Will You Be My Crush?

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 20 Oct 2013
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The first time I saw him, I fell. Well, not the 'falling-in-love' thing but literally FELL on the ground. The second time I saw him, I drooled. Well, I was drooling actually because he was bringing three boxes of Hawaiian Pizza... Wanna know what happened on the third time I saw him? Well, read on!


7. SIX

   "I like you," he whispers in my ears. "You know that, don't you?"

   His breath is warm as it reaches my neck. I close my eyes and inhales his scent, very intoxicating. Leaving my arms wrapped around his neck, I drive my legs dipper into his; feeling his inner into mine. 

   "You smell good," he compliments me, he does this all the time. 

   All of a sudden, I feel his tongue licking my neck with his left hand from my back nearing below my hips then slowly gathering the ends of my sundress. He lifts it up while he continued biting and licking every angles of my neck and while I persist on moaning, he carries on giving me such pleasures I enjoy every time during night; in the middle of the forest though. 

   Even in a cabin, a couch lies inside where he an I play our game every night. 

   Mike is on top of me, even the soft comfort the couch offers, nothing is better than what my Mike offers me. He pulls me closer, making me feel his erect, nevertheless, his licking continues. He licks my neck and runs down. As I open my eyes, I can see the deepness of his stare.

   There is hunger. Hunger not for my lips, not for my touch, not for my legs, not for my breast, not for my virginity, not for my body, not for my anything but one. 

   My brain says I love him. My ear hears he loves me. But my heart beats differently, somewhere, something lies that tells me not to believe in my senses; they will trick me and eventually fall me into a trap I will never have the chance to escape. But I'm powerless, worse, I am weak for his touch.. 

   My dress is already held high. Inserting his hands into the line in my chest, he slowly he dances on top of me; digging and digging and digging. 

   No. Chelsea Consey shouts inside my brain, but I don't believe her. 

   Slowly, Mike open's his mouth and I felt two sharp teeth on my neck. 

   "What do you want?" I ask, willing to give whatever I can. 

   "There's nothing else I can ask for, only you." 

   "What do you want?" I ask again, in a slutty voice I manage. 


   I groan and groan and groan, feeling my lower getting wet and getting harder. He is biting me and I felt much of felicity than agony. But slowly it drains and the pain becomes visible and little by little goes more visible as I go weaker and weaker and weaker but manages to say, "Yes, you can have me." 

   He continues sucking out energy away from me, slowly yet it seems like forever; the pleasure fading away. 

   Inhale, exhale, were the only things I manage. My arms fall from my tight grip, my one leg fell from the couch and I eyes can no longer open...

   "Blood." Mike says and he laughs to himself. 

   I listen to his laugh. Slowly, my senses fade; I cry to myself a sorry I could never have the chance to speak. 

   This beautiful creature on top of me wanted nothing but body and blood. 

   "You are my crush..." I hear him say in the lowest volume I can catch. 

   As everything trails off, my body gives up, sending me into the depths of unconsciousness... to a world of dead. 

   or hell? 



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