Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


5. Chapter 5

*Mealotte's POV*


"You sure you want to do this?" he mumbled against my collarbone as he laid me down onto his bed, "Well this is a dare, Matthew doesn't back up on a dare." I bit my lip as he bit my sensitive skin.


"But we can just lie about it." he reasoned, I thought we were doing role play anyways? I guess he just wants me to experience it without a fucking idiotic porno sort of role play. "Do you really want to get teased by the others?" I raised my eyebrows as he shook his head.


I've only fingered myself, that's the only thing I've ever done something sexual, except talking sexually. Anywho.


"But I don't want to do this to my friend. I don't want to take advantage of her." his pouted lips kissed my cheek while he sat up a bit. I ran a hand through my hair, "It's either you get made fun of or you get praised." I stated, playing with the hem of the knee high socks.


"I'd rather get praised, but not by fucking my friend." he murmured against my skin, rubbing circles on my thighs. "You're going to have to do this dare or else Jace, 'specially Jace, is going to make fun of you." I warned him, wrappy my arm around his neck lazily.


He grumbled and started to unbutton my shirt teasingly slow, "You're basically wanting me to fuck you hard and deep." he whispered in my ear, grinding on my hips slowly with lots of pressure, supressing a moan from me.


"Would you like a good fuck?" he purred against my skin as he pulled the school girl outfit off, yes, he also took the short fucking skirt off.


"I don't know how it feels like so sure." I breathed causing Matthew to chuckle darkly.


"It's going to hurt a bit, is that alright?" he asked me softly as he tugged my panties down. I nodded slowly, "This is just a dare anyways...No strings attached." I confirmed, making Matthew frown a bit.


"Yeah, no strings attached." he smiled lightly, attaching his lips to my neck. "Sh, don't struggle okay?" he soothed me as I squirmed a little when he pushed to fingers into me. 


Instead he put two more fingers in, not even letting me get used to his own fingers, I moaned with a slight pain as his fingers were a bit too long.


"We didn't even start yet, babe." he laughed against my ear, curling his fingers roughly, I arched my back, my mouth falling open. His lips met mine gently as to quiet me down.


"Oh fucking god." I whimpered against his lips as he pounded his fingers into me deeply, curling them in the right spot. "Oh shit." he breathed at my voice, moving his fingers faster while shakily cupping my cheek.


I grabbed his hair as he rubbed my clit in circles. Biting his lip, he took his dress pants off swiftly, as well with his boxers.


Long gone.


"Can you suck me off, please?" he asked me nicely, changing our position so that I was on top and he was on the bottom. 


"But I don't know how to..." I blushed deeply, sitting on his stomach.


*Matthew's POV*


I placed a pillow behind my head as Mealotte sat on my stomach, "It's okay, baby. Do you want me to guide you?" I cooed, gazing at he lips.


No strings attached. No strings attached.


She nodded shyly, "Y-yeah..." she murmured, looking up from her eyelashes. 


I nodded, a little flutter of happiness going on in my heart. "Can you please go down then and hold me?" I looked up at her innocently as her eyes widened, her nodding afterwards. 


She lowered herself so she was face to face with my cock. "Now what do I do?" she whispered, grabbing it gently, scared something might happen. "You suck me, bite me, squeeze me, lick me." I listed quietly, running a hand through her hair.


She giggled while trailing her eyes up and down, "That's a lot of things to do." she said with a tone that made it sound like she was day dreaming.


I chuckled lightly, "I know, but you're going to do this for dear Matthew, yeah?" I sighed, rubbing my thumb against her cheek slowly. 


"Yeah, for dear Matthew." she mumbled, sticking her tongue out lightly and licking my head flatly. That created a shock, so I removed my hand from her hair, not wanting to tug at her hair.


"Fuck, you've got to do more than that, Tiger." I growled at the back of my throat, resting my hand on her head. She made a sound and squeezed my cock gently while she suckled on my head. I pushed her head down so she got to halfway on it.


Tears started to brim on her eyes so I tried to calm her, "Sh, it's okay. I'll give you a little treat after, I promise." I whisper, she started to deep throat me, rubbing the rest she couldn't fit in her mouth, my mouth fell open and a loud moan erupted from my throat. 


"Am I doing this right?" she moaned against my cock, sending the vibrations through out my body. I bucked my hips up, indicating she was doing fine.


I put my other hand on her own and moved her hand faster, "Fuck." I breathed loudly as I cummed in her mouth, the cum spilling out of her mouth slowly.


I pulled her up to my face, her gasping for air. "Your lips are so fucking pretty when they're around my cock." I mumbled against the corner of her lips as I tasted my own cum. What the fuck- I sounded stupid there.


I connected our lips together, shoving my tongue into her mouth as she put her hands on my chest. I wiped the drying tears off of her eyes as I pulled away. "Do you still want that little treat?" she nodded as I turned our position over, so I was on top once again.


"Just sit back, and relax, Darling." I told her, kissing her stomach softly.


This is going to be one hell of a treat for her.



A/N: I gave myself the feelz. That's all I can say c: Okay? BYE- -Scarlotte.x




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