Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


7. Chapter 7

*Harry's POV*


I woke up as a large stream of sunlight splashed on my face, someone opened the curtains as of I think. I raised my head up and Jace was at the windows, opening all of the curtains. "No, no, no. Close the curtains." I heard someone say mumble in my ear, I turned my head a bit to see a half asleep Mealotte beside me.


"Aw, so cute." I coo softly, kissing her nose. "No. No kisses." she mumbled again, putting her hand on my face, closing her eyes completely. I bit her palm, she pinched my nose painfully. "Don't do that." she growled from the back of her throat.


"Sorry- Let go of my nose now-" my voice was nasal and breathing from my mouth didn't help me at all. She let go of my nose reluctantly and put her face on the floor, sleeping in that kind of position.


"I hear cereal. I'm going to eat!" she perked up as she heard Jace pouring cereal in a bowl, pouring milk in the bowl afterwards and putting a spoon in.


Mealotte stood up as Jace was walking back towards us, she took the bowl slowly and sat on the couch, then she started eating the cereal. "I- What- No- That's my cereal- Why- What the fuck-" I laughed at a dumbfounded Jace, looking at Mea weirdly.


"Get your own cereal! This is mine now." she grinned, taking a spoonful of cereal into her mouth. "Fine." he grumbled, stomping back into the kitchen, waking up the others.


"What? I hear cereal." Drew and Jason perked up, taking the new bowl of cereal from Jace, both of them eating from the same bowl.


"Poor Jace." Mealotte laughed, sipping milk from the bowl. "Yeah, yeah." he mumbled as he poured another bag of cereal into a new bowl, pouring milk into it with a spoon. "Good morning." Matthew sighed, kissing Mealotte's shoulder.


My leg twitched, no, no, no. Matthew isn't allowed to touch her like that. Only I can.


Only me.


"Good morning." Scott said as well, petting her head.


"Hey, we better go. We have church today and we need to get ready." I checked my watch while standing up and put my shoes on. Everyone nodded, Mealotte already wearing her shoes, cardigan and beanie, following me.


-In The Washroom Of Their Flat-


"Hey! Don't splash water at me! I'm brushing my teeth!" Mealotte squealed as I threw water at her as I've already finished brushing my own. "Well sorry! I just wanted to see your hair wet." I giggle, hiding behind the bathtub curtain.


She rinsed her mouth thoroughly before turning to face me again with a mischievous smirk on her face. She was going to walk over to me, but then she tripped and fell on top of me, making me tumble into the tub.


Giggling she sat up from her position, putting her hands on my chest. She looked so pretty from my point of view, her eyes sparkling, her thin lips playing a small smile, her cheeks were pink from blushing, she was too difficult to resist.


I just can't.


So I did it.


I kissed her.


I motherfucking kissed her. What the fuck man- Jesus christ I can't- MY FEELINGS- It's just, I can't- Her lips are so soft, she's kissing me back, I can to the fucking not do this.


My heart hurts.


Am I breathing right?


Do I have a boner? Let me check. Nope, I'm safe.




Is this normal? To like, feel this way? Because I feel all tingly inside and it feels funny. sOB. MY FANGIRL MOMENT, LEAVE ME BE. WAIT. DON'T LEAVE ME I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO-


"I'm sorry..." I mumbled, pulling away from her, glancing at her lips. "It's okay..." she replied with a slight smile, hesitantly nudging my chest, sitting on me that seems like a nice sex position, or like...A tongue fuck position.


I don't know, she's sitting near my face, what else can I think? Her hair hung around, covering her eyes, I held her cheeks with my hands, lowering her face so that we were just inches apart.


"I love you, Darling." I whisper right before I captured her lips with mine, "I love you too, Kitten." she whispered against my own, biting my lower lip. "Not too hard." I moaned softly, her tongue licking my bruised bottom lip.


"Sh. Be quiet." she murmured, moving her lips to my collarbone. "Guys? Hurry up, we're going to church, right?" Drew's voice was muffled, behind the door.


I frowned as Mea removed her lips and quickly scurried up to her feet.


"We can't be seen like this. We need to go to church anyways!" she whisper shouted at me, pulling me up to my feet and helping me step out of the tub, still dazed.


"Move! I'm going to open the door!" I say impatiently as Drew interrupted the best moment ever. There was scuffling then I opened the door, pulling Mealotte and pushing her out of the bathroom first.


I walked out afterwards, fixing my hair. "Um, why are your lips red?" Drew laughed awkwardly, pointing at the both of us. "Um...We were playing with her make up and we accidentally put lipstick on my lip and I accidentally smudged some on her own with my finger and yeah." I rambled, ignoring the slight pain on my mouth, lips too sore to move.


"It doesn't look like lipsti-" "Are we going to church or fucking not?!" Mealotte shouted, avoiding the awkward topic.


"U-um. Okay, yeah, we're still going." he stammered, walking down the stairs, us following quietly. Before we exited the door, Mealotte gave me a gentle kiss before running away and into Drew's car, me following, even more dazed.


I think I got her.


A/N This was a bad chapter wasn't it? Anyways. I gave myself feels. Bye! <3 -Scarlotte











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