The Last Time

Olivia Santos moves to a small town to live with her father after her mother was murdered. He has a new family now, and Olivia hates him for getting to start again. After a while she needs to escape, and this is how she finds herself at the tree.
The beautiful tree, with the beautiful river, and after a while the beautiful boy.
But when Olivia's father starts acting weird, and his new wife starts sharing her secrets, and then Olivia is kidnapped, things go a little loopy.
Who is Olivia's dad, really?
What does he want from Olivia?


3. Starting over

“This shall be your room,” says dad, whilst opening the door for me. I walk in finding myself in a large room with one window. A double bed was in the middle of the room, and a wooden desk was in the corner. The room smelled of air freshener. This made me gag. I hate smells that aren’t natural.

“Anything you need?” Dad asks.

“Nope. Fine thanks.” I smile.

“Anyway, you can unpack now, but in 20 minutes I want you to come and meet the rest of the family.”

The rest of the family? How many was there? Was there a wife and kids? Or was my dad a creepy guy who liked cats? My thoughts were cut off by a little girl, around the age of 3, running into my room. She stopped and looked up as she saw me.

“Daddy!” She cried. “DADDYYYY!”

I was shocked. Somehow, I was very shocked. The little girl was beautiful. She had pretty light blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. But this wasn’t what shocked me…

The thing that shocked me was she was my little sister. I have ALWAYS wanted a little sister.

I knelt down and patted her head, saying “it’s okay, My names Olivia. I am your sister.”

She stopped crying instantly and looked at me, “I am Lucy,” she said.

I picked her up and tickled her nose saying “And I like you already,” when we were interrupted. A women about the age of 35 poked her head around the door and looked at Lucy.

“Come on, Luc.”

Lucy Looked at me once more before squirming so I would let her down. She ran out the door and towards the women. Who I suppose was Lucy’s mother.

And my dad’s wife.

I put my bag onto the bed and started unpacking my stuff. I spent the next 10 minutes putting clothes in closets and drawers, my possessions on tables, and laptop on desk. I was getting down to the last few things when I found it.

It was a photo of my mother and I a few weeks before she died. We were at a friend’s party and she was wearing her favourite dress. I saw her smiling and I saw me laughing because I vaguely remember the cameraman pulling funny faces at me.

I lay down on the bed with the photo. This was the only one I had of her. The rest were taken when the police cleaned the house out.

I smile at the memories of her. She was amazing, my inspiration. I remember when she was so happy. Laughing at everything. She had the best personality.

But I couldn’t help but wonder WHY dad left her? She was so happy. They loved each other. He needed her like she needed him. I suddenly felt this weird hatred towards my father.

How dare he leave mum? How dare he leave ME? How dare he get the chance to start again? I was starting to get extremely angry. I threw the photo on the bed and noticed I had started to cry. I sat on the ground and sobbed until there were no tears left. I could have sat like that for ages until I hear a voice (it sounded like dads) yell to me from the kitchen.

I stand up and wipe my face. Then I walk down the stairs silently.

I walked into the kitchen to find 3 people already sitting at the table. I saw a chair next to Lucy which I sat in. I smiled politely at my dad’s wife, who said, “My names Grace.”

“My name’s Olivia,” I answered.

“I know.” She smiled.

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what to say. If this was her type of conversation she had with people, than I’m cool with that.

We ate in silence. Well, actually, I did. I didn’t say one word the whole time. But my Dad, Grace and Lucy were chatting away, not even noticing I was there. I felt kind of sad actually, because usually I am used to eating alone with mum.  We would have the best conversations ever.

I look at my food and notice things are blurry. ‘damn it’ I think. I must have tears in my eyes!

I quickly wipe them so no one notices but I am too late.

“You okay, Love?” Grace asks. She is looking at me with concern, which makes me feel ashamed.

“No, I’m fine.” I reply.

“here,” she says, whilst standing up, “Ill get some tissues for you.”

And that’s when I notice something. Grace seems a little… Overweight. You know, she has quite a big stomach. My dad can obviously see my facial expression because he says, “Yes, Olivia. We are expecting our second child.”

He doesn’t even get to finish his sentence before I have pushed my chair over and kicked him hard, right there on the shins.

Then I run.

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