1D Oneshots

I know there's heaps of these floating around but I wanted to have a place to put all the one-shots and ideas I'm not using elsewhere. I will occasionally be taking submissions- 4 or 5 at a time- so keep checking this description to see if they're open or closed. SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Sorry guys, I have a few on the backburner & life will be busy the next couple weeks, I just won't have time.


3. Prize - Niall



The gym’s air conditioning was on full blast, which was a brilliant change from the snowy weather outside. Blowing on my fingers and stomping my feet, I slowly started to thaw out before heading to the check-in desk, my bag bumping against my hip with every step.

“Morning, Irish,” Jenny called from the desk, waving me over to scan my membership. “You in the rink or the ring?”

“Rink, please,” I replied, as she typed in my location. This was a pretty big complex, had all the latest attractions- a rock climbing wall in one room, Olympic swimming pools, boxing rings and- my personal favourite- an indoor skate park called the Rink. It was perfect for the winters when the concrete outside froze solid and riding anywhere became a giant pain in the neck.

I made it to my locker, A17, and opened it to leave my stuff and grabbed a hairbrush, quickly slinging my red hair up into a messy ponytail and sliding on a snapback- backwards- to help keep it in place. That, and I loved the hats almost more than I loved my Converse. Note; almost. Shedding my winter coat and my boots, I quickly changed into something looser and more comfortable before slamming the door shut and heading towards the Rink.

I was a boxer, too, but I liked to alternate my workouts from week to week. Last week I’d been beating up Alex, the boxing coach, and this week I was looking forward to giving my legs more of a workout- and to master the kick-flip I’d been struggling with lately. There was a skating competition in a few weeks with a cash prize; I wanted to win so badly.

“Psst, Irish!”

I stopped short, gazing around to find the source of my name; Trix, the aerobics instructor who had an office above the Rink, beckoned me to her door. “What’s up?” I asked, leaning against the door and leaning my board against me.

Trix grinned. “I heard there’s gonna be a celebrity guest at the comp next month,” she revealed. Being on the staff, she heard news like this before anyone else and because I’d been a regular here since I was fourteen, before it became the biggest gym in the county, the staff all knew me and often treated me like one of the crew.

“Do we know who, yet?” I asked, a little excited and hoping for Tony Hawke or something epic like that.

“Niall Horan, apparently,” Trix replied, and I felt my heart skip a beat.

Niall Horan? As in… the singer?

I scoffed. “I don’t think he even skates,” I tossed my head as Trix shrugged at me, returning to her paperwork as I headed on for the Rink. Inwardly, though, I couldn’t be more excited. Niall freaking Horan! Now I absolutely had to enter that competition!

My head was so full of loud thoughts that I didn’t notice I wasn’t alone until I was in the bowl, absently skating through and running up the opposite side, not having enough speed to roll up. As I vaulted up over the edge, I nearly ran head-long into another person, who laughed as he caught me.

“Careful, tiger!”

Looking up, I glared at the guy who was grinning at me behind glasses and a snapback. “Whatever,” I muttered, turning to get away before my brain kicked in and I whirled around. He was walking away, his back to me, and he took off his hat to run a hand through his hair. Blonde hair, with brown roots showing through. My gaze ran the length of him as my stomach dropped. I knew that voice, that hair, that- well, all of him.

That was Niall Horan.

Niall Horan was in the Rink. With me. Alone. And I’d just blown him off.


Shrugging it off, I tried to walk away again but a sneaky idea entered my head and I started to grin, then snicker to myself. Niall was entering the competition in a few weeks, right? So why not give him a taste of what he’s up against? I turned again and caught him watching me, smirking from the top of the half-pipe, and I placed my hands on my hips as I stood on my board.

I didn’t take my eyes off him as I started to roll towards the edge of the bowl; when his expression turned concerned, I laughed and turned just in time to control the angle of my descent, and then I really started showing off. Through the adrenaline and blood rushing in my ears, I could hear laughter; a blur of blonde hair and blue polo shirts brushed by me as Niall joined me in the bowl. From the moment I realised he’d cut me off, the challenge was on.

We didn’t say a word but we were battling for supremacy, though it was probably the most friendly battle I’d ever been in. Niall even cheered and called out ‘awesome!’ when I pulled off a San Fransisco flip.

Grinning and panting heavily, I made my way to the top of the half-pipe and waited as he hurried to join me, sitting with his feet hanging over the edge.

“I’m Niall,” he introduced himself.

“I’m Irish,” I replied as his eyebrow rose. “It’s my name, honestly!”

He laughed and nudged me over. “Nice to meet you, Irish. You were pretty good out there.”

“You weren’t bad yourself,” I said, trying not to sound as surprised as I was. I didn’t know he could skate as well as he did, and suddenly understood completely why he was entering the competition. He’d do very well if I was any judge of skill, or I’ll eat my snapback.

“So,” Niall breathed out, leaning back on his arms. “Wanna get a coffee or something?”

I bit my lip, seriously considering the offer for half a second before I shook my head and inwardly giggled at the disappointment on his face. “Tell you what- you win that competition and I’ll let you buy me dinner.”

“Can I at least have your number?!” he shouted after me, as I dropped in and skated away to the sound of his laughter. At the door, I turned around to wave and he stood up to bow; before he stood up again, I was gone.


“And the winner of the under-21 male category is… Niall Horan!”

The announcement boomed across the Rink and I saw a blonde boy with brown roots shoot up from his spot, cheering loudly. I clapped for him too, pleased despite myself, and picked up my bag to leave. The end of my own trophy poked out of the zip and I grinned at it proudly; it’d take pride of place in my room. As I skated for the door, someone appeared in front of me and blocked me off.

“Careful, tiger,” Niall grinned at me, holding up his trophy. “I believe you owe me dinner.”

 Tilting my head, I looked him up and down and gave nothing away until he actually started to bounce on the balls of his feet. I’d never have picked him for the nervous type but he certainly looked that way the longer I stayed quiet. Smirking at him, I handed over a piece of paper with my number and address on it. “I’ll be ready by seven. And just so you know, I like Nando’s,” I winked and turned to walk away again, inwardly screaming with excitement.

Niall caught my arm and half-turned me back. “It’s kind of funny, Irish, because I’m holding this trophy but can’t help thinking the real prize is you.”

He left with a wink and a grin that sent my stomach into a quivering mess. Oh, I couldn’t wait for tonight.

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