Miranda is in a orphanage the adoption lady loves her to peices but then 4 boys came whats going to happen to Miranda will she go or stay


1. the adoption

    Mirandas pov:

 I was siting in my room with Nicole I love her shes better she says I can call her mom and she will buy me stuff I love all of the stuff I get.  Then Nicole came in with depressing news that 4 boys came to adopt me I was happy but sad I didn't want to leave Nicole.  I packed my things and hugged Nicole she told me to be good like I was for her these boys are sweet and you love them anyways I nodded ok.

     Lukes pov: 

   I'm so excited to get our new daughter I am the father we all agreed on this.  Nicole brought her down she was beautiful I was happy to adopt a girl that was as beautiful as her  she was surprised when she saw us she hugged Nicole one more time then ran to me and said daddy she was roughly 7 years old I am so happy she likes us to because we love her already. 

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