Will You Be My Crush?

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 20 Oct 2013
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The first time I saw him, I fell. Well, not the 'falling-in-love' thing but literally FELL on the ground. The second time I saw him, I drooled. Well, I was drooling actually because he was bringing three boxes of Hawaiian Pizza... Wanna know what happened on the third time I saw him? Well, read on!


3. TWO

      I've been absent for two days and thanks to Elsa for sharing me the notes and assignments as she stops by every end of the day. 

      I was totally embarrassed two days ago when I tripped down and the new guy in school saw me. Worse when I think I heard him laugh. 

     "You're getting crazy!" Elsa tells me every time. 

     "Shut up." I demand. "You always say that, can't you find something more interesting?"

     She pauses and bit her lip, stopping herself from laughing. 

     I glare at her.

     "Whatever," she says and rolls her eyes. "Anyway, I'm glad you've got enough of thick face now."

     "Whatever." I reply, mirroring what she just said. 

     We are walking towards our room when my nose captures a familiar smell. Slowly I inhaled. Crazily, the smell processes in my head. Oh God, I'm hungry. I thought. 

     Just that instant, I drool. 

     "Yummy," I whispered in the air. Elsa pats me, I realize. "Errr, what?" I ask her, half aware.

     "Pizza again?" 

      I nod sadly. With pleading eyes, I stare at my best friend.

     Hawaiian Pizza. 

     "Stop it!" She hurriedly asks me but I refuse. I AM HUNGRY. 

     I remain still. 

     "Pizza, you want?" A deep sweet voice of a man asks me. I look and see a guy - tall, white, and handso - err wait, isn't he the new guy?! Faster than the lighting, I closed my mouth and wipe the rebel saliva that escaped my mouth. My jaw still drops afterwards. 

     No, not again. I thought. 

     This is so embarrassing! 

     I stare into his blue eyes, turning redder than ever. 

     I can't believe this. 














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