         “I do not know about you, but I will go far away from here,” Takeshi insisted.
         “I will not let you go alone,” Katsu responded with a frown. Izumi said nothing, but her eyes said that she agreed. She, too, was scared of the otters.
         “It is decided then,” Kaito said with a soft sigh. “Izumi, Katsu, and Takeshi will find another home. We shall remain here until we are older to protect the cave.”
         “Do you think it is safe to stay here?” Nami asked, turning to her brother.
         “I think this is the safest place for us right now,” he replied, putting an arm on her head.
         “Then it is settled,” Takeshi snapped. “We will leave right now.”
         “Right now?” Katsu echoed, his voice laced with concern. “We will not even stay the night?”
         “I do not wish to remain here. If you do not desire to follow, then do not,” he said with finality. And with that, he began to propel himself away from the cave.
         Katsu followed, if reluctantly, but Izumi remained for a moment.
         “I will see you again, brother. And you, too, my sisters. Remain well, and someday I will find my way back to this place of our birth.”
         Kaito felt his eyes grow damp and he watched his siblings go. But if he were to protect them, even from far away, he would truley need to become the Kraken of legend. And that, he decided, he would.

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