Will You Be My Crush?

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 20 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
The first time I saw him, I fell. Well, not the 'falling-in-love' thing but literally FELL on the ground. The second time I saw him, I drooled. Well, I was drooling actually because he was bringing three boxes of Hawaiian Pizza... Wanna know what happened on the third time I saw him? Well, read on!


8. Epilogue

   Who would've thought I was turned? 

   I don't know if this is a curse or a blessing, but now I'm living with Mike; we victim humans together and we call it date. Stupid? Elsa would say that too; only if she'd know.  At first I refused, but Vampires were born not to refuse blood; when we are hungry, we ARE hungry. And we'll die for blood. 

   I missed my family and Elsa. She's with a new girl now, Mandy, someone prettier and better than me. Shocking but somehow making me happy. I heard she had a new boyfriend, her second ever. It's killing me cause I wasn't there to be with her. I'll also kill that guy if he'll ever try to hurt her. I visited them but later used compulsion to make them forget about it. 

   I kissed my mom and dad goodbyes but later they forgot about it too. How much I love them. 

   I hugged Elsa so much but not much to crush her, she's my bestie and I love her too. 

   All those hugs, kisses and cries were all forgotten by them through the compulsion I've sent and badly I hope I can use it for myself too, but I can't. All I can is leaving myself suffer for these all. 

   Sometimes I disguise into someone named Cheska who is a known to be a dealer of properties including some from the town but I don't show a lot anymore. My features changed but my feelings of longing is still burning alive.   

   Guess what? I killed Elsa's first boyfriend for making her cry.  He doesn't taste good just like his attitude. Ew. 

   Speaking of killing and loss of people, it was actually Mike and his family's hunger. I realized it wasn't rumors after all.

   After I was reborn into a Vamp, I realized I don't have a crush on him, nor like him, nor love him. I realized Vamps were born lustful, which explains why I'm still with Mike now. We make out, drink blood and all that but there's one thing we'll never have...

   Something that a vampire dreamed to have ... 

   but will never have ... 

   Something I used to have ... 

   but lost ...

   Something most humans have ... 

   but taken for granted ... 

   T'was something I dreamed to have ... 

   but will never ever have ... 

   That's Love. 

    Again, who would've thought? 

   Well, I should've thought.    


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