The Last Time

Olivia Santos moves to a small town to live with her father after her mother was murdered. He has a new family now, and Olivia hates him for getting to start again. After a while she needs to escape, and this is how she finds herself at the tree.
The beautiful tree, with the beautiful river, and after a while the beautiful boy.
But when Olivia's father starts acting weird, and his new wife starts sharing her secrets, and then Olivia is kidnapped, things go a little loopy.
Who is Olivia's dad, really?
What does he want from Olivia?


1. 5 years ago

My hell of a life started the day my dad left my mum.  

I was just sitting on the couch, in the lounge room, admiring the cover of a book my mother bought last week. My parents stood in the kitchen with their backs towards me, and I knew that they were having yet another argument. ‘That’s 9 this week’ I thought to myself, as I fiddled with my auburn hair. I had successfully completed a braid when I heard the pot plant smash. All over the ground, its glass breaking and the sound of it ringing through my ears. I stood up and turned, just in time to see my dad walk out the door and my teary mother so fragile she could fall to the ground if she didn’t have the island bench in our kitchen to support herself.

“mum, what’s going on?” I demand.

She falters, and turns to look at me, and I can see tears falling off her cheeks. “It’s over,” she sobs, “he’s left.”

And that’s all I remember.

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