Will You Be My Crush?

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 20 Oct 2013
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The first time I saw him, I fell. Well, not the 'falling-in-love' thing but literally FELL on the ground. The second time I saw him, I drooled. Well, I was drooling actually because he was bringing three boxes of Hawaiian Pizza... Wanna know what happened on the third time I saw him? Well, read on!



    I walk back and forth at the school gate, waiting for Elsa. This is the second time she didn't come to school and I haven't heard any news from her. I don't want to think about the rumors or rather news that have been spinning around town, but every time it crosses my mind, it scares me. 

   Five bodies have been found dead around town, some were ripped into parts and others were found bloodless. 

   Everyone is alarmed about it. 

   I just got impatient and dial for a hundredth time.


   No one answered. 

   The school's bell rings and I wait for another second. Still no Elsa in the vicinity. I back off and turn towards the entrance hall when someone calls me, "Chelsea! Wait!" 

    I turn and saw Elsa. I can't believe how glad I am to see my best friend so I run and slap her. "How dare you, bitch." 

    She giggles and gives me a hug. "I miss you too." She digs inside her bag and suddenly says, "Surprise!" She gave me a pizza box! Of course, with a pizza in it. 

    Not caring who else can here me, I shout with glee, "YES!" And I dance and dance our signature dance. Well, not really worried much since there are still many students outside, not rushing towards their respective rooms and we are one of them. 

   "Shhhh!" It made me and Elsa turn, it was our school head! Oh my. I crane my neck and scan the area, hoping this tall-white-or-pale-handsome guy is nowhere in sight.

    So much for good day, he isn't. Well, not until my eyes settle on a window on the second floor. 

    Damn. I tell myself. Not again! 



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