The Last Time

Olivia Santos moves to a small town to live with her father after her mother was murdered. He has a new family now, and Olivia hates him for getting to start again. After a while she needs to escape, and this is how she finds herself at the tree.
The beautiful tree, with the beautiful river, and after a while the beautiful boy.
But when Olivia's father starts acting weird, and his new wife starts sharing her secrets, and then Olivia is kidnapped, things go a little loopy.
Who is Olivia's dad, really?
What does he want from Olivia?


5. Beautiful things

1 week later…

Sitting under this beautiful tree has made me think a lot about things. Under this tree is the only place I can really take things under my control, and express my feelings.

Because it is so far away, I always plan to get here earlier so I can have more time.

Over the week my dad has especially avoided me, which is okay by me! But Grace seems to be avoiding me the most. It’s like I am some kind of poisonous mushroom that had been told to SPECIFICALLY AVOID.

The only person I really feel a connection to around this house is Lucy. She is nice and funny. But really it’s not that hard to like a cute 3 year old girl.

I have come here every day. Sometimes, I bring a pen and a pencil to draw things.

I have drawn my mother and me 90% of the time.

I pin my drawings to the tree, so I can always think of my mother. No one comes out here, so I’ve learnt. This place is like my mother and me. Probably happy, respected and noticed at one stage, and then it gets neglected and abandoned to just clean itself up. (Which my mother and I didn’t do a great job of)

I stand up and walk to the water to take a drink, Then I run back home.


I burst through the door to find Lucy waiting for me.

“Livvy!” She squeals. “up Livvy!”

I walk over and pick her up; she is light so I am able to bob her up and down.

“How are you Lucy?”

“I good,” she replies.

Both smiling, I put her down and hold her hand while walking to the kitchen.

“So when is your birthday Lucy?”

She shrugs, not that I expected her to answer. 3 year olds don’t know all that much.

“Well, what do you want for your birthday?” I ask.

“uhm… a hug from yew!!”

This made me burst out laughing. I love Lucy, she brightens my mood so easily.

“Can I hug you now?” I beg, “Please?”

She nods crazily and holds her arms out. I walk forward ready to lift her up, but someone’s cough interrupts us.

I turn to see Grace standing near the kitchen table with her arms folded over her chest. She smiles at Lucy then turns to me.

“Olivia, can I have a word?”

I frown. I am disappointed because I really wanted this hug with Lucy. Anyway, I nod and say,

“Sure, Grace.”

Lucy turns and walks to the lounge while I follow Grace into the kitchen. Grace leans her arm on one bench and starts talking.

“Olivia. I want to talk to you.”

I cant speak. I am frozen. So, instead I nod.

“Uh, I know you saw me the other day, when I was crying.”

What is she planning on asking me?

“Yes,” I answer, “I did.”

“I want to talk to you about it.”


She takes her time to get herself more comfortable. Having more weight on you must get uncomfortable sometimes.

“Olivia,” She whispers, “I am scared.”

I must make the weirdest facial expression. I cant help it.

“What are you scared about Grace?”

“Your father.”

This shocked me so much. I blink my eyes and feel the awkward silence.

“What is going on, Grace?”

“Olivia,” She sobbed, “I am not carrying your father’s baby.”


As I walk to the tree I think about things. Who is Grace really? I have known her for a week and she already isn’t living up to what I thought she would be. I am beginning to really dislike her.

But on the other hand, I am so happy that if Dad finds out, he might get a taste of his own medicine.

He left me and mum helpless, and now Grace can leave him helpless.

But honestly I feel a little sorry for Grace.

I round the last bend that leads me to my tree. I have to look at my feet now, because there are lots of holes in the ground. I make it to the last 20 metres before looking up.

“Oh. My. God.”

My face must have been so wide and frightened. I scramble to turn back around.

But I am too late.

“WAIT!” I hear a voice “Hey! Who are you!?”

I stop and turn around.

The boy is stunningly beautiful. He has short brown hair and tan skin, he is fairly tall.

I smile nervously at him.

“I’m Olivia,” I say.

“And I’m Alex. Come sit with me.”

I follow.

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