Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


12. Chapter 12

A/N Ah, hello all of you~ I tried to update as fast as I could because I love you all, but I failed so fucking badly, anywho, let's just get to the chapter! Bye, bye~ -Scarlotte




*Mealotte's POV*


"Hey, isn't that Harry?" a girl questioned out loud with a rude tone as Harry and I walked into our school, struttin' our fabulous stuff. More like Harry. Jace forced him to go all fucking sexy and shit and I just can't even deal-


"I am Harry, why?" Harry questioned rudely while pulling me close to him awkwardly.


"We were just wondering-" "Why are you holding that whore? She lost her virginity when she was eleven, don't touch her!" another guy interjected with a sly smile.


I second that.


I'm a virgin, lad.


"She's a virgin, mate." Harry chuckled with a little spite of surprise in his eyes, I guess I mumbled that statement out loud.




"And how did you know? Did you get to one of the dirty bases?" the girl giggled while glancing at my body.




"Not at all. She told me quite a few days ago." Harry held onto the white lie, if that's what you call it.


"Now please, leave us alone." Harry sighed with a small frown upon his face, awe, poor, annoyed Harry. "Why should we?" the boy taunted with a sly smirk coming upon his face.


"You should leave them alone or else you're going to get a big ass fucking whoop to the face." two familiar voices interjected which made Harry and I turn our heads slightly.


Jace and Matthew, what a surprise.


"Why the fuck are you guys here?" I groaned loudly while shrugging Harry's arms off of me, turning all the way to face them. "Just thought it'd be nice to give you two a visit before school started, you know we don't go to school." Jace grinned at me when I strode towards the two boys.


"Isn't that Jace Styles and Matthew Tomlinson?" a girl questioned quietly which made me giggle, she got the names mixed up. Poor girl.


"No, I prefer the surname Tomlinson-" "And I prefer the surname Styles." Jace and Matthew smiled crookedly, glancing at the girl slowly.


"Aren't you two in the most notorius and dangerous gang in all of this neighbourhood?" a 'geek' interjected, his eyes widening in surprise and fright.


"Em- yeah, pretty much.." Jace answered while shoving his hand into his jean pockets awkardly as Matthew giggled like a small little child.


"And why are you two here then?" that same big boy bouldered in, raising an eyebrow with a smirk, I guess he's thinking that they're looking for a challenge.


I suggest he doesn't think of that.


Even though Jace and Matthew are thin, scrawny and lanky, they can pack a big ass punch.


"We just wanted to visit our gang members." Matthew replied simply, shrugging as his gaze landed on Harry and I, a smirk creeping upon his face as his eyes landed on me mainly, my face holding an expression that told him that his answer was too idiotic.


"Oh? Who are those gang members?" the other boy chuckled, looking around, looking for two people who stood out and if anyone fit the image of the gang that Jace, Matthew, Scott, Drew and Jason were in.


Obviously the two missing gang members were Harry and I. Who else in our school would be in the most notorius gang?


"These two." Jace said simply, pulling Harry and I towards him, my face holding a dumbfounded look when Matthew snatched me from Jace and held me while Jace held only the tall and most changed Harry.


"Jace, you're so stupid." I groaned as screams filled the air, but then loud laughter then following in when everyone in the halls realized that Harry and I were the two gang members.


"Well, you know I don't like lying." Jace laughed loudly, the laugh overpowering all of the laughs that filled the hall's air.


"Do you all really think this is a joke?" Matthew's voice rumbled loudly through the halls which made the laughter stop.


Oh shit.


Matthew's serious.


"Of course we think this is a joke. Who would put those two in a gang?" a teacher shouted, a fucking teacher.


Matthew sighed angrily, his eyebrows furrowing together.


He certainly doesn't like it when his friends are insulted. "Well, we put these two in a gang. Our gang to be more specific." Matthew responded with his eyebrows raised.


Some people giggled, "Alright, fine, if you don't believe us, how about we give you some past incidents to get your mind through." Jace grumbled as Matthew just wasn't buying it at all.


"Do most of you remember when there was a huge riot in Yorkshire? You know, when the subways had to close down, when one of the biggest museums burned down? When there was supposed to be two mystery people behind all of the mess?"


Jace questioned while walking around, nudging Harry and I and some parts.


Everyone had nodded, looking at us with a bored expression.


"Harry and Mealotte were the ones who created that riot. They were the ones who pissed the Y.S.P.D off. That police station was really pissed you know."


Jace told a past story. It was really long time ago though, oh well.


"Anywhor-" "Y.S.P.D, put your hands up into the air!" a voice boomed throughout the hallways, oh shit. "You called the police department on us." Matthew smiled slightly at everyone as he brought his hands up with mine.


"They were still looking for us, aye?" Jace laughed as he brought his hands up with Harry's. 


I don't know, but being arrested is sometimes fun, and right now, it's fun because you know.. We're at school.


"We have to call Scott when we're there, y'know?"

"Why Scott?"

"Well because Scott actually has a real job and he is the only one with enough money to bail all of us out?" 

"Fuck, but he's going to blow off at us!"

"What do you think is better, being bailed out or staying in a stinky buggered cell?"


I countered Jace off with a raise of my eyebrows as Harry, Matthew, Jace and I were being handcuffed. People were looking at us weirdly which was a bit uncomfortable, but I pulled through the awkwardness.


"Okay, okay, whatever. Let's just go now." Jace mumbled and was lifted up by two security guards, happening with the rest of us, we were thrown into a large van and was driven off.


Funny thing is.


They gave up on that search for our gang three years ago, but- they got us.


What little shits.


A/N: I am so sorry for not updating in literally forever, but I've got a really busy job, I hope you liked this chapter! I love you, bye b y e. <3 -Scarlotte

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