Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


3. Chapter 3

*Mealotte’s POV*


“Harry, I need to go change, we have dinner at Jace’s.” I mumbled against his neck as he didn’t answer my question. He groaned abruptly, “Why do we always have to go to Jace’s for dinner?” he frowned, sighing, I fixed my hair. “Well, the boys, you and I, always have dinner at Jace’s on Saturdays.” I reasoned, pushing him away gently and skipping up the stairs and into my bedroom.


Blindly picking my clothes, my hands stopped at an Ed Hardy tee, retro skinny jeans, Bat Man Converse and a black and flowery cardigan. I changed quietly and skipped down the stairs. If you’re wondering who Jace and the other boys are, what about I explain when we get there, yeah?


“You ready?” I questioned Harry as he took his shirt off and put on a bloody maroon coloured Ramones shirt, obviously he needed to put his sneakers on so I let him, sitting on the sofa. “I’m borrowing your beanie.” I mumbled, taking the olive green beanie and placed it on my head securely.


“Now I’m ready to go.” He whispered in my ear, grabbing his coat and walking out of the flat, me passing his keys as I walk out of the flat exterior as well. He locked the door and let me climb onto his back. “To Jace’s flat we go!” I hollered, raising my hand, signalizing Harry to start running at a fair pace, as to my weight, it’s a bit of a challenge as I love to eat, I just have a thin figure, but when you carry me, I’m like an elephant.


I joke, I joke, I’m pretty light, maybe a bit heavier than the regular golden retriever. “Slow down, Harry. We just passed his flat.” I giggled as he ran past the wretched, gray house.


“Why does his flat have to look abandoned? I wouldn’t have passed it if it looked more...lifefull?”


“That’s not even a word!” I laughed as I jumped off his back and dragged him back to Jace’s flat. “Ah! Hello, fellow bretheren and...woman.” Jace greeted us, leading us into his flat and sitting us down on his sofa.


“Where are the others?” I question, folding my arms in a gentle manor, I’m not angry or annoyed or anything. Just a bit drowsy.


“We are here!” the four other boys cheered, sitting down on the other sofa, Jace joining with them.


Now, I may introduce you to them. Jace Tomlinson, the sensible, but short tempered boy. He may look scary and intimidating at first, but once you get to know him, he’s actually a really kind gentleman that will be honored to be your trusty stead.


Drew Horan, the sweet and cuddly bad boy. He’s very cute and very cuddly, actually. He may look like a rude and jail record holding guy, but he’s pretty much like a cute puppy, wanting a little cuddle. He’d honestly love to play with you if you ever, and I mean EVER, kiss his nose and poke his sides. He’ll attack you, and boy, this boy can never stop playing when he starts.


Matthew Styles, he’s not related to Harry, there’s just a lot of people that have the same Surname. Styles. Anywho, Matthew. He’s pretty much the typical bad ass boy, sex, drugs, smoking, jail record, tattoos, piercings. He’s quite attractive as I do say so myself. We flirt a lot, don’t worry, he’s not mine. He’s a gentleman like Harry, but maybe a big flirt. Like, maybe he’ll kiss your face or your lips shortly, maybe squeeze your bum or your side. He’s very cheeky. He’s not that rude, but if you annoy the fuck out of him. You’re in store for sore legs if you’re a woman, if you’re a guy. You’re going to join the others up in Heaven.


Two more to go!


Jason Payne. That guy is a total fucking bitch when you two meet. But yeah, he’ll warm up to you sometime. He can be a real dick, but you’ll get used to it. He’s as cheeky as Matthew, grabbin’ the bum, whispering things in your ear out of nowhere, maybe an ‘accidental’ touch to your breast or lower region. He’ll act innocent, don’t worry. He’s not going to rape you or anything. He’s very kind once you’ve known him for maybe two, three years exact. But he likes sex a lot, so don’t wear anything that’s too showy.


Scott Malik. He’s not like the others, he’s more like the innocent Harry. But he can be flirty and sexual when he wants to. He’s actually pretty cute, like a kitten, but Harry’s the kitten in our small group. Scott, he’s really nice, he would share is clothes or food anytime of the day with you, he’s a total sweetheart. Don’t even get me going on when he would bring you to Disney. He’s just so- cute and adorable.


Anyways, enough about all of them.


Then there’s me and Harry. The little children of the group, we’re eighteen, the other five are nineteen. It’s sad, really, being treated like a younger brother/sister. But it’s alright when you get used to it.


Our group is well-known throughout the town. Yes, I said it. TOWN. They think I’m the most dangerous. Hun, no, no, no. I just watch them, actually. I’ll pull them out of any situation if I could. Sometimes it doesn’t end well, but, yeah.


“Oh my god, my baby is wearing Bat Man sneakers.” Jason and Matthew gasped, covering their mouths at my worn out Converse. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground, being cuddled to death.


“Holy shit guys, they’re old fucking sneakers.” I choked out, struggling their grasp. They released me abruptly, frowning that I didn’t want their hug right now. Matthew picked me up and sat me on his lap.


“But my baby loves Bat Man.” He whispered in my ear, biting my ear afterwards. “Um. She’s our baby too.” Jace said awkwardly, Drew and Scott nodding afterwards, Jason nodding once then sitting down.


“But she’s mine, over all. We’re best friends.” Harry mumbled, saying that cautiously, hoping that it didn’t tick anyone of them off. They just, completely ignored Harry’s statement.


I shifted uncomfortably, not in the best position to be sitting on one’s lap. “Sh, sh, sh. Tiger don’t move unless you want Matthew to be horny.” Matthew held my hips so I stayed in the spot I stopped shifting on. I bit my lip, suppressing a frown as I wasn’t in the best position. I shifted a little bit, “Easy tiger.” He growled in my ear. I shifted again, slowly and tried to make it less obvious.


“Are you wanting me to fuck you?” he breathed in my ear, a little tent in his jeans now. I shook my head as ‘no’.


“Then stop moving, princess.” He batted his eyelashes and sat me down properly. Then there started to be a tension between everyone. “So! Who cooked dinner this time?” Harry laughed awkwardly, scratching his neck. Everyone ignored Harry once again. “So this is what you guys talk about all the time?” Drew laughed, slapping his knee.


“Never knew Matthew was this dominant.” Scott blushed, feeling sorry for Matthew who was flushed out of embarrassment now.


Scott blushes and feels embarrassed for others who flush and feel embarrassed. He feels sorry for the human being.


“Oh, I cooked.” Jason heard Harry’s question and raised his hand up. Harry and I nodded, “What did you cook?” I ask, laying down on Matthew’s lap and tangling my legs with Harry who was laying down a bit as well. “Mac & Cheese and chicken soup.” He said proudly, he always knew what Harry and I’s favorite food was, our faces lit up like Christmas trees.





Harry and I gasped, grinning widely. “LET’S EAT NOW!” we both shouted, starting to stand up, but then we were pushed down by Matthew.


“Did you guys forget that we always play Truth or Dare before we eat?” Jace eyed the both of us. We scratched our necks slowly, “Fine. We’ll play first.” We pouted, tipping our heads back wards. Harry’s head hit a pillow as my head hit Matthew’s chest. “Great! Let me get the alcohol.” Drew sang, walking into the kitchen.


Let’s start the evening.


A/N: Hello, my lovely, fellow and may I mention, most beautiful readers of the world! I'd like to thank all of you who've read this already, and we must wait for the future readers to see this sexual sort of book, I don't know. Thank you for reading! Love you, kitty cats! -Scar to the Lotte.x




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