1D Oneshots

I know there's heaps of these floating around but I wanted to have a place to put all the one-shots and ideas I'm not using elsewhere. I will occasionally be taking submissions- 4 or 5 at a time- so keep checking this description to see if they're open or closed. SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Sorry guys, I have a few on the backburner & life will be busy the next couple weeks, I just won't have time.


4. Confession - Harry



“God, you weigh a lot.”

“Oh, shut your face.”

Oh, Love Actually… I sighed happily, silly grin on my face as I mouthed the dialogue and mumbled the song that was playing. I loved this movie more than words could describe- it combined three things I loved. Christmas, romance, and Alan Rickman. Around me, the room was silent and I almost thought Harry had fallen asleep; I glanced over to find him dabbing his eyes with his sleeve. He hid his face behind the popcorn bowl when he caught me looking and I had to laugh at him- he’d always been such a softie for this movie, no matter how many times we’d watched it together.

Poking his shoulder, I pulled the bowl away to grin at him. “Want a tissue?”

“Shut your face,” he laughed back at me, only teasing in the words. The bowl was moved to the coffee table and he patted the space beside him, which I had neglected to take while food was in offer. Shuffling over, I felt my cheeks redden when Harry pulled me close and adjusted the blankets over us both. “Comfy?” he asked, reaching for the remote to start The Notebook.

He had the best taste in movies for a night in, especially after we’d both had long, hard weeks at work. He’d been so busy travelling the country on a promotional tour for One Direction’s movie and I’d been stuck at Modest Management headquarters helping organise their Where We Are tour next year. Becoming a tour production assistant for Modest was both a blessing and a curse; blessing, because I obviously had made a best friend in Harry, but a curse because it was bloody hard work. This was perfect for me actually, because I don’t think I’d be comfortable going out clubbing or generally being in the public eye. I was far too shy- and a little bit awkward- for anything like that. I’m well suited to being behind the scenes.

Still, the pros far outweighed the cons. How many nineteen-year-old girls got the opportunity to curl up on a couch with Harry and watch chick-flicks all night? I was very aware that half the world would kill to be in my shoes, even if it was just a friendly thing we did. He’d been a mega-famous superstar and I’d been the shy TPA when we’d met; I had expected him to ignore me like most of the other celebrities we had in the office, but he’d proven me wrong by not only saying hello, but asking- and remembering- my name. Fast forward two years, and here we are. Best friends.

Oh, how that word hurt. ‘Friends’. In my eyes, Harry was everything I could ever want in a prospective boyfriend… it was just a shame that he obviously didn’t feel the same way. Why would he? He could have any girl he wanted. Sure we did this- cuddle and watch movies, text and call all the time- but that’s what friends do, right? And Harry was like that with everyone. It’s not like he had any ulterior motive, and it was just coincidence that Louis was always out on movie night.

“Noel,” Harry muttered, bumping his nose against my forehead. “Stop thinking so loud, would you? I can’t concentrate.”

I giggled and rolled my eyes, pushing my glasses up on my nose. “Sorry, not sorry,” I teased, trying to focus on the movie but my thoughts were so loud I could barely focus on breathing let alone on a movie.

Ten minutes crawled by and I was almost absorbed in the screen when Harry’s hand rested on my shoulder, beneath the blanket, and he awkwardly shuffled me closer. I thought he might actually be asleep this time and looked up, finding his smoky green eyes far too close to my pale blue ones. At the same time, we seemed to snap to attention and he jerked his head back as I sat up, coughing to clear the air. Since when had it become so warm in here?

I fiddled with my brownish-black hair to give myself something to do; I was more aware of Harry beside me than ever before. I could feel his body heat in the space between us and his hand was innocently resting palm-up between his thigh and mine. Building up the courage I never thought I’d have, I tried to casually drop my hand next to it, to see what he’d do. I expected him to move… but he laced our fingers and squeezed lightly, tugging me back to lean against him.

“That’s better, Noel,” he mumbled. I could feel the words vibrating in his chest and I shivered. “You cold?”

I nodded, not wanting to confess the real reason, and thanked him when he pulled the blankets up and tucked me in against him.

“I’ve missed this,” Harry said whimsically, some half an hour later. I hadn’t heard a word of the movie and was half asleep listening to his heartbeat, feeling his fingers brush gently up and down my arm. “I’ve missed you, too,” he added. I didn’t dare move, in case he was thinking I was asleep and was confident because of it. “God, Noel, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you… the way you mouth the words to movies, and sing to the soundtrack… I’ve missed hearing your voice even though you think you’re being quiet.”

He broke off, laughing to himself, and I took the chance to move and sit up. I couldn’t listen to him talk about me like this and not say something back; I’d never heard Harry’s voice so soft, so warm, before, and it had me both worried and nervous to the quick of my bones. “Haz…” I mumbled, and the guilty look he sent my way said he hadn’t known I was awake.

Taking a deep breath, he switched off the television, leaving us in near complete darkness. Only the light from the kitchen shone in the room, shining on half his face. The dramatic angle made him look twice as handsome and I swallowed thickly, not sure if I should run as far as I could or not move a muscle. “You heard all that then?” Harry asked, sounding resigned.

“Yeah,” I replied in a whisper, not meeting his gaze.

“Then I should probably keep going,” Harry mumbled, tilting my face up to meet my gaze. His fingers traced my jaw and threaded in my hair, brushing through gently as he smiled. “You’re brilliant you are,” he muttered, as I said nothing, spellbound and sure I was dreaming. I’d dreamed of something like this before, of Harry confessing that he secretly… well, liked me, but I’d never entertained the idea that it might be true. And the way this conversation was going…

“I’m not, really,” I mumbled, shrugging and unable to look away.

Harry actually looked a little hurt on my behalf and he cupped my face tenderly; “Absolutely, Noel. You’re so funny, and I love how you’re always playing with your glasses or your hair and the way you sometimes muddle up your words… s’pose what I’m trying to say is that I... am in love with you.”

He leaned in closer, his voice fading so I had to lean in to hear him too. His eyes were all I could see, I could count his eyelashes if I chose to; his nose bumped the bottom edge of my glasses and my eyes forced themselves closed, unable to handle the closeness though I wanted to see every single thing that happened.

My mother used to tell me that some things needed to be felt rather than seen.

When Harry finally kissed me, I finally knew what she meant.

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