Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


2. Chapter 2

*Harry’s POV* -Saturday-


Alright, let’s skip to Saturday, where Mealotte and I could do whatever we wanted. It’s been an interesting school week though, not really.


Just Mealotte and I having fun in our flat. But I’ve been planning some stuff, I want to become cool like Mealotte, I want to be bad ass like her. I want to become that boy that every girl wants, I want to be that person who everyone wants to be.


That’s why I want Mealotte to be my practice dummy.


I’d definitely lose my virginity to her, but why would she want to have sex with me? Why would she want to kiss me? Why would she want to touch me sexually? Why would she want to talk dirty to me?


All  of these questions that I don’t know the answer to!


I like my best friend a lot, but I don’t think I’m her type, I mean, we do flirt a lot, but I don’t think we meant it in a serious way or anything.


She is just so lovely and so pretty that it just makes me sad that I’m not up to her standards.


“Hey, Kitten.” Darling snapped her fingers in front of me, causing me to zone back into reality. “I’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes, what’s on your mind?” Mealotte, AKA, Darling, questioned with a hint of worry in her voice.


“Oh don’t worry, just thinking about some stuff, Darling.” I murmured as I kissed her hand.


She nodded while patting my cheek, “I’m going to take a shower, want to come with me?” she stood up with a small smile on her adorable and thin lips that I admire so much. I stood up quickly as to agree with her, but I was pushed back down onto the sofa.


“I was just joking, pretty boy. Not like we were going to do much in there.” She laughed, kissing my neck lightly and skipping up the stairs and into the washroom.


I pouted, that tease, under estimating me.


She’s naked in our flat all the time, does she not realize what she does to me or something? I waited and waited for the girl to finish her shower.


I perked up as I heard the washroom door open and a naked Darling, surrounded and clouded with steam and fog from her shower. “Kitten, staring is rude.” She laughed, walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. Yup, she didn’t even try to go into her room to get clothes.


What an animal.


I walked into the kitchen as well, looking her up and down while leaning against the counter. I licked my lips, her oblivious that I was even in the same room as her. “Hey, Darling,” I mumbled, catching her attention as she was drinking water from her mug.


“Don’t you think you need to put on some clothes, yeah?” I smirked, cornering her into the counters. I’m not that innocent. I’m not that innocent, don’t under estimate me. Ever.


“Clothes are over rated in our flat. Did you not know that you aren’t allowed to keep your clothes on too?” she whispered as she jumped onto the counter, me in between her legs.


“I’m joking, I’m joking. You’re supposed to keep your clothes on, Kitten.” She giggled softly in my ear, tugging my shirt back down.


“Why are you acting like this?” she breathed against my neck, creating goose bumps along my body.


I had no idea how to explain everything.




I’m fucked.

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