1D Oneshots

I know there's heaps of these floating around but I wanted to have a place to put all the one-shots and ideas I'm not using elsewhere. I will occasionally be taking submissions- 4 or 5 at a time- so keep checking this description to see if they're open or closed. SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Sorry guys, I have a few on the backburner & life will be busy the next couple weeks, I just won't have time.


2. Dare - Louis



We sat in a circle, either on the floor or the sofas. The food was long gone now and, because we were all fairly shattered after the charity gala, we’d opted for a quiet night in. Which involved a few Truth or Dare games- we’d given that up when Niall nearly made himself sick eating too much (yes, you read that right)-  and Spin the Bottle had been outlawed years ago. Well, months. I haven’t known them that long.

So, because we’d never done it before and because someone- Louis- thought it was a good idea, we were playing Seven Minutes. You know that game where you and a random stranger get locked in a wardrobe for seven minutes? Yeah, that one. Except we’d be locked in a bedroom and none of us were strangers. I’d met the boys on my first day as a trainee stylist and what had started in disaster, on my part, blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

Fast forward nine months and here we are, one big happy family. Danielle and Perrie had made the time to come over, which I adored, because although I loved the boys… the testosterone was a bit much. It was a little bit awkward to be the only single girl in the room, especially in a room with the boy I’d been quietly crushing on for the better part of a year.

I’d kept my mouth shut for two reasons. Well, technically three.

One; when we met, he had a girlfriend, and they seemed like an invincible team.

Two; once that invincible team had disintegrated, he wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t want to be the rebound.

Three; I’m too damned shy anyway.

Who is it, you ask?

Well… it’s Louis… yeah, I know. I don’t know what went wrong between him and Eleanor, but things had gone downhill and I’d watched from the sidelines as his relationship crumbled. He seemed to be getting better these days though, and for the last few months I hadn’t seen any sadness in his eyes while he sat in my chair and let me paint his face. He’d started laughing and joking again, had returned to the bubbly, bouncy Louis I knew and… well, loved.

“Your turn, then,” Liam nodded to me, returning from the bedroom with Danielle. They’d rigged the system, I swear they had- Zayn and Perrie too, because they’d ended up together also. I shuffled forward off the sofa, smiling nervously, and let Harry tie a blindfold around my head. He tugged a little too hard and I hissed through my teeth as my hair was pinched.

“Sorry,” he murmured, sounding genuine enough for me to wave him off. I was a girl; a little hair-pulling was nothing. I heard a chuckle go around the room and realised I’d spoken aloud. Of course I had. No brain-to-mouth filter, me, and it often got me in trouble. “Can you see me?” Harry asked, and I felt a breeze waft by my face.

“If you’re waving your naked backside in my face…” I grumbled good-naturedly, trailing off and letting a tone of warning enter my voice. Harry giggled and pinched my cheek; his hands had gone before I could swat them.

I heard the box of items to choose rattle as someone brought it closer and set it on my lap. We had to reach in through a hole in the top and grab the first thing we touched; I knew, just knew, that Liam and Zayn had put theirs on top so their girlfriends would choose them. My breath wavered a little as I brushed my hand along the top of the box, finding the hole. My fingers danced nervously and someone coughed- Niall, I think.

Reaching in, I picked up something long, fluffy and squashy. Pulling the blindfold off, I realised it was a soft-toy carrot. I rolled my eyes, my gaze travelling around the room to land on the only person this could possibly belong to. Louis beamed at me as he bounded over and grabbed my hands, pulling me up and onto my feet. The box spilled to the floor behind us.

For a moment I wondered if Louis had rigged the system too, to make sure it was him and I in the bedroom, but as quickly as the thought arose I banished it. He wouldn’t do that; he had no reason to. He was Louis Tomlinson, and I was just me. Just Lou’s assistant. Nothing special.

“Seven minutes, are you ready?” Perrie and Danielle chorused, sharing equal looks of evil and amusement. All of a sudden, it clicked in my mind and I wanted so desperately to say something, but with Louis right there, there was nothing I could do but glare. This only seemed to amuse them further as they giggled and pushed me and Louis towards the bedroom.

“Go get ‘em, tiger!” Harry shouted, and I giggled as Louis rolled his eyes. Was he blushing? Surely not. Must be a trick of the light.

A chorus of wolf-whistles and various suggestive comments followed us until Louis shut the door behind us, remaining facing it for a moment as I awkwardly sat on the end of his bed. I’d never been in his room before, not like this. I’d only ever poked my head in, or stood in the doorway with someone else. I didn’t realise just how interesting his carpet was until that moment.

“So,” Louis huffed, and I looked up to realise he was looking straight at me. I shrugged lightly, feeling my cheeks and ears start to heat up. Louis gave a little chuckle and sat beside me on the bed, close enough so our knees were touching. He bounced his lightly. “Sorry, Laura,” he said quietly. “I’m not good- I mean, I’m not usually into- and after Eleanor-”

I winced and he must have caught it. I hated that I was so transparent around him but I couldn’t help it. “It’s okay,” I managed to croak out, trying to hide how uncomfortable I felt. “We can just… talk?”

Louis’ face fell and I wondered why. I gazed back at my hands and played with the bracelet on my wrist. It had been a gift from Louis for my birthday last month; a thin silver chain with a little purple butterfly. “I don’t want to talk,” Louis said suddenly. I jumped, looking up at him in surprise.

“Then what?” I asked, a little snappy. “We sit here in awkward silence? Or we go back out there?”

Louis said nothing and I sighed, shaking my head as I stood to go. I wasn’t going to sit around for seven minutes in strained silence. There was something on his mind, I could tell, but if he didn’t want to talk about it there was nothing I could do. “Laura,” Louis said sharply, stopping me just a step away from the door. A hand wrapped around my wrist and turned me around, the space between us decreasing until Louis engulfed me in a hug. He was so much taller than I was, his hugs were always overwhelming and warm. “I don’t want to talk, because I don’t know what to say,” he murmured, lips against the top of my head. “I don’t know how to tell you that you’ve been on my mind for weeks. I don’t know how to say that you’re driving me crazy, that I can’t think of anything but you. I can’t find the words to explain how or why or when… but somewhere along the way, I fell in love with you, Laura…”

I froze in his arms, still holding him close. I could feel his heart racing against my ear and his arms tightened around me, as if begging me not to go. I felt him press a kiss to the top of my head and thought back over the last few months, to the earliest memory I had of ‘pre-break-up Louis’. Every moment between us from then until right now played in my mind and I held my breath; it couldn’t be true, could it? Louis couldn’t be… in love… with me…

“Say something,” he murmured, his voice strained and tight. I heard his breath hitch as I pulled away to look him in the eye, disbelief written all over my face.

“You…” was all I could manage. Louis nodded and the smile that broke across my face seemed to be all the reply he needed to lean down and nudge my nose out of the way with his own, before his lips brushed over mine, hesitating as if silently asking if it was okay. “Louis…” I whispered, eyes half closed. “I love you too…”

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