Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


8. Chapter 8 *Short*

A/N: Hiiiiiii. Please comment if you want to see my visual of Mealotte. I really need to show you guys if you'd like that. Mealotte is based on one of my friends- SSSSSSSSH. Meadow doesn't suspect a thing c: Anywhore. If you've read this, thank you! <3 Enjoy the chapter~


*Harry's POV*


All of us were in the car by now, yay. Sort of.


I don't know, the others are sleeping, Drew's driving too fast and Mealotte is just sitting there beside me. 


"I'm bored. Why does church have to be so far?" she whined, stomping her feet impatiently. Drew shrugged, playing with the toothpick that was between his lips. "Just a couple of minutes and we'll be there." he sighed, rubbing his left eye while concentrating on the road.


She pouted, her thin lip poking out adorably. I bit my lip, I wonder if she literally knows what she does to me, she can have an affect on everyone, but she affects me the most, I bet.


"Come 'ere, we can do something fun..." I mumble to her, motioning her to sit on my lap...Illegally-


Bad ass I am. Not really...


"What's this fun you speak off?" she asked me as she sat on my lap, good thing the windows were tinted or else that freaking police car could've pulled us over. "Don't have sex in this car." Drew warned as he looked at us from the rear view mirror, making Mealotte giggle.


"We won't, don't worry." she reassured him, grinning at me. Before she spoke, I cupped her cheeks gently and gave her a soft kiss, feeling bliss.


She's kissing me back again, holy, I'm sorry I can't take this seriously, you'd understand if you were like me. Holy jesus.


"No. No kissing. We're at church already." Drew nagged, pulling Mealotte off of me slowly and woke the other boys up who were actually awake, just watching us quietly. "HARRY'S GOING TO GET LAID." Matthew screamed in excitement, shaking my shoulders lightly.


"What-" I say, but then Jace smacked my head, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!"


"We're going to be late for church-"








"No." Mealotte finished the conversation and walked out of the car with Drew. What the hell.


I don't understand, what does Jace mean by 'babies' and what's so exciting if I get to have sex with Mealotte? "Church...Church." Scott trailed off, stumbling out of the car, followed by the rest of the boys, followed by me.


"Come on. I want to eat lunch. The food at church is so good." Mealotte mumbled, strutting inside and then started to run towards the main room.


Then I got this fucking amazing idea.


I watch porn- SH. Don't say anything. Don't. No.


I watch porn, so I thought of something. But then it sounded like a fucking porno, but then holy shit. Watching her just batting her eyelashes at me and me just- just releasing in her mouth- I CAN'T.


Since when was I, innocent ol' Harry thinking this way?


Who cares, who knows, I don't know for sure.


But holy fuck, I need a fucking moment, I need just one fucking moment.


Okay, my moment is done. I think and hope.


Let's just get this over with.















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