The Last Time

Olivia Santos moves to a small town to live with her father after her mother was murdered. He has a new family now, and Olivia hates him for getting to start again. After a while she needs to escape, and this is how she finds herself at the tree.
The beautiful tree, with the beautiful river, and after a while the beautiful boy.
But when Olivia's father starts acting weird, and his new wife starts sharing her secrets, and then Olivia is kidnapped, things go a little loopy.
Who is Olivia's dad, really?
What does he want from Olivia?


8. New Surroundings

I dreamt of Alex. I don’t know why, but I did.

He was hugging me. We were at the tree and I was wrapping my arms around him. He was awkwardly wiping my face.


I was crying.

‘whats wrong, Liv?’ he whispered to the crying me.

I seemed to find myself stare up at him and sob loudly. ‘he’s gone, Alex.’

His eyes turned a different shade of green, so different they almost turn grey. He then pushes me away and runs up to the nearest tree and punches it, hard.

I wake up screaming. Screaming until my throat hurts.

Then I decide to open my eyes.

I look around the room. It is fairly dark in here, which means it is night time. I have been out for a long time. I groan and sit up, rubbing my eyes.

“hello?” I whisper.

Silence. Sometimes the silence scares me.

Then I hear footsteps behind me and a deep voice say, “Olivia Santos.”

I spin fast and find myself standing before a huge buff man with a beard and tattoos covering his very hairy arms. He looks like a bikie.

“Who are you?” I scream.

He grabs my arms and pulls me into a tight position. The pain in my shoulder where I got stabbed is returning. I whimper and take a death breath.

He pulls away slightly. “No screaming,” He warns, “Or the boss will get angry.”

The boss? Who the heck was this guy?

He drags me out of the room and into a long hallway. He lets go of me and says, “third door on the right.”

I turn around and give him a questioning look. He can tell I am pretty much saying, ‘why aren’t you coming with me?’

“Because the boss doesn’t allow employees in his office.”

I nod crazily and turn to walk into the room. The door is white, but for some reason, it has no door knob. I fiddle around with the little grey pad thingy where the door handle is meant to be.

Having no success, I turn to back to ask the ‘employee’ how to open the stupid door. But I realise he is gone. Vanished down the hall.

I curse under my breath and start hitting the door. I put my index finger on the grey pad, trying to see if a button was there, or something. Suddenly, I hear a click.

“Bingo.” I mutter.

The door opens, revealing a huge room that looks like its 2 stories high. It has high bookshelves either side. I look at the roof, scanning the left then the right. I narrow my gaze to a desk, with a chair that has been spun so it doesn’t face me. I know someone is sitting in there.

“Hello?” I yell.

His chair doesn’t move. I move my way up to his desk and bang on the wood.

“Hello?” I yell again.

This time he turns, so fast that I can feel the wind blow my face.

His face is a menacing look. I scream.

“Welcome, Olivia.” He says.

I stare in disbelief. No way, it cant be.

“Dad?” I stutter. He smiles.

I faint.


“Wake up, sweetheart.” I hear my dad whisper.

I groan and open my eyes. I am laying on a bed in a fancy bedroom. All the furniture is modern.

As soon as I see my dad, I scream. “Get away from me you freak!”

He puts a finger to his mouth and ‘shushes’ me. Then he wipes the hair from my face and says, “Its going to be okay, Liv.”

Of course I had no idea what he was talking about. To me he was just a psychotic freak. I take a deep breath and move as far away from my crazy father as I could. I don’t succeed, he has a tight grip.

“Dad, what is going on?” I mumble.

He sighs, and stands up. He takes a few steps towards the closet and grabs a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Chuck these on,” He says, “Then meet me outside your room. Don’t bother trying to escape.”

I nod and silently move myself out of the bed. I hobble over to my dad and take the clothes, then turn my back to him. I hear my door close minutes later.

I quickly chuck on the clothes, and then slide into a pair of trainers on the ground. I wonder what is going on now?

I am officially creeped out.

I look around the room and notice it has no windows, and no way of ever being able to escape.

I sigh and go out the door, to find my dad waiting for me outside.

“Take your time much.” He says, rudely.

I stare at him as evilly as I could. “Oh well, I am sorry. When I am held captive by MY father I don’t usually rush into things. You do,” I begin, then add, “Oh wait, you don’t have a father. My bad.”

He tenses and starts breathing heavily.

He grabs my shoulders and pushes me to a wall. I painfully bang my shoulder, where I got stabbed. And I yelp.

“Don’t. You. Ever. Speak. To. Me. Like.That. Again.” He mumbles through gritted teeth.

I manage to nod.

He puts me down and angrily pulls me down the hall. After a few minutes we walk into a room which is filled with around 30 people, mostly men.

“Everyone.” My dad yells.

They all stare at me.

“This is my daughter, Olivia.” My dad continues.

They all still staring at me with wide eyes.

One of the ladies opens her mouth and whispers, “this is her?”

Dad nods and pushes me towards this group of unknown strangers.

“I think we might owe her an explanation.” Dad says, whilst walking to stand next to the lady who spoke before.

“Who are you?” I question.

Dad looks at everyone and then back to me.

"Don't faint again," He warns.

I nod.

"We are a group who are in search of radio activat--" I cant hear him anymore.

Because I have fainted.


Wow, this is bad.

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